We Were Warned – by Paul Harvey

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  1. Peggy says:

    Good read and question from VDH.

    Victor Davis Hanson: After coronavirus — will America be a roaring giant or crying baby?:


  2. Peggy says:


    It’s nice to know that Cuomo and his fellow leftists don’t support a monarchy. I think it was about 15 minutes ago that they demanded that the President nationalize various companies, institute a nationwide shelter-in-place order, spend trillions of dollars nationalizing the state governments’ debt, appoint a high-ranking general in charge of all supply decisions, etc., etc.

    Indeed, it is President Trump who has been careful and prudential in his exercise of federal authority, for which these same fools relentlessly attacked him, and who abandoned the Constitution long ago.

  3. J Soden says:

    Interesting article. One hopes that the governors of CA, NY, NV, NC, MI, KY read it.

  4. Peggy says:

    Copied from a friend’s page:

    I’m not posting this for debate. I don’t need any comments. Unfriend me if you must. Just please consider this…when you think the President is a jerk…

    The bottom line has been that Trump IS a jerk. He’s crude, he bloviates, he gets his feelings hurt and he’s a hot head. And he should stay off Twitter.
    Let me tell you what else he is. He is a guy that demands performance. He is a guy that asks lots of questions. The questions he asks aren’t cloaked in fancy phrases, they are “why the hell….” questions.

    For decades the health industry has thrown away billions of face masks after one use. Trump asks, “Why the hell are we throwing them away? Why not sterilize them and use them numerous times?” He’s the guy that gets hospital ships readied in one week, when it would have taken a bureaucrat weeks or months to get it done. He’s the guy that gets temporary hospitals built in three days. He’s the guy that gets industries to build ventilators and face masks in a business that’s highly regulated by agencies that move like sloths.

    He’s the guy that asks why we aren’t using drugs that might work on people that are dying; what the hell do we have to lose? In spite of all the naysayers. He’s the guy that shut down travel from China, when the liberals and the media were screaming xenophobia and racist. Now they are asking why didn’t he react sooner? He’s the guy that ran on securing the border in the face of a screaming press and media. When he shut down borders in the midst of the coronavirus virus they were up in arms over such a draconian move. Then the rest of the world followed suit all over, including the European Union between member countries.

    Has he made mistakes, yep. Everyone I know would have. All of these experts wouldn’t have done any better. Trump is working harder than I’ve ever seen a President work. He isn’t hiding in his office, he’s out front every day.

    Take for instance, all the shortages of PPE’s and ventilators. I’m unaware of anything that prevented all of these governors from ordering all the PPE and ventilators for emergency purposes over the last two years. And yet, it is Trump’s fault that they didn’t.

    He’s balanced his approach and listened to the experts, when his distractors said he wouldn’t and couldn’t. When he offers hope, he’s lying and when he’s straight forward, he should be hopeful. It’s a no win, but he is not deterred by all of that BS coming from the press and the liberals.

    I’ll take this kind of leadership over a nice guy that can make eloquent speeches.

    He is my President!!

  5. RHT447 says:

    So, Fearless Reader endorsed Slow Joe. Good luck with that.

    Follow this link, then click on the link there for comments on Twitter.


  6. Peggy says:


    “Eight percent of WHO’s budget in 2018 went to travel expenses, while just 4% went to medical supplies and materials, the report shows.

    The Associated Press reported in 2017 that WHO “routinely has spent about $200 million a year on travel expenses, more than what it doles out to fight some of the biggest problems in public health, including AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.”


  7. RHT447 says:

    CNN headline–

    “China’s navy is controlling coronavirus and aircraft carrier’s deployment proves it, report says”

    Ummm, OK. I guess this is one way clean out that virus–


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