Personal Accountability is Better Than a 10,000 Laws

by Jack

Did you hear about the family on a cruise ship that left a toddler with her Grandfather and she fell out of their cabin window?  The fall killed the child.  Everyone agrees it was tragic. The distraught family sued the cruise line because of the placement of the window and it’s design.   If suing and collecting millions (and its not about the money) if this could save just one child…..( uh huh.)

In a surprise turn of events, the police have charged the grandfather with negligent homicide because of the placement of child – next to the open cabin window… 111 feet high. His defense, he [thought] the window was closed.

Several thousand miles away in Iowa a family decided to do a baby reveal.  The baby’s gender is revealed in puff of pink or blue smoke.  The ladies planning the event carefully packed a metal tube with some colored powder they knew would go poof with lots of smoke. The next day friends and family stood by for grand reveal.  The fuse was lit and it killed a 56 year old women from shrapnel; seems the pipe was packed with gunpowder.

About the same time as the above incidents, but in Arizona, a man thought it would be fun to use a legally produced exploding target while plinking in the hills. The flash from the target ignited dry vegetation and that resulted in the massive Sawmill fire, a 47,000 acre wild land fire. That fire cost the taxpayer millions and did a lot of property damage.

The point here is for the liberals among us.  You can have all the laws in the world, but they won’t protect you from stupid.

We are fast becoming the most regulated society in history, with thousands of news laws coming out every year; most of them frivolous, but with the potential for each one to cost us a little bit of our freedom.  In some cases these laws have made otherwise innocent people into instant criminals, by fiat.

Think about this the next time you read the warning label on a can of paint, “Do not drink” and about the people who forced that to happen. Then do us all a favor and never vote for a democrat again.

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2 Responses to Personal Accountability is Better Than a 10,000 Laws

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    You can’t legislate stupid but that is exactly what Democrats legislate. Just look at all the warning labels required on everything from ladders to electrical extension cords.

    Then there is stupid legislation which Califoria excels in. (Jack has reported on that in many posts in a serious vein, and I mean seriously stupid legislation.)

    When it comes to plain stupid legislation, here is one of my State Of California favorites —

    It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale.

    I have as yet to confirm the code section. It may be baloney. You know how the internet is.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Those “Welcome to California” signs should be changed to reflect reality in Taxifornia today.

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