Facts About Covids-19

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  1. Chris says:

    Dear God…

    Republican congressional candidate Steve House held a virtual campaign event Tuesday with a doctor who has spread conspiracy theories about coronavirus…

    I do not believe that the general public should be wearing masks,” Victory said during the event, contradicting state and federal public health officials.

    On her Twitter account, Victory has said the mortality rate from COVID-19 is “on par with the flu,” although health experts say it is several times deadlier. She shared a tweet saying “all the (coronavirus) numbers are fake” and claimed Saturday that no Coloradans have been intubated due to coronavirus, which is false.

    Victory helped spread conspiracy theories that coronavirus-related closures are a Democratic plot, coordinated in conjunction with the “deep state” and the press, to defeat President Donald Trump in November. She also alleged an over-reaction to the pandemic is a Democratic plot to steal the 2020 election via mail voting and shared a tweet accusing Democrats of stealing elections that way in 2018.

    Victory is a critic of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the nation’s leading expert on infectious disease. She shared a tweet calling for him to be criminally prosecuted and another calling him an idiot. Fauci has drawn the ire of some on the far right for supporting closures.

    On social media, Victory has aligned herself for weeks with ultra-conservatives, such as Ann Coulter, who have spread dubious information about coronavirus. Victory knows Coulter and pleaded no contest to misdemeanor disorderly conduct related to an altercation after an event with Coulter in Colorado in 2012.

    “Churches should absolutely be open! And so should everything else,” Victory wrote March 21. “Isolate and protect the small percentage of people who are truly at risk and let the masses be exposed and therefore DEVELOP IMMUNITY!”

    In an online bio, Victory says she is “a member of” Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, or NPLI, and “served for many years” on a leadership council at Harvard’s public health school. A Harvard spokeswoman says Victory went through a 10-day NPLI program about a dozen years ago and only briefly was a member of the leadership council several years ago.


    So she’s a liar and a fraud and advice like hers has already gotten people killed.

    What really gets me is the conspiracy theory that strict recommendations and economic shutdowns are somehow plots to defeat Trump. Doesn’t this ignore the fact that many countries such as Italy and South Korea had far more drastic government responses? Are Trump supporters really so self-centered that they think the responses of other countries to the worst pandemic of our lifetimes are part of a plot against our president?

    Her claim that the mortality rate is on par with the flu is equally ridiculous.

    What was I just saying about reliable sources?

  2. Chris says:

    Speaking of fake news…

    “Conservative sites like Newsmax and Washington Examiner have published Middle East hot takes from “experts” who are actually fake personas pushing propaganda.”


    It would be easier to take seriously the right’s claims of “fake news” in the MSM if right-wing media had any standards at all.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Re:”It would be easier to take seriously the right’s claims of “fake news” in the MSM if right-wing media had any standards at all.”

      You mean standards like CNN, MSNBC. NYT, WaPo and the rest of the vile, lying left-wing propagandist Rat scum like you, Souza?

  3. Joe says:

    Well, I bet this video doesn’t last much longer on youtube. Heard they are pulling anything that goes against the establishment Covid narrative. But no problem. Someone will probably put it up on bitchute and it won’t get pulled there.

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