Northern California PG&E Power Outage Day 2

Thanks to RHT447 for this vid —

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19 Responses to Northern California PG&E Power Outage Day 2

  1. Harold says:

    PG&E plus Gavin Newsom and add in a “Liberal” dose of fairy dust thinking. Yep it all work’s doesn’t it!

    Plastic bottles dangerous, but now, only a ticket for stealing your car to the car thief that stole it (no kidding, what genius thought that one up?) , Crap in the streets of bay area, and spreading it seems, along with the the crap filled heads of California’s political liberal majority. Yep you Liberals built it, so own it.

    No wonder CA is adding more gun confiscation laws, a upset but unarmed society is so easily controlled, seems the CA liberal politicians know their Germany history.

  2. More Common Sense says:

    Welcome to the Soviet Socialist State of California, where mediocrity has become the norm.

  3. RHT447 says:

    I wonder what used Tesla’s are going for.

  4. Joe says:


  5. Joe says:

    This is Fececrat rule for you…sh*t and needles in the street and no power.


  6. Joe says:

    Yet another reason for the State of Jefferson. How many more do you need? We MUST have a revolution before these GD DemoNRats destroy us!

  7. Joe says:

    The way this state is going we will all be sitting around the Camp Fire in sh*t and needles with no power watching the whole state burn down. Nice going Fececrats.

  8. Libby says:

    That was quite the exhibition of political blackmail, that was. But it was the PGE’s doing, not Gavin’s.

    It got my attention. I mean, the PGE is in quite a mess, but there is evidence that their priorities have been ‘effed up for some time. First, we have to figure out how to legally dispense with all these lawsuits. You know, all those fires could have as easily been started by lightening. I’m not sure that the PGE should be beggared by litigants, just because you cannot sue God.

    Second, all yer PGE shareholders are going to have to make due with a 0% return, for the foreseeable future. I am, as a tax and ratepayer willing to restring the lines to Concow. I am not willing to pay no blue-haired bag in Atherton her 8%.

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