The Great Awakening

by Jack

Did you hear about the arrest of the guy who orchestrated the attack on the statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington DC?   He is a prime example of today’s violent anti-American protestor.  He had ties right back to the ANTIFA lunatics.  He was self radicalized and he is one of many thousands that represent a clear danger to America, the Constitution and even to your family.

People like him exist for one reason only and I want you to think about it.   Who gave them permission to do what they do?  Who gave them the authority to trample on the law and the God given rights of good citizens?   In a way, we did.  We did because we took no action to stop them.  We let the vocal minority take over city after city.  We let them spew their poison because they dangerous, highly organized and intimidating.

The leftist’ answer was to seek appeasement, defund the police and all well be better.  That was a lie and it will not get better.  History tells us that dictators will always rise up when there is an opening, an absence of moral resistance, when there is divided leadership or when there is fear among the people to stand up for what is right.

I ask you, what would today look like if the huge angry mob had come out in Minneapolis to defend stores against the thugs, arsonists and looters?   Those rioters had no moral or legal authority to run wild, so why oh why did we let them?   Our inaction only made matters worse.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out to defend  the historic statues that were being torn down by the evil mob determined to erase history.   History is not evil, history is not racist, it is just history and we learn from it.  There is a greater danger when we fail to learn from history; When we cave to the demands of those that would rewrite our history to something of their liking.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out in Seattle and said no, you will not take over this police station and you will not foment insurrection!  But, there was a void in leadership and lives were lost.  The damage was enormous and the scars of division run deep.  Once again those that did this evil… escaped justice.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out and said NO to the haters and race baiters trying to convince America that all the men and women in law enforcement are systemic racists, that white people or capitalism [is] the problem and that we must all bow down before the alter of political correctness?

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out and said no we are not going to play the so-called black national anthem before sporting events.  We are not going to sit by while athletes take a knee during America’s National Anthem.   We will not be told to shut up. Yes, its okay to say “all lives matters!” They do.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out and said no we’re not going to change the name of Rhode Island the Providence Plantation.  We’re not going to boycott Aunt Jemima pancake mix or Uncle Ben’s rice.  These are not racists things.  And we’re not going to stop using Ladies and Gentlemen for something gender neutral…  90% of America says get over yourself.

What would today look like if the huge angry mob came out every time the other mob to attack lawful MAGA supporters, burn the American flag and destroy public property?

Well, stick around folks, because the push back is coming.  The huge, angry mob is preparing.  They are in every city facing the threat of identity politics and the turmoil it creates.   This is a righteous anger and its welling up against evil people and their foolish, misguided followers.  This is the beginning of change and the restoration of justice.  This is the feeling coming from the overwhelming majority of Americans.

When the citizen-patriots come out in force and the thugs suffer their first loss, the next time the rout will get even easier.  Eventually, when they have been spanked into submission, then and only then will the radicals learn who truly runs this country and it’s not them!

This will be the great awakening and I can’t wait.

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