Massive Military Response to Iran’s Threats

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is rushing additional military muscle, including B-52 bombers, to the Middle East to counter Iranian threats to U.S. troops on the ground and at sea, the Pentagon announced Tuesday.

The announcement follows two days of increasing alarm over threats from Iran. National Security Advisor John Bolton said Sunday that the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier and bombers were being sent to the region. Meanwhile, senators from both parties urged the White House to move cautiously.

By Monday, Pentagon spokesman Charles Summers was pointing “to indications of heightened Iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations against U.S forces and our interests.”

What is really weird is the bombers that we would send against Iran are 67 years old.  Where’s the stealthy B2 or the supersonic B1?  

I sure wouldn’t like to be flying over a country armed to the max with the latest in Russian ground to air missiles, especially in a huge, slow, 67 year old B-52.  We have newer military planes than that in our inventory at the Chico Air Museum.  

Update: Still seeking info on reasons we are challenging Iran’s reported threats, but so far it appears this is over Iran’s threats to Saudi Arabia, not Israel or the US.  The Saudi’s and Iran have been involved in a proxy war in Yemen and the prolonged fighting has led both nations to some serious war talk.   Like I said this all unconfirmed, but based in factual data and it seems reasonable on its face. 

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