Hilarious M.A.G.A. Dance Video

By Pie Guevara

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A big thanks to Harold for this tip.

M.A.G.A. is a brilliant, hilarious and charming dance video to the tune of The Village People’s 1979 pop hit Y.M.C.A. Produced by West Palm Beach lawyer Jason Fishbein. You can read more about the video here — Daily Mail

You may recall that Mr. Fishbein was called as a witness in the Mueller investigation for his representation of WikiLeaks.

Ostensibly the video was released on the Mad Liberals YouTube site but I cannot find it there. I also checked the Mad Liberals Twitter account but cannot find it there either.

So I downloaded it and then uploaded it to my own YouTube account. However you will not see it listed there as I tagged it “unlisted.” I decided to not make it public because I am afraid of violating copyright rules. Nevertheless, you can watch the video link I have embedded below.

The video parody features the fake band “The American People” with faked group members President Donald Trump,  former president (and Choom Gang member) Barack Obama and Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren. (A dancing Hillary also appears.)

Jason Fishbein describes his production —

We were looking for something un-impeachingly positive. We wanted to tell both sides, Republicans and Democrats, to stop the nonsense. The divisions are bad for the country. It’s a song about unity. The Village People and this song, back in the day, gave a positive image of gay people at a time when gay people were being assaulted. Nowadays, people who wear MAGA hats get assaulted. Being with Trump feels a little bit like what being gay probably felt like.

A hilarious “campaign” video from Mad Liberals on YouTube —



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12 Responses to Hilarious M.A.G.A. Dance Video

  1. Chris says:

    Nowadays, people who wear MAGA hats get assaulted. Being with Trump feels a little bit like what being gay probably felt like.

    Ridiculous and offensive. People do not choose to be gay. You do choose to support Trump, an objectively evil and stupid man, as president, despite his constant and clear endangerment of national security. You should not be assaulted, but don’t compare your plight to that of actual minorities who have faced actual oppression for things they cannot control.

  2. Pie Guevara says:


    No, Mr. Souza is ridiculous and offensive. And I am not speaking to his ridiculous, offensive and specious statement about Trump. (“Objectively evil” my hiney. Who appointed Souza judge, jury and God?)

    Mr. Souza’s comment above is perhaps one of the stupidest, most idiotic and most offensive comments he has ever made. But it not what he has to say about Trump (which is a given considering his blinding hatred for the president).

    Evidently Souza thinks that if and because you choose to be a Trump supporter and are assaulted that you cannot sympathize with gays being assaulted and actually feel a little bit how they probably feel when they suffer verbal or physical assault.

    Wasn’t it B.J. Clinton who famously said “I feel your pain”?

    One does not choose to be a starving child in Somalia, but people who are not starving in Somalia can sympathize.

    A man is not a woman but that does not mean he cannot feel a woman’s pain. Even physically.

    “Most of us have at one time or another found ourselves telling someone who is complaining to us about something that we, like Bill Clinton, “feel” his or her pain. Whether our offer of sympathy is intended to be taken sincerely or ironically, however, we almost certainly do not intend for it to be taken literally. No matter how empathetic we may like to imagine ourselves, we cannot actually feel someone else’s physical pain. Or can we?”

    “I Feel Your Pain” (Literally) — Psychology Today

    Souza writes: …but don’t compare your plight…

    First of all, no one is here is making some sort of comparison you absurd ass.

    You are.

    All people feel pain when assaulted verbally or physically. No group, however they are defined at birth or by choice define themselves, has some sort of “superior” or more valid sensitivity to the pain of physical and/or verbal assault.

    Souza is effectively asserting that if you are queer (terminology gays have used to describe themselves) and cannot choose to be queer that people who choose to identify with any cultural/tribal/social/political/religious/gender group somehow cannot sincerely sympathize with gays or feel the same level of pain (or even feel a little bit) when suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

    Souza’s proposition is ridiculous, offensive, trivially false and absolutely asinine. It is born of the progressive cult of victimhood. See The Culture of Victimhood — Psychology Today

    I have a challenge for Mr. Souza — Try making a comment where you do not make a complete and utter ass of yourself.

    • Chris says:

      You are playing dumb, again. Your statement was, by definition, a comparison. And it was not about Trump supporters “sympathizing” with gay people—it was meant to invoke sympathy for Trump supporters by comparing their plight to the plight of gays. How do I know this? Because you have never, on these pages, asked the other conservatives here to sympathize with gay people. Not once. Not even back when gay marriage wasn’t federally recognized and the other conservatives here were arguing that it should stay that way. So again, the goal was to use some other group’s plight to make yourselves look like victims, not to draw attention or sympathy to the plight of actual minorities who have been oppressed. If pointing that out is “virtue signaling,” then the term is truly meaningless, and connotes only the lack of virtue of the person using the term.

    • cherokee jack says:

      If you want the kid to STFU, just ask him how he likes what his liberal pals have done to California. He will either give a couple of ballet steps to avoid a direct answer, or disappear back into the hive.

    • Harold says:

      I have a gut reaction to a specific personality traits. Most times it is best to just avoid discussions with people with those traits when they present no real viability.
      It is easy to recognize select people dwell and revel in personal attacks just to evoke a response, and quite possibly use it to further their need for egotistical taunting.
      I attempt to avoid any engagement with people having this personality trait. Which I find is best , and eliminates my own bias and natural gut reaction toward them.
      The internet is a marvelous tool for growth and awareness, it can also be a damn nuisance at times.
      So much information, right and wrong, fact and fiction is available and can be shared readily.
      However, when information is infused with such taunting bias, it eliminates honest discussions and cause a wave of belittling negative verbal attacks.
      Our willingness to accept positive input about a subject is most telling in what your object is, a meaningful discussion, or just a tirade of slurs.
      This will continue to be biggest problem given the anonymity of internet trolls, is their intended engagement real and purposeful, or just designed to anger.

      • Pie Guevara says:

        I would call it a personality defect and damn nuisance is right. Ignoring is the best course. Any response is a waste of my time and energy, which is his goal. Thanks for reminding me of that Harold.

  3. Post Scripts says:

    In reply to Souza above —

    Idiot. The statement in the blog post was from the producer of the video. Is Souza drunk? What has he been smoking? Or is he simply dumber than a bag of doorknobs? Who is he to say what the producer’s goal is? I think Mr. Fishbein was pretty clear.

    As for Souza’s complaint about Post Scripts, who is he to say what our goal is or what my goal was in writing this blog post? Sheesh, is this person a ridiculous horse’s patoot or what?

    Not that I need to explain my “goal” to anyone (except perhaps the idiot Souza), the intent was to amuse Post Scripts readers with a funny video, not to play a completely asinine progressive victimhood game with some clueless progressive dweeb. I thought it relevant to post what the producer had to say about his video. If Souza doesn’t like it, the jerk can go pound sand.

    Souza tries and fails to misrepresent this blog post and deflect with his usual troll rag on Post Scripts. Such are the ways of the progressive cult and particularly the progressive cult of victimhood. I suggest Souza read the links in my first comment above and try, just try to reflect and ponder.

    In his above comment the magnificent Souza doubles down on making an ass of himself. He declares how he knows and what he knows. Souza doesn’t know jack outside outside of being a risible, ludicrous jackass.

    Souza has had his say and should not assume Post Scripts has any more interest in the garbage he has to spew. His goal is to deflect and insult and parade his “virtues” and “moral” superiority. This is nothing new, it is his raison d’être. It is the old, tired, boorish classic Souza and I think we have had enough of his thoughtless and mindless crap for this week.

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