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After 2 years, millions of dollars spent and over 200 interviews, the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion and President Trump has found nothing to support the original  allegation.

The bi-partisan senate investigative committee admits there was never one piece of evidence that could support a charge of collusion and likely there never will be.  The investigation now draws to a close, save for some minor charges of individuals giving false statements over otherwise non-criminal events and some personal tax issues, unrelated to Trump.


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  1. Chris says:

    The article you linked to is not about the “Mueller investigation,” it is about the separate congressional probe. So the first sentence of your article is baseless. We don’t know what the Mueller investigation has found.

    “The bi-partisan senate investigative committee admits there was never one piece of evidence that could support a charge of collusion and likely there never will be.”

    They also did not say this. They said there is no direct evidence as of now. The indirect, circumstantial evidence still stands as extremely disturbing:

    –Roger Stone was giving private polling data to Wikileaks, a Russian intermediary, during the campaign. He then lied to Congress about it and engaged in witness tampering to cover it up.
    –Trump was working on a major Trump Tower deal in Moscow during the campaign, while lying to the public that he had no business dealings in Russia.
    –Donald Trump, Jr. Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort attended a meeting at Trump Tower in New York for the purposes of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton from people who told them they were acting as agents of the Russian government trying to help the Trump campaign. (This is attempted collusion, and we’ve known about it for a year and a half.)
    –Michael Flynn lied about conversations with Russia about easing sanctions.
    –Paul Manafort was an unregistered foreign agent working on behalf of pro-Russia interests in the Ukraine while he worked on the Trump campaign.
    –Trump has repeatedly delayed or rolled back sanctions on Russia while minimizing our national intelligence agency’s findings that Russia meddled in the election in order to help his campaign and refusing to condemn Putin at every turn.
    –Trump publicly said he wished that Russia would find and release more dirt on Hillary Clinton during the campaign. If he had been caught on tape saying this privately directly to a Russian government official, he’d have been impeached already. But he said it publicly, so people have convinced themselves it can’t mean what it obviously means: that Trump wanted help from Russia.
    –Trump has behaved exactly as a guilty man would in this situation, constantly demeaning the investigation and calling for it to end, even going as far as firing people who would not break the law in order to defend him from the investigation.

    A lot of this was known at the time the Mueller investigation started. No rational DOJ would refuse to investigate based on the facts known at the time. While no direct evidence of collusion has been found that we know of, the investigation has been wildly successful at uncovering criminality on the part of top members of Trump’s campaign. One would wonder why you show no interest in the fact that the Trump campaign was made up almost entirely of money launderers, tax cheats, liars, and unregistered foreign agents, except one already knows exactly why.

  2. Harold says:

    Jack’s breaking news is a hopeful sign that Mueller’s time in the spotlight is nearing a end. Millions wasted (again), and for what, a inconclusive report that will be open to future speculation.

    Each candidate in the last election had more than its share of questionable action or supporters. Maybe a investigation into both candidates was in order.?

    Setting my comment aside about realistic investigations , I feel that Trump succeeded because the core of America was fed up with the shenanigans of both parties and their candidates. Trump was their choice because he differed in his message and that is what America was seeking at the time.

    Whatever the Mueller results that get published are, most likely it will be as flawed as his last one. That investigation dragged innocent people down a political black hole, and cost American tax payers millions, both in costs and finally court awarded settlements much as this unbridled expedition may just as well produce.

    As far as the servitude of the left is concerned, anything Trump is just a mistake, which granted is much like the right felt about Obama. The major difference is that Conservative based politicians worked more to reunite and protect American during Obama’s terms. That differs from today’s Socialist leaning left who are using hate, violence and misinformation to divide America’s populous further, and for only one reason, to regain an advantage in Congressional power.

    Those congressional seats do not speak to America’s needs, only those of the liberal left.

  3. Harold says:

    I stopped giving the Clinton inquires any real credibility with Comey’s first press release.

    Maybe you should as well. Clinton Investigated, pure BS.

  4. Peggy says:

    McCabe’s interview on 60 Minutes tonight should be entertaining, based on the promos CBS has been airing. As the Dems’ cover-up unravels they’re starting to throw each other under the bus.

    The most corrupt administration in our history is going down and they have their own greed for power to blame. They thought the people who elected Trump were wrong and believed they in their delusional minds had to correct the voters’ mistake and violate our Constitution.

    • Chris says:

      “The most corrupt administration in our history is going down and they have their own greed for power to blame.”

      This sentence is absolutely right, just not in the way you think it’s right.

      But really: if you can imagine Trump side by side with Obama, and come out thinking Obama is the more greedy, corrupt, and power-hungry of the two, you just aren’t capable of objectivity.

      • Peggy says:

        We must live in alternative worlds Chris. Trump was a billionaire before he became president. Obama became a multi-millionaire during and after his terms. How does a man willing to give up a luxury lifestyle so others can have a better life be deemed greedy? Trump also donates his full salary to a charity or worthy program.

