Mark Levin on Impeachment

By Pie Guevara

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Impeach them. Impeach them all!

One Constitution: “And when the Democrat Party does what it does like that, it needs to be slammed down.” [I believe they will be in 2020. I hope they will be in 2020.] “The next Democrat president must be impeached. Not to get even, not because we are at their low level, because the Republicans can’t live under one Constitution when the Democrats live under another constitution. And it’s the only way we’re going to stop them. One party can’t be allowed to abuse the Constitution yet wave it around while the other party sits there and takes it. ”

The Democrat Impeachment Blueprint: “It’s the Pelosi Project… we have the plan. Endless unconstitutional subpoenas. No resort to judicial review . No due process. Accusers are protected from scrutiny. Phone calls of foreign leaders must be released. The president’s closest advisors must testify. Tax returns, business records, bank record, business associates, all subject to congressional access. And demand the appointment of a special counsel. That is the Pelosi Project. It must become the Republican Project when there is a Democrat president.”

Actually, I don’t think Republicans should stoop so low. There must be at least one party that respects due process and the spirit of the Constitution.

But then again, there will be another Democrat president someday. Maybe Mark is onto something. Maybe Republicans should turn around at the first opportunity, call for impeachment even before a Democrat president takes the oath of office, and shove the Pelosi Project  right back up their collective… in order to stop them from ever pulling this crap again.

The Mueller Report: “Look at this damn thing. This is 500 pages. This is the Mueller report. It him took 500 pages to say the president of the United States is an innocent man who didn’t commit any crimes. It took him 500 pages, 2-1/2 years, 40 million dollars.”

The IG Report: “Now we have another one that is 500 pages. Look at this. What is this? This is the inspector general report that says what? That says the Obama administration — you listening Mr. Holder? The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. Tampered with evidence. Repeatedly lied to a federal court, the FISA court, to get bogus warrants four times renewed. Used the dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC that they knew was bogus. And that they used all of this, lies and crimes [as outlined in the IG report] to get this, a special counsel report [the Mueller report] that says your president of the United States is an innocent man.”

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2 Responses to Mark Levin on Impeachment

  1. Peggy says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Mark that the Dems need a dose of their own medicine to cure the evil hatred that has consumed their party. Republicans on the House Intel and Judiciary committee fought as hard as they could with facts and counter attacks for every falsehood the Dems presented. More than a handful have already announced they will continue again and again to impeach Trump and they’ll do it for every republican president to come. They are still planning to impeach Kavanaugh.

    Not to sound too much like someone else, but for the first time in my voting life I’m proud to be a Republican, because of the men and women who fought so hard for our country and it’s future. They were on offense the whole time instead of defense and need to stay there and stop kowtowing like a bunch of scared puppies. The Dems will pay for years to come for their coup attempt and they need to learn a big lesson to never try this again. Heads need to roll and some need to be behind bars.

    Also, tonight Alan Dershowitz said that the Supreme Court’s ruling to take up the four cases concerning Trump’s taxes just invalidated Article 2 – Obstruction of Congress charge. The Dems should have gone through the courts to resolve differences between the two branches of government and not the impeachment road.

  2. Peggy says:

    Here’s a huge question that needs to be answered. Did Comey’s, et al coup against Trump start in July or May as disclosed in the report by Horowitz?

    WSJ Columnist: Hey, Did Anyone Catch This Buried Detail About Russia Collusion in the FISA Abuse Report?:

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