Democrats and Chinese Communists Join Forces Politicizing the Wuhan Virus Pandemic

By Pie Guevara

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They say politics makes strange bedfellows but I am not so sure what is going on here is all that strange. After all Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party have great deal in common. Significantly their mutual driving force, the desire to secure and maintain a hold on pure, raw power. And they will do anything and say anything no matter how absurd and destructive it may be to their respective societies as long as they think it aids their cause.

Democrats are very unhappy because Trump as president has effectively cleaned their political clock and is poised to wipe them out in November. China is very unhappy because Trump is disrupting their once outrageously advantageous trade deal and making them squirm.

So it comes as no surprise that the aged Democrat political trope of XENOPHOBIA! and RACISM! is the battle cry for both camps. Moreover, both camps seem to think this is an effective way to deal with the Wuhan virus. In any case, according to the Chinese Communist Party and the Democrat Party I am a racist and a xenophobe for using the terms “Wuhan virus.” Imagine that! As far as I am concerned both parties are the parties of corrupt, desperate, absurd and inept clowns.

I have to wonder if it was China that decided to adopt the Democrats worn out battle cry. Maybe some bright communist political analyst examined US politics and thought, “Hey, let’s do what the American Democrats do! It might work!”

But it also could be that Democrats have picked up the ball from Chinese communists who, in a bid to deflect political fallout from their inept handling of the Wuhan virus, have accused Trump of xenophobia and racism.

Whatever the case an international ghost collaboration has spawned between two natural allies with the slaves of the official Chinese newspaper and Democrat toads of the American lamestream press marching along like the obedient little water carriers they are.

Quid Pro Quo Joe back in January accused Trump of “hysterical xenophobia and fearmongering” after he restricted travel from mainland China in January. This effectively launched the Democrat Party pro-virus, pro-pandemic platform. It should be fairly obvious to any reasoned person that these professional open-border Democrats have gone stark raving mad to defend the rights of a deadly virus to enter the US.

In a speech on Thursday March 12 that Joe Blow claimed would not be political he again accused Trump of xenophobia for calling the Wuhan virus a “foreign virus.” Now there is an amazing political concept if I ever saw one — calling a foreign virus a foreign virus because it actually originated in a foreign country is xenophobic! Immediately the Democrat leadership, their mindless rabble and media lickspittles began denouncing Trump with that pathetic and aged battle cry XENOPHOBIA! RACISM! Kinda sounds like someone we know, eh? Joe forgets that he too has identified the Wuhan virus as coming from China, the racist xenophobe!

Identifying the coronavirus as foreign or the as the Wuhan virus it neither xenophobic nor racist, it is accurate. Period.

After bashing Trump Quid Pro Quo Joe also announced his “plan” to deal with the Wuhan virus. His plan  basically is to  throw more money at the problem. This announcement came just after Joe Biden said we need to know where $8.2 billion Trump has already appropriated is being spent. What Biden is pulling here is a classic Democrat game where whomever offers the most money “cares” the most and wins.

What is first and foremost point in Biden’s plan? “Acts of racism and xenophobia against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community must not be tolerated.” HUH? Since was that an urgent problem? Since when was that even a problem? It isn’t. What has Joe Blow been smoking?  Biden’s plan goes on to demand that the Trump administration’s “public charge rule” be revoked. Doing so would allow more poor to move into the US at taxpayer expense and make use of our already overburdened healthcare system. This is a good idea in the middle of a pandemic? Joe and his plan is completely bonkers.

As a side note I recall the Obama-Biden administration did not declare a health emergency during the 2009-2010 H1N1 virus outbreak until 1000 Americans had died, millions had been infected and hundreds of thousands had been hospitalized.  In the end around 17 thousand died. Where was Biden’s “plan” then? Shouldn’t he have advised the president?

The Chinese Communists have engaged in a ridiculous propaganda campaign to try and convince the world that the United States is the real culprit behind the Wuhan virus and that identifying China as the source is xenophobic, racist and stigmatizing.

“At best, China’s aggressive new campaign can be chalked up to ambitious propaganda.  At its worst, it’s a reckless display from a country that has actively misled the world while working overtime to save its own skin, foreign affairs expert Gordon G. Chang told Fox News.

Chang believes Beijing has been laying the groundwork for a PR attack against the United States for more than a month, first by throwing doubt on the origin of COVID-19 and second, by slamming America’s handling of previous diseases like the swine flu, which decimated China’s pork industry.”

Gordon G. Chang is author of “The Coming Collapse of China.” I highly recommend it.