        Have you not heard of all the people Trump has helped with his money? There’s the Marine that was held in the Mexican prison for months, while Obama was president and did nothing to help get him free. Trump gave him $25,000 to help him get back on his feet. Did you hear about Trump sending his plane to fly a sick boy across country, because commercial airlines wouldn’t? Trump did. Even racist Trump helped Jennifer Hudson by letting her family stay at Trump Tower, free of charge.

        If Obama has done anything close to what Trump has done to help people he doesn’t even know please feel free to provide proof. I’ve not heard of any, but I may have just missed them.

        Here’s a short list. Believe me there are more.

        Donald Trump Shelters Jennifer Hudson:

        Airline Couldn’t Help Sick Child, So Donald Trump CAME TO THE RESCUE!:
        “But this story is extraordinary! In Los Angeles, an airline was refusing to help get a sick 3-year-old Jewish boy on a flight.

        Trump was called, and he immediately made his expensive private jet available. Donald Trump acted to save the day, without hesitation.”

        Donald Trump Did This Amazing Thing For Jailed Marine Ignored by Obama:
        “It has been revealed that Trump not only worked to secure the Marine’s release, but also sent Tahmooressi $25,000 in cash once he was released in order to help him get his life back on track.”
        So, just who is incapable of objectivity?

        President Trump falls more than 200 spots on Forbes Billionaires List: 2018

        “The Forbes 2018 Billionaires List is out — and it’s bad news for President Trump.

        The president has dropped more than 200 spots since last year to No. 766 on the list, where he’s tied with more than 20 others. The magazine estimates his net worth at $3.1 billion, down from $3.5 billion last year.

        Forbes said that Trump’s fortune fell in part due to declining Manhattan real estate values, as well as lower revenues at several Trump golf properties.”

        How Barack Obama Has Made $20 Million Since Arriving In Washington:

        “When Barack Obama joined the U.S. Senate in 2005, he was a 43-year old former law professor making $85,000 a year. In the 12 years since then, he won the White House, reworked the nation’s laws, ended two wars—and earned $20 million.”

        As I’ve said before I didn’t vote for him in 2016, because I didn’t like him. But, I will in 2020, because he’s what this country needs now. I also approve of what he’s done with balancing our trade/tariffs and, hopefully, will be able to resolve most of our foreign affairs’ problems, that every president back to Reagan has made such a mess of.

        • Chris says:

          Peggy, that Forbes article says that 3/4 of that money was made through book deals. How does that prove greed or corruption on Obama’s part?

          Obama, like every president since Nixon, made his tax returns public before running for president and again in 2012 when he ran a second time. Trump, unlike every president since Nixon, refused to do so. Why the double standard? I remember you calling for Obama’s college transcripts, something far less relevant. Heck, Obama was forced to not only reveal his legal birth certificate in 2008, but also another copy of a legal birth certificate in 2012 because a movement led by none other than Donald Trump wouldn’t accept the legality of the former. Yet you didn’t think Trump should be subject to anything like the same level of vetting. Why not?

          Trump hid a major business deal with Russia from the public during the election and lied about the whole campaign. I’ve never seen you question why he did this or condemn him for lying to the public. Why not?

          A presidential salary is nothing. Donating it is a show for the rubes. Don’t fall for it. Trump has profited off his presidency through hosting governmental events at his private clubs and hotels. His children have used their positions to advertise their own businesses, violating ethics rules.

          In addition he has openly threatened the jobs of people for investigating him, or in Sessions’ case, refusing to recuse himself from an investigation he was legally required to recuse himself from. He’s participated in giant frauds such as Trump University. He inherited most of his money through fraud and it seems he’s continued his father’s shady business practices. He’s stiffed contractors.

          And that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Here is a definitive list from the NYT. I know you distrust this source, but it is our nation’s most powerful and influential newspaper; it’s worth reading if only to see if you can rebut the claims within.

          But the man’s own words and behavior are damning. Trump plastered fake Time magazine covers of himself all over his resorts. He said “I alone can fix it” and “I know more than the generals” during the campaign. He doesn’t consult the Pentagon before rolling out massive changes in government policy to satisfy his base, like the travel ban or the ban on transgender soldiers. I remember when conservatives here counted how many times Obama used the word “I” in his speeches. But can anyone say with a straight face that Trump is less arrogant and full of himself? His impressions of others are entirely based on how much they praise him! That’s why he does nothing but praise Putin, and why his tone on Kim Jong-Un changed. His aides have said they have to put his name in briefings more than necessary just to get him to read them. How is it hard to believe that a man as selfish as that is also greedy and corrupt?

          Kudos to him for the few acts of generosity you highlighted. Those are worthy of praise. But they are isolated incidents that do little to contradict the image of Trump as a man motivated primarily by selfishness and greed, an image that he himself crafted for decades.

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