Jack Lee Art – Sunset in a Nieuport – Aviation Art

by Jack

This is a small painting compared to most all of my others.  It measures about 14X16 and again its acrylic on canvas and depicts a later version Nieuport, but flown by the British as the rondel on the wing indicates.

This was done as an overpaint, in other words it was a painting I picked up at the Goodwill and painted over the original to save a few bucks.  Before you call me cheap, remember I’ve not really sold anything, most just sit here collecting dust.    So, I still used than top quality paint and bargain canvas, because I keep myself on a tight budget.   I wonder sometimes what they would look like done in good oil paint?  I have to work pretty hard to bring out the colors with acrylic, sometimes layering it on 3 or 4 times.

As usual, all comments are welcome, criticism especially.  This is how I learn.  So, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed, but if not, let me know why.


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4 Responses to Jack Lee Art – Sunset in a Nieuport – Aviation Art

  1. Peggy says:

    Great job again Jack. I’m really drawn to the landscape where I feel like I’m sitting on a bench looking at the sun as it sets. Again, great job.

    Ps. The SR-71 is hanging on a high traffic area wall at my son’s.

  2. Cherokee Jack says:

    Hey Jack. do you take requests?
    I’d love to see a C-119 dropping a load of jumpers.

  3. J Soden says:

    Haven’t commented on your artwork mainly because my eyes do not work “normally” and don’t see things like other folks do. Am unable to see in 3 dimensions as those connections were never made inside my head and even after corrective strabismus surgery at age 2, I am unable to focus on a single point with both eyes. That means my primary vision shifts from one eye to another. That comes in handy when shooting as I don’t have to close one eye, and am a pretty good shot. And thanks to a great LASIK surgeon, I no longer have to wear glasses(except for the fine print).

    That being said I think your artwork is GREAT, even when coming from one who is somewhat vision impaired.

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