Thoughts on Benghazi

Thanks go to Peggy for this gem….

Her comment to RHT was too powerful for page 2, so here it is again on page for everyone to read…. “My research identified Turi as a Little Rock, AK friend of the Clintons and Sidney Blumenthal.  When congress didn’t approve the request for war and funding for Libya Blumenthal arranged for the military weapons be shipped to Qatar and backdoored into Libya. There was no senate approved embassy in Benghazi so Hillary set up the “Mission” and Annex.

Marines protect embassies not missions, which is why contractors were hired and why Hillary refused to approve Steven’s 400 request for more security. The Annex was one mile away from the Mission and where the weapons were being stored after buying them back and before being shipped to Syria through Turkey.

(Remember Steven’s met with the Turkey agent just before the attack that night?) Stand down orders given to rescue jets was necessary because of all the stored weapons at the Annex. Hillary and Obama couldn’t risk all of that ammo blowing up exposing their very profitable money making arms deal. They wouldn’t be able to lie their way out of a massive explosion and the death of about 40 people huddled at the Annex that night as they would with just four deaths at the Mission caused by a video.”


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  1. Chris says:

    I don’t know about the rest, but there was no stand-down order. That was confirmed by a GOP-led House investigation.

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