Dems are on Thin Ice with Impeachment Hearing


This impeachment process was lost before it started, but the dems didn’t really figure that out until their poll numbers started to slip. Perhaps Pelosi knew it sooner than most, afterall she did her best to restrain the herd, but in the end they got more than they really wanted. Now how do they walk away from it and salvage some shred of their integrity?   Joe and Hunter Biden will have a lot to do with that one.

The latest polling shows another 4 point drop in those who want impeachment. It looks like your average voters is tired of it all; have the dems have cried wolf too many times?

Now dems are stuck with the impeachment hearings that are leading nowhere and cost the taxpayers over $40 Mil.

The latest buzz is they’re worried enough to make a deal. They’ll settle for a reprimand with no further action, but I think Trump won’t. He has a lot to gain by moving this hearing over to the Senate and that means the dems have a lot to lose. You know the Senate is going to start asking the Bidens some real tough questions and the dems can’t let that happen. Even Adam Shift would likely be called to testify! Then they (GOP) would focus on his so-called whistleblower with 2nd hand information. Yep, if it goes to the Senate things could get ugly for the dems.

I’ve often referred to the GOP as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, but the dems have earned this titled hands down.  They have botched the Trump/Russia collusion and everything that has followed, so much so that it’s beyond repair.  Even the two FBI bosses were exposed for colluding with the dems – Hunter Biden was caught dipping into the Ukrainian cookie jar – Joe Biden is suspect now for setting it up and peddling his influence.  These things have derailed the dems; this was not how it was supposed to work out, it’s a disaster for dems.  And lets not let the leftwing media off the hook.   They played a prominent role is this mess.  I doubt they will ever recover from their co-conspiracy part in the Trump smear campaign.  Old Trump got em all, he exposed the, FBI, the deep state, the fake news and now their veracity is below zer0.    Thank y-o-u Donald.

Bet this impeaching businesses gets put to bed by dems rather quickly now.

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2 Responses to Dems are on Thin Ice with Impeachment Hearing

  1. J soden says:

    The race is on! In December, Nasty Nadler will try to make bigger fool of himself than even BullSchifft did!
    And he’ll have to compete with the FISA report revelations.
    Lots of Demwits will have lumps of coal in their Xmas stockings this year.. . . .

  2. Peggy says:

    A half dozen metaphors apply to the Dems, like they have a tiger by the tail and are about to be forced to let go. The circular firing squad is going to grow smaller with each testimony. It’s so bad for the Dems I’ve even read this may be the end of the party.

    It’s not just, “$40 million,” it’s another $40 million after the $45 million, now being reported, spend on the Mueller investigation. That’s almost $100 million that could have been spent to benefit our Vets, homeless, infrastructure and so many more deserving and needing individuals than 19 biased corrupt investigators and politicians.

    The major benefit out of the Dems refusal to accept the fact that Trump IS our president is he’s taught Republicans how to fight and to believe they can win. The hearings held the past weeks have shown the Republicans take on and score major knock downs of the Dems. They have to feel good about the way they handled Schift’s lies and the unfair unjust hearing rules.

    Two people attended a Dem’s townhall yesterday, while 25 thousand attended Trump’s rally. Polling Dems at the Trump rally said they didn’t vote for him in 2016, but will in 2020. It’s all about the economy! Voters are fed up with three years and repeated failed attempts to impeach someone because they disapprove of his Tweets and the way he talks. People are upset at the disrespectful way the office of our president and First Lady are being treated. Booing and hissing Melania yesterday should have never happened and should never happen again.

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