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  1. Chris says:

    I’ll grant there is a good point there about gun control.

    But conservatives as a group have favored banning all kinds of things, from drugs to abortion to gay marriage to immigration. Many are asking that the government step in to regulate Facebook because they “don’t like it.” They’ve asked local governments to prevent places of worship from being built. They’ve tried to get the Dixie Chicks and Ellen shut down, and some are currently destroying their Gilette razors because a commercial suggested that men could be nicer, after recently burning Nike gear because they didn’t like what a football player did during the national anthem.

    So neither party has a monopoly on that kind of nanny state attitude, nor on manufactured offense.

    Plenty of conservatives are on government healthcare, while plenty of liberals are self-sufficient.

    There has been literally no effort, anywhere in America, by any prominent group of liberals, to ban meat products. That’s a complete invention.

    I’m not “offended,” but I’m also not laughing, because this is hacky, unfunny comedy for prejudiced senior citizens, the kind of thing you’d see in a chain e-mail. (It even has that annoying, ‘If you don’t forward this it is a judgement on your character as a person’ send-off. I thought we, as a society, had moved past that? Who sees that and finds it anything other than obnoxious?) A similar list that made liberals out to be the good guys wouldn’t be funny to me either, it would just be hacky and stupid.

    • Libby says:

      “… and some are currently destroying their Gillette razors because a commercial suggested that men could be nicer ….”

      Wicked to gloat … but I am enjoying the outrage. Poor babies … just the tiniest peek into the mirror … and they come apart.

      I, myself, went all teary. Such a lovely idea … but it’ll never catch on.

  2. Libby says:

    First of all … this is a pack of lies.

    Second of all … it betrays a moron with a persecution complex, someone who considers differing opinions as a mortal attack.

    How’s this for a list:
    A conservative is frightened by pacifists.
    A conservative is frightened by vegans.
    A conservative is frightened by compassion.
    A conservative is frightened by opinions other than his.
    A conservative is really, really, really frightened by compassion.

  3. J. Soden says:

    And on another note –
    Remember a few years ago Nancy wanted a brand new Air Force plane to ferry her back and forth from DC to SF? And she didn’t get it then, either.
    Sauce for the goose, Peloosi! TheDonald hit the nail right on the head!

    • Chris says:

      The foreign travel was to visit troops in Afghanistan. This is ghastly, and you are ghastly for celebrating it.

      • J. Soden says:

        From Breitbart: She and her comrades were, no doubt, looking forward to touring NATO’s billion-dollar-plus new headquarters in Brussels; posing for selfies on camelback by the pyramids in Egypt; grinning for photo-ops with the troops in Afghanistan.”

        Just exactly how many times has Peloosi visited troops overseas?
        Guess I’ll just be ghastly!

    • Harold says:

      Also there is the compassion factor, with 100’s of flights cancelled due to weather, President once more shows his concern of/for the opposition.

      Wish the Demo-rats would show some for our border security.

  4. J. Soden says:

    Greg Gutfeld adds to your humor today with his thoughts . . . . .

  5. Tina says:

    The whimsical humor that some conservative put together may no apply to all people in all situations and it may not be accurate to the letter but it does express an overall difference in approach to problem solving of the two sides. As such it contains that element of truth that makes it amusing.

    Chris and Libby demonstrate a typical progressive trait. They tend to hold the opposition to much higher standards. It’s part of the training, derived from Rules for Radicals, that all progressives have consciously or unconscious absorbed. Neither would seriously scrutinize similar left wing humor Life is about games and maintaining control through ridicule and manufactured chaos. Look at the last election. The Hillary campaign with full cooperation of the Obama administration, parlayed a piece of garbage opposition research dossier into a full blown spy operation and witch hunt investigation without blinking an eye. The costly resulting chaos and media frenzy has not served the American people. It is an underhanded progressive game for power that serves the party of the radical progressive elements of the Democrat Party.

    Progressives laugh but only at other peoples expense. Do they real think we can’t see them?

    Jack we run a conservative blog. Nice job posting a lighthearted Friday funn!

    in all thingsthat they dislike humor aimed at them and that there is truth

    • Chris says:

      it does express an overall difference in approach to problem solving of the two sides.

      No, it doesn’t, for the reasons I already explained above.

      They tend to hold the opposition to much higher standards.

      Bullshit. I’m holding you to the exact same standards articulated in this stupid meme, as I already explained above.

      I have absolutely no idea what you think the Mueller investigation has to do with any of this; that was a complete non-sequitur. That, along with this gibberish…

      Nice job posting a lighthearted Friday funn!

      in all thingsthat they dislike humor aimed at them and that there is truth

      …is making me worry about your health. You aren’t making any sense. Are you OK?

  6. Peggy says:

    Here’s something to really smile about!!


    200,000-300,000 turnout for the March for Life in DC. Check out the pictures and videos. Even two pro-life democrats spoke at the rally.

    • Chris says:

      Not so awesome: the behavior of some of the March’s youngest attendees, who, wearing MAGA hats, decided it would be appropriate to harass and mock a Native American man with a grotesque display of racism.

      Now, where would they get the idea that such open displays are acceptable? ‘Tis a mystery.

      • Peggy says:

        Let the video speak for itself. Watch second video where Native American with his drum join the group doing their school chant. To me it looks like he wanted to be apart of the kids chant and contribute to their chant. Did some of the kids act stupidly yet, but they’re kids as all kids do.

