by Jack

For some of us older folks who can still remember, today’s news is like reading the headlines from the pages of Vietnamese newspapers, circa 1968.  The names of violent places like Saigon, Da Nang,  Nha Trang have been replaced with new names like Cincinnati, Detroit, New York and Chicago and they are every bit as violent. 

Look at this America, look at today’s healdlines and be aware of what the leftists and BLM have done:

18 shot, with 4 dead, across Cincinnati

At least 18 people were shot, including four killed, as gunfire erupted in several places around the city overnight, authorities said Sunday.

Officers responded just after 12:30 a.m. Sunday to the Avondale neighborhood and found 21-year-old Antonio Blair with gunshot wounds, police said in a statement. He was taken to University Hospital and died there, they said. Three other gunshot victims were also taken to the hospital.

At about 2:15 a.m., officers responded to a report of gunfire in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood where 10 people were shot. . .

Mayor John Cranley called it “senseless gun violence that ruined lives. . . (ya think so Mayor?  You’re as sharp as a rubber ball.)  He goes on to say, “Guns are far too prevalent at these gatherings. Please do not attend gatherings because you could end up as an innocent victim.”

Now the version of what the Mayor was too cowardly to say, “People, all the gun laws in the world will not stop this senseless gun violence.  We (the liberals, leftists and democrat-socialists)  must face the facts and realize it was our own failed policies, often racist policies, it was our own lack of support for police and it was way too many irresponsible (armed) black thugs that has resulted in this human carnage!  We are all guilty as sin, from the killers on the street right up to the Governor Office, we caused this mess!  We now owe it to future generations to reverse this insanity and do it immediately.  We caused it and only we can fix it.”  

What do you think, is that too much honesty, too much truth?


Next headline from New York City:   Three dozen hit by gunfire, man beaten to death, at start of weekend as NYPD tries to tamp down uptick in violence.


And the next from Chicago:  2 Dead, at Least 16 Wounded in Chicago Shootings So Far This Weekend


Updated headline, midnight 8/16/20:

4 Dead, at Least 40 Wounded in Chicago Shootings So Far This Weekend

Just another normal weekend in Chicago….



For more information read the story about Portland DA, a young, liberal idiot with no life experience that took it upon himself to not file charges against rioters arrested for attacking a federal court house.  Now these criminals are back out on the street and embolden to do even worse.  I sure hope the DA gets tossed out.  end



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  1. RHT447 says:

    Anybody here care to be a poll worker at any of these places?

  2. Post Scripts says:

    I both visited at times and also worked for a time in Chicago, but then I was a bit more prepared than your average guy. I had a police radio and I carried a handgun wherever I went…plus I was very well trained when, where and how to use it. Part of my beat was around Kaminski Park, South side Chicago…yeah, the infamous South side, it was really dangerous even back them. Kaminski Park was built to replace the old White Sox Ball Park, remember that one?

    Baseball [was] one of the great things about Chicago. I wouldn’t risk the drive to the park these days.

  3. J. Soden says:

    Funny how the biggest destruction is all in Demwit-run cities. Anyone else see a pattern here?

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