Stupid Things We Spent our Tax Money on in Afghanistan

Posted by Jack

$43 Million Spent on a Gas Station…in Afghanistan

From 2011 to 2014, the Department of Defense’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations, tasked with building up Afghanistan’s economy, spent nearly $43 million to build a Compressed Natural Gas filling station in Sheberghan, Afghanistan.

Sadly, someone didn’t do their research, or they would have discovered that there was no natural gas distribution ability in Afghanistan and the cost to convert a vehicle to CNG exceeded the average annual income in the country.

After a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars – spending a total of $766 million during the organization’s lifetime, the DOD closed the failed TFBSO in March 2015.

NEXT:  According to interviews and government documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity, the effort to make Afghans eat soy has been marked by mismanagement, poor government oversight and financial waste. Warnings by agronomists that the $34 million program was unwise were ignored, as was a simple fact: Afghans don’t like soy beans and as a crop they won’t grow there.  In March, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko met with project and government employees in the country who told him there is no “significant demand for soybean products in Afghanistan,” as he wrote in a letter the following month to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. “This should have been expected, since Afghans apparently have never grown or eaten soybeans before,” Sopko wrote.

We spent over a billion for various aircraft for the Afghani’s, but there is little hope they will every have anyone that can fly them.

Millions of your tax dollars bought woodland camoflauge  uniforms for their military forces, unfortunately less than 2% of their land mass is woodland.

We spent over a half million on a government building that melted in the rain.  Same went for the walls.

There’s more…. stay tuned.





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5 Responses to Stupid Things We Spent our Tax Money on in Afghanistan

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Oh lord, I don’t think I can take any more…

  2. Joe says:

    War is just another big government program.

  3. Peggy says:

    Just discovered a conservative alternative to Wikipedia called Conservapedia. Check it out.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Great find! This is a hoot! The first thing I hit was AOC —

      At 30 years old and the youngest female ever elected to Congress, she has built a national Twitter following using Godwin’s Law. Ocasio-Cortez personifies the failures of the American publicly funded education system and is a serious embarrassment to any sensible person under the age of 30.

      Goodwin’s Law —

      In any argument, the first side to compare his opponent to Hitler or the Nazis is automatically deemed to have lost the argument.

      Thanks Peggy!

  4. Peggy says:

    Wars are a big profit industry for those with high-level connections. Remember it was the Clinton’s friend from Little Rock, AK Marc Turi who went on trial for providing military weapons to Libya and Syria rebels, without congressional approval.

    Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons:
    “Arms dealer had threatened to expose Hillary Clinton’s talks about arming anti-Qadhafi rebels.”

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