Jack Lee Art – Pair of B25 Mitchell Bombers

Acrylic on canvas, 99% finished, 18 X22.  Why did I put it up before its finished?  Just want to stare at it for awhile and figure out things I missed.  Maybe you could help?  There’s an awful lot of details on these planes.  By the way, the hole on the side is actually an open hatch for a waist gunner.  There’s a top turret gunner and a nose gunner too.  Powered by a two radial engines the Mitchell was a high quality, medium range bomber and at times it almost fit the role of a fighter, strafing ships and convoys.   You can see the real thing at the Chico Air Museum in August.

In the painting its about 3 shades darker, not sure why this pic came out so bright.


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