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  1. Libby says:

    If you think this will distract us from the Tummy in Tails … think again.

    And remember Mueller’s 14 investigations referred elsewhere?

    One down, thirteen to go … what a god-awful sewer Mr. Trump’s milieu is.

  2. Libby says:

    I ran across this, this morning, in a book review … of all places:

    This part of the novel is set about 25 years in the future, in an age when self-driving cars are the default and a de facto border exists between the affluent, educated coasts, where Sophia and her friends live, and the heartland they call “Ameristan.” The latter is a semi-lawless territory riddled with bullet holes and conspiracy theories, where a crackpot Christian cult intent on proving the crucifixion was a hoax (because no way is their god some “meek liberal Jesus” who’d allow himself to be “taken out” like that) literally crucifies proselytizing missionaries from other sects. You have to hire guides to shepherd you through this region, men who mount machine guns on top of their trucks “to make everyone in their vicinity aware that they were a hard target.”

    How did things get so bad? For one thing, residents of Ameristan, unlike Sophia and her well-off pals, can’t afford to hire professional “editors” to personally filter the internet for them. Instead, they are exposed to the raw, unmediated internet, a brew of “inscrutable, algorithmically-generated memes” and videos designed, without human intervention, to do whatever it takes to get the viewer to watch a little bit longer. This has understandably driven them mad, to the degree that, as one character puts it, they even “believed that the people in the cities actually gave a shit about them enough to come and take their guns and other property,” and as a result stockpiled ammo in order to fight off the “elites” who never come.

    So how do you feel about being fodder for novelists of the sensational sort? … and AOC Meme Generators?

  3. J Soden says:

    Great collection! And the sad thing is, every one of these pix could actually be true!
    She’ll be a one-term wonder.

  4. Chris says:

    AOC has definitely had her share of gaffes, but she is objectively more knowledgeable and more articulate than our president, so doing this with her and not him strikes me as hypocritical.

    Tump said the other day that he thinks “the courts” would stop him from being impeached. But the courts have nothing to do with impeachment, and there is no such thing as an unconstitutional impeachment. He does not understand the Constitution he has sworn to protect and uphold.

  5. Pie Guevara says:

    Re Lippy: “what a god-awful sewer Mr. Trump’s milieu is.”

    Now, will we ever hear Lippy complain about the “god-awful” Clinton sewer? Well, of course not. That wouldn’t be prudent. She would be instantly stripped of her left wing credentials and summarily dismissed.

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