Sunday Special: Lose Weight on a Starchy Diet? (Not an ad-this is for real)

What if we’ve been wrong about diabetes?  What if being overweight does not cause type 2 diabetes, but another underlying cause?   This is the question more and more researchers are starting to ask.  Not everyone who is obese will contract diabetes type 2, so we need to look deeper for the answers and this brings up a leading expert in weight loss, Dr. John McDougal.  He’s been an advocate of a starch based diet for years.   That’s right, rice, corn, potatoes, etc .  You can eat this and lose weight and gain energy too!     Jack L.


If you are carrying those extra pounds, please watch video!

Introduction:  “From Atkins to Dukan, fear of the almighty carb has taken over the diet industry for the past few decades—even the mere mention of a starch-heavy food is enough to trigger an avalanche of shame and longing. But the truth is, carbs are not the enemy.

Now, bestselling author John A. McDougall, MD, and his kitchen-savvy wife, Mary, prove that a starch-rich diet can actually help you lose weight, prevent a variety of ills, and even cure common diseases. The Starch Solution is based on a simple swap: By fueling your body primarily with carbohydrates rather than proteins and fats, you’ll feel satisfied, boost energy, and look and feel your best.

Fad diets come and go, but Dr. McDougall has been a proponent of a plant based diet for decades. His expertise has helped thousands of people to slim down and to regain their health—many of their stories are in this book, including people who have lost more than 125 pounds in mere months, as well as patients who have conquered life-threatening illnesses such as type-2 diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

Based on the latest scientific research, this easy-to-follow plan teaches you what to eat and what to avoid, how to make healthy swaps for your favorite foods, and smart choices when dining out. Starting with a 7-Day Sure-Start Plan, you’ll enjoy a variety of foods and snacks that ensure you never go hungry—and still lose weight! You’ll also find a helpful weekly menu planner and 100 delicious, satisfying (and affordable) recipes that will become instant classics.

The Starch Solution is a groundbreaking program that will help you shed pounds, improve your health, save money, and change your life.

John A. McDougall, MD, has coauthored many bestselling books with his wife, Mary, and is featured in the documentary and book Forks Over Knives. At the McDougall Live-In Program in Santa Rosa, California, he cares for patients and teaches medical doctors and students to avoid drugs and surgery by using food to cure common diseases.”

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3 Responses to Sunday Special: Lose Weight on a Starchy Diet? (Not an ad-this is for real)

  1. Joe says:

    Hey Jack, you see this?

    Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2018 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined

    And taxes are going up if the politicians here in Chico get their way. Next year a tax increase on your home from CARD and a sales tax increase.

    Are you going to write about these tax increases?

    Also, do you know how much money you can save with that starch diet? (Going to have to save money as it gets more expensive to live here every year.)

  2. Chris says:

    Oops, he did it again.

    At 10:37 this morning, Trump said, “I have a lot of options on China, but if they don’t do what we want, we have tremendous power.”

    Thirty seconds later, he said “Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens.”

    The president is in the middle of an impeachment inquiry for improperly trading foreign policy objectives for personal favors that target his political enemies. And he thinks he can get away with it again.

    Will you let him?

    • Pie Guevara says:

      HAH! Will you let the Bidens and the Clintons off for their selling of favors to foreign entities for personal gain and, in the case of Hillary, for paying a foreign agent to target her political enemy Trump? Oh, my bad, you already have! What your lot falsely accuses Trump of is guilty of you yourselves are guilty of in spades and then more.

      (Not to mention a corrupt FBI leadership that spearheaded the cause to depose Trump and reverse a legitimate election with a Hillary bought and paid for dossier. We know where your heart lies, no need to answer.)

      The claim that Trump has been trading foreign policy objectives for personal favors targeting political enemies is merely the latest in a long line of false narratives and politically motivated bull*** from you and yours. *YAWN* Like you, my friend, it is going nowhere. Beat yourself to death with it. Lie, lie and lie. It works for me.

      By the way, Biden and his son do not get a pass for their dirty, manipulative tricks and dealings just because Joe is running for office. Trump is performing the duties his job demands and you will and your lot can go pound sand.

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