by Jack

Care homes and rehab hospitals are mandated by the State of California to provide infection control methods which translates to isolation wards in every rehab and care facility in the state.   Obviously, this is to keep their regular patient census safe from the dreaded and deadly COVIDs-19.   The protocols for quarantine are written out in great detail are they very stringent!  If followed they would provide excellent patient protection.  There is only minor problem, not any of these facilities have enough PPE (personal protection equipment) to comply with the state mandates.

In Chico this means that nurses will gown up before entering a quarantine contamination area and when they exit, they will hang their PPE outside the patient’s room…uh, for the next nurse to use?  That’s right, in other words its mainly for show.  They can’t provide new gear every time a nurse walks into an infected patient’s room.

Should a COVID’s patient actually be placed in one of these care facilities the virus will spread like a wildfire, if it as easily transmitted as advertised.   The nurses will be exposed first, then they will carry the virus to every patient in their ward.   Sounds pretty bad, but that depends on bad the COVID’s virus really is, does any know?   So far there have been no mass outbreaks in these fake quarantine (unprotected) facilities with all their at risk elderly and those others with underlying health issues.

Well, this is exactly what happens when the State mandates something that can’t be done.  Sure, it looked great on paper, but in practice, it can’t work.  There seems to be a huge disconnect between the powers at the highest level of government and those working at street level.  This is not exactly new is it?

You might wonder, is anybody in hospital management screaming about this huge flaw in their quarantine system?  Nope.  Not that I am aware of; its business as usual, except these places are operating on the down low, putting on a little show for the public and for the health department that should be doing inspections to make sure they are in compliance.

The county health department would prefer not to know about this, because what can they do?  They can’t supply the PPE gear to every place that is required to have it, they don’t have the money and the inventory is woefully short even if they did have the ability to pay for it.  So the COVIDs dance continues and everyone is hoping they won’t get caught when the music stops.


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