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by Jack

It’s official, President Trump wants the feds 2nd installment money back from California.  The feds have pumped millions into CA to build the high speed rail, but the last payment of about $900,00 million was, well, the last straw!  CA has repeatedly breached the contract to the point that the high speed train really isn’t and the two destinations are places barely on the map.   The train was supposed to run between San Francisco and Los Angeles, not Slippy Rock 1 and 2.  If its not a high speed train anymore, what is it?  Answer… its just AMTRAK and we have about 40% ridership… do we really need two AMTRAK’s with 20% ridership?

Cost overruns, the missing matching funds from the private sector, the failed to meet completion dates and just about everything originally agreed to have never materialized.  And now CA has the audacity to blame the federal government for pulling out and actually demanding their money back?

Not only that, but the feds want to claw back the money that they have already advanced and was squandered by CA and that could mean another billion or so gone from the budget.  In reality the feds can’t take it back, but they can sure adjust future payments to recover the misspent funds.

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8 Responses to Corruptofornia News

  1. J Soden says:

    TheDonald gets it right – AGAIN!
    Since the “Train to Nowhere” was Moonbeam’s idea, perhaps Newscum could ask Moonbeam to make up the difference in $$ . . . . . . .

  2. Joe says:

    Imagine that!

    The rest of the country does not want to pay for Brown’s choo-choo to nowhere boondoggle.


    Well, I will tell you the liberals here in the land of the feces will not stand for that!

    Get ready for a Libby/Chris tantrum!

    • Joe says:

      “Well, I will tell you the liberals here in the land of the feces will not stand for that!”

      Did you see the Tucker Carlson pieces on Commiefornia? Feces all over the sidewalks and on the streets in this progressive paradise!

      Jack, you ought to make a painting of the Commiefornia state flag. Except instead of a bear you can paint a giant feces! It would be much more accurate!

  3. Joe says:

    I’d like to know who were the idiot voters who voted for this back in 2008. (It was Prop 1A and the A stood for A hole.)

    Back then I told everyone I knew this would be a disaster if it passed and huge waste of money but no one would listen. The voters of this state are idiots and they get even dumber with each passing election.

  4. Joe says:

    Jack, maybe you could make a painting of the state flag of Fecesfornia here

    • Joe says:

      So Jack, you’re not going to make a painting even though in the land of the rising feces the feces smile and wave to you? 🙂

      As the state flag of Commiefornia proves, Commiefornia has the most friendly feces in the nation! Thank a progressive!

  5. Peggy says:

    This letter could be written by thousands of other families too.

    Open Letter To Gavin Newsom: Your Policies Are Tearing My Family Apart:

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