Chinese Propaganda Points of Interest —

  • It might be US army (sic) who brought the epidemic to Wuhan.
    Lijian Zhao, Spokesperson & Deputy Director General, Information Department, Foreign Ministry.
  • Although the epidemic first broke out in China, it did not necessarily mean that the virus is originated from China, let alone ‘made in China.’
    — Lin Songtian, Ambassador to South Africa
  • Chinese officials have complained that calling the COVID-19 coronavirus the “Wuhan coronavirus” unfairly stigmatizes the Asian nation and borders on being racist.
  • The Chinese military portal recently published an article baselessly claiming that the virus is a biochemical weapon produced by the U.S. to target China.
    — Senator Marco Rubio
  • News organizations and health officials have been referring to the virus as the Wuhan virus but last month, after some pressure (probably a joint effort of Chinese communists and Democrats), WHO renamed the illness COVID-19 in an effort to destigmatize a specific location or group of people.

Now isn’t that last bit just special? Place names have traditionally often been used to identify viruses. Ever hear of Ebola? (After the Ebola river in Africa.) How about Rocky Mountain Fever, West Nile virus, Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever (Marburg, Germany) or the Spanish flu? Yet the Democrats and their spiritual and political allies, the Chinese Communist Party, would have you believe that calling the virus from Wuhan the “Wuhan virus” is stigmatizing, xenophobic and racist. Oh puhleeeese.

The Chinese officials and official government pronouncements noted above are whom the Democrats and their media bootlickers have aligned themselves with. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever forget that the Chinese communists threatened to murder American citizens by cutting off exports of the drugs they depend on. This is the government the Democrats and their lamesteam media partners align themselves with.

Read more here — Inside China’s high-stakes campaign to smear the United States over coronavirus
here –  Conservative lawmakers, commentators labeled ‘racist’ for calling COVID-19 ‘Chinese’ or ‘Wuhan’ virus
and here — Gordon G. Chang

A manufactured virus? (revisited) Anyone who posits that the Wuhan virus could have been manufactured is immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist nut and derided or condemned. Yet it very well may have been manufactured and escaped from the BSL-4 laboratory in Wuhan. BSL-4 stands for Biosafety level 4, the highest level of biocontainment precautions required to isolate dangerous biological agents. See Biosafety level, Wikipedia.

Two Chinese scientists in a pre-print version of their research paper concluded that “In summary, somebody was entangled with the evolution of 2019-nCoV coronavirus. In addition to origins of natural recombination and intermediate host, the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

That pre-print version has been deleted from the internet, probably by the Chinese communist government, but you can download it here if you join SCRIBD.COM —
Origins of the 2019-NCoV

Further reading —
Chinese Scientists Conclude Coronavirus Probably Originated from a Laboratory in Wuhan
Coronavirus may have leaked from a lab

I am a huge fan of Formula 1 racing and this year purchased the F1TV streaming package. I am also a fan of the San Francisco Giants. This week I learned that this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled and the MLB has cancelled spring training, pre-season games and will probably push back the regular season.

Now I am really p*ssed at those cowardly, corrupt, inept Chinese communists! Instead of taking immediate and decisive action to contain the Wuhan virus they spent their energy covering it up and launching an idiotic world wide propaganda effort.

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9 Responses to Democrats and Chinese Communists Join Forces Politicizing the Wuhan Virus Pandemic

  1. J Soden says:

    Wuhan virus
    Wuhan virus
    Wuhan virus
    Guess that makes me a racist in the eyes of China and the Lunatic Left.
    Know what? They can all Pound Sand! Not gonna lose one iota of sleep over their BS!

  2. Peggy says:

    I think the current pandemic should be identified the same as the Obama-era one. It should be named the Wuhan Flu, which is aligned with the Swine Flu. The word virus should not be used, since it sounds more harmful and threatening. The word flu is so much more commonplace, like the common cold. Millions get colds and flus every year and live, but a virus is a life-threatening death sentence.

  3. cherokee jack says:

    From what I’ve seen, there are relatively few deaths among Wuhan Flu victims.
    But, if we’re all quarantined with our families, how many deaths can we expect from hand-to-hand combat in the home? Some fatalities from guns; but probably a lot of strangulations, knifings with kitchenware, blunt instruments, etc. Especially among those families that didn’t get to Costco in time to stock up on TP.
    If it’s any consolation, NASA says there’s a meteor headed this way, and it’s big enough to destroy the earth.
    And you were worried about climate change.

  4. J Soden says:

    Y’know if the toilet paper shortage gets much worse, I’m gonna have to consider subscribing to the New York Times . . . . . . . . . .

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