What is Peaceful May also be Against the Law

By Jack

IDIOT:  Anybody who goes to a protest to some extent accepts that an arrest could be an inevitable occurrence. But there’s not a bone in my body that thought I would be getting arrested when I went to Atlanta’s City Hall on Monday to peacefully protest.

POLICE:  What do you mean by peacefully protesting?  Because failure to disperse after being declared an unlawful assembly, failure to heed a police do not cross line, running through a police roadblock, interfering or obstructing an officer in the performance of his or her duty, these are all arrestable offenses.   You can claim you were protesting peacefully, but that really doesn’t matter if you are also breaking the law.

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One Response to What is Peaceful May also be Against the Law

  1. Harold says:

    If you want to protest peacefully, I can support your right to do so, as long as you don’t disrupt normal daily activity. Me I try to make change at the ballot box or opinion pieces.
    There is a negative to public protests however, other than the disruption factor, protesters provide a cover for looting, and a underground political movement feeding said looting, which is highlighted by the their alphabet media, but is sadly under-reported as to why the need to loot, other that it must have started because of certain actions.
    What is even more disturbing to me is looting is enticing the very people to do so, that the protesters are trying to bring change to their very lives.

    Once the looting starts, I lose the any respect for protesters, they need to stop, because now the protest itself it has become a breeding ground for crime. Not only does it provide cover for the criminals, it spawns the evil intent of looters itself.

    Do you really think the looters give two cents about what actually happened to Mr. Floyd, or the reasons behind it, the question is rhetorical, the answer is clearly no!

    Here’s a question, how many welfare buildings were attacked, it appears the looters/criminals are not going to disrupt their own lives.

    So they destroy commerce in their area under the guise as protesting, and impact the very people struggling to make a living and better themselves, but it is all good for the looters with the possibility of more free stuff, at some merchant’s expense.

    Then the future of their community becomes another issue, why would any business reinvest in an area where they possibly could lose it all, again. So now the people residing there have to travel, just for daily staples. Sort of really impacts the less mobile elderly or those just barely making, it who used to depend on local businesses, who were just trying to make a better life for themselves as well.

    But that doesn’t bother the looters (paid or drafted), while they enjoy their gains (TV’s, Shoes, Drugs) of looting, as well as the gusto of destruction, caring less about the effects and new burdens they create, and all the time reducing the chances of someone meaningful rising above the very conditions looters have added too.

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