Ha! Sanders Win’s Decisively in Nevada

by Jack

This election is turning out to be the DNC’s worst nightmare.  Sander’s keep winning in the primaries and he seems unstoppable.  This would be a stunner if he actually made it through the primaries.  The DNC would have no choice but to endorse him and that would make Trump’s odds of winning a virtual certainty.

What does Sander’s victory say about all the other democrat candidates?  Nothing good, that’s for sure.  A socialist is considered the most unelectable person in the US, according to polls.

Now, if only the republicans could get a backbone in the Senate and win the House back, Trump could get even more done.  And I hope he does, I’m not tired of winning yet.

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6 Responses to Ha! Sanders Win’s Decisively in Nevada

  1. Peggy says:

    Democrats are trying to figure out what happened to their party while the rest of us are laughing at them for creating the monster they now can’t deal with after years of teaching and promoting socialism and rewriting our country’s history. They literally have a tiger by the tail and can’t let go.

    If Sanders does win, can you imagine AOC in a high cabinet position like EPA?

    Heard the president of Denmark, like the president of Sweden, is not happy Bernie keeps saying his country has a socialist gov’t, when it’s a free market.

  2. Peggy says:

    Looks like republicans have grown a backbone. Now, will the voters?!

    Republican revenge: Record GOP field forms, on 2020 mission to take down ‘socialists’:

    “A record number of candidates have filed to run for office in the House and Senate, breaking last cycle’s history-making numbers from the same point in time. But unlike the 2018 midterms when the surge was driven by Democrats, the congressional boom this time is on the Republican side, according to the latest federal candidate and financial activity report obtained exclusively by Fox News.

    In 2019 alone, 781 Republicans filed federal paperwork to run for the House, the most ever recorded in an odd year at the Federal Election Commission. That’s up from 593 GOP candidates in 2017, when Democrats had an astounding 937 candidates at the same point.
    “Like many GOP candidates vying for office this year, Greene takes aim directly at progressive darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her freshman squad and says Congress needs strong conservative women to stand up to “tyrannical socialist Democrats.”


  3. J. Soden says:

    Bolshevik Bernie’s payoff price just went UP!

  4. Joe says:

    They’re all horrible. In their debates they all argue over who can give the country away the fastest.

  5. J. Soden says:

    One-time Clinton advisor Dick Morris has an interesting take on the upcoming Demwit convention:

  6. Chris says:

    I would vote for Bernie over Trump in a heartbeat, but I still hope he is not the nominee. Elizabeth Warren seems like she knows how to make progressive changes while still having a plan to pay for them. But I would also happily vote for Pete Buttigieg. Amy Klobuchar’s mistreatment of her staff and negativity toward most progressive changes makes me dislike her, but I’d still vote her over Trump. The only nominee that would make me stay home is Mike Bloomberg, a racist and sexist who is trying to buy an election.

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