        “Fake news strikes yet again. An army of menacing, caucasian red hats intimidating a Native American makes for a much juicier story than the truth. The left loves them a good hate crime. One that, so far, doesn’t appear to have happened. Though, good luck getting those lefties to admit their factual inaccuracies.

        Now, let me be clear. Some of the kids are mocking the Native guy, which is inexcusable. Yet, one thing’s indisputable. He made his way into the crowd, not the other way around. You can’t really call this harassment when the alleged victim was the one instigating the “conflict.”

      • Harold says:

        Chris, Maybe this will help you solve your mystery.

        Nathan Phillips, the subject of Chris’s post is an Omaha elder and Vietnam veteran. Phillips regularly holds a ceremony for Vietnam vets buried at Arlington. The confrontation took place near the Lincoln Memorial, where he was singing a song of unity for indigenous people.
        “It was getting ugly, and I was thinking: ‘I’ve got to find myself an exit out of this situation and finish my song at the Lincoln Memorial,’ ” Phillips recalled to the Washington Post. It was at this time the confrontation really got ugly. (see article)

        Some reactions to this confrontation, from the today’s liberal left;

        “Hi, @supmikeclines of @CovCathColonols,” wrote comedian Patton Oswalt. “Great work you guys are doing. Shaping young minds. Take a bow.”

        “One Day at a Time” executive producer Mike Royce linked the video to the recent Gillette ad that caused indignation in conservative circles last week, writing, “Tell me again why the Gillette commercial was bad?”

        Kathy Griffin wrote, “MAGA hats. Donald Trump has brought the worst out in our country.”

        California representative Ted Lieu shared that he attended a Catholic high school and wrote that “Jesus taught us to act in the exact opposite manner of how your students behaved.”

        Comedian and actor Paul F. Tompkins also called out Covington Catholic, particularly for making their Twitter page private. “Not only should these kids not have been out there publicly mocking anyone, they shouldn’t have had those f—ing hats on in the first place,” he wrote. (that f word is sort of mocking people as well, and you wonder where all this is coming from?)

        “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing tweeted that she’d be “ashamed and appalled” if he was her son.

        Michael Ian Black tweeted an image of the boys alongside one from a ’60s-era lunch counter protest, in which white hecklers poured condiments and other items on the protesters.

        Michael McKean retweeted Black’s post, adding “Great again.”

        “What are we teaching our young people?” asked Alyssa Milano. “How is this ok? Please help me understand. Because right now I feel like my heart is living outside of my body.”

        “If Beale Street Could Talk” director Barry Jenkins responded to director Matthew A. Cherry’s post with a photo from lunch counter protests as well, adding “Same kid. MAGA indeed”

        But this tweet sums it up for me, “Where are their parents, where are their teachers, where are their pastors?” queried NBC’s Joe Scarborough.

        What I don’t recall is reading similar reactions to simular “in your face event” when a man at a Whataburger went ballist on a teen wearing a MAGA hat.

        To sum it up in my opinion, Liberals can be so predictable in their critic of things. I wonder if these kids were really conservative minded? or just Berkeley type students (mystery solved) with MAGA hats, and just causing trouble because they didn’t agree with something.

        It is a growing problem, (on both sides of the political spectrum) starting with the melt down of the far left over Trumps election.

        • Harold says:

          More on this.

          I found a video on line,

          Why did Phillips feel the need to get into in the face of one of the students and begin pounding a drum in the kids face? I feel Phillips (described as an activist in another article) was deliberately baiting the young man into some form of provocation, if only because of his attire.
          Of course none of the main street liberal media reported this part of the incident.

          Even though it doesn’t excuse the end behavior of the kids in the MAGA hats, it clearly explains how this escalated.
          So, If you’re a liberal you’re just standing up for your rights. If you’re a conservative then you’re an agitator, at least in the media.

          As I noted above a lot of today’s tension is a direct result of Trumps victory. Which leads me to conclude, there is no mystery.
          Violence and confrontation has become the part of the liberal culture of today.

          The video, which I wish I had found prior, clearly shows the kids being respectful and confused in the beginning. I now feel and believe they were clearly manipulated into an ugly situation.

          • J. Soden says:

            And now on MLK Day, those who rushed to judgement and believed the slanted story (similar to the recent BuzzFeed BS) are backtracking right and left.
            Guess I’d better get a MAGA hat and start wearing it . . . . . . .

          • Chris says:

            Even though it doesn’t excuse the end behavior of the kids in the MAGA hats, it clearly explains how this escalated.

            I think this is the key sentence here. It seems like the kids didn’t start this; the original provacateurs were the crazy “black Israelites” hate group, and Phillip stepped between them. However, other videos seem to clearly show the kids mocking Phillips (I’m a teacher, I know what that looks like) and a couple even show some of the students catcalling women and yelling “It isn’t rape if you enjoy it.”

            That said, they’re kids. I think the amount of national attention they’ve gotten is officially more than they deserve, and any liberal who insists they be doxxed or harassed is out of their mind.

            I think the real lesson here should be: don’t take a large group of children to a political protest unless you are 100% sure how they will behave.

  7. Peggy says:

    What’s laughable is Pelosi lying again.

    There’s a bridge in Brooklyn for sale for anyone who believes she was able to book commercial seats for everyone including her secret service and the media in just a couple of hours, then claim she had to cancel them because Trump leaked their agenda.

    Voters are not as dumb as the left likes to believe. Trump’s base approval rating has stayed about the same since he took office. It’s the left’s obstruction of his agenda and constant attacks are working for him and against them. I for one say keep it up and thanks for the help.

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