Kyle Rittenhouse: 100% Self Defense

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Kyle Rittenhouse clearly acted in self-defense shooting the violent rioting attackers who were intent on killing him or causing severe bodily harm yet Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley charges him with homicide and gives the rioters and the people who assaulted him a pass.

Graveley has a history of prosecuting self-defense cases. Here is one in particular —

“Randall P. Volar was a resident of Kenosha County when he used a website, later confiscated by the FBI, to target and traffic numerous young black women before 2018.   In early 2018, he was arrested, charged, and released on bail for the trafficking of these young black girls (as young as 12).  In June 2018, after meeting one of his victims at his house, he allegedly attempted to rape her at which point Chrystul Kizer shot Volar, lit his house on fire, and fled the scene.

“Kizer was arrested and charged with Volar’s murder and her bail was set at one million dollars.  After nearly two years in jail, Kizer was released on a reduced bail of $400,000 which was raised from various trafficking victims and criminal justice reform organizations from around the country.  While it is noted that Kizer’s trial has not publicly presented the details of the strength of the prosecution’s case, several legal groups from around the country sent letters of condemnation to DA Graveley, calling out his unprofessional and unnecessary actions with the Kizer case.

The National Lawyers Guild Chapter at Harvard sent Graveley a blistering rebuke of his handling of the Kizer case.

“Your actions to date in the Chrystul Kizer case stand in grave breach of these professional responsibilities. Chrystul was a 17-year-old girl when she killed the 34-year-old man who had been raping and physically abusing her. She deserves empathy and support for the horrible abuse she suffered at the hands of a grown man, not criminalization. “Sound discretion” and “justice” in this case would clearly look like dropping the charges so she can move on with her life and recovery. You have a duty to improve and seek reform for the prosecutor’s office, not to go to extreme lengths to prosecute cases that do not belong in the courthouse to begin with. Your insistence on prosecuting the case against the plan language meaning of the safe harbor law is bizarre and negligent. It seems to come from a place of racist fear of Chrystul, a young Black woman, and should have no place in the administration of the prosecutorial power.”

(Above excerpts from The Kenosha County DA Has a History of Prosecuting Self-Defense Cases)


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18 Responses to Kyle Rittenhouse: 100% Self Defense

  1. RHT447 says:

    Wish I could post images. There is a meme out there showing a football referee announcing the penalty to the crowd. At the top, Kyle Rittenhouse’s self defense is compared to the dirt bags who attacked him. At the bottom is the quote from the ref–

    “Penalties offset. First Down!”.

  2. Joe says:

    You know the difference between Kyle Rittenhouse and Jacob Blake?

    Kyle’s gonna walk.

  3. Joe says:

    They try to fire bomb the police and put themselves on fire…then the police have to put the fire out for them…what dolts.

  4. Joe says:

    What would you do if the Antifans/BLMers were doing this where you lived?

    Do you think this will never come to your neighborhood?

  5. Joe says:

    Do these BLM thugs think this will win people over?

    And if you think this won’t eventually come to your city you are clueless.

  6. Joe says:

    I tell you, Mayor Daley wouldn’t tolerate this. It’s long past time the cops start busting skulls. And carry out Mayor Daley’s orders — shoot to kill the arsonists and shoot to maim the rest of the non-peaceful protestors.

    • Post Scripts says:

      That was a fairly universal opinion at the time. Arson is a deadly felony, lives are at risk and persons attempting to commit arson should be stopped… even it become necessary to use deadly force.

      • Post Scripts says:

        As far as I know the US law and CA law still says California law allows use of force in self-defense or defense of others when you reasonably believe that you or they are in imminent danger of physical harm, and that force is necessary to stop the danger. However, you may only use the degree of force reasonably necessary under the circumstances.

        Self-defense serves as a legal defense to many criminal offenses, including: Murder, under Penal Code 187 PC,
        domestic battery, under Penal Code 243e1 PC, and assault, under Penal Code 240 PC.

        Examples might be killing a man with a gun to prevent a rape, kicking a burglar or pushing an attacker down a staircase.

        A person can use self-defense as a legal defense when he or she defends: Him or herself, another person, or his or her property. if you have a reasonable fear (tested by using the prudent man rule).

        More recently, CA recently passed legislation that says a police officer must have exhausted all other options before resorting to deadly force. The new law also said you can’t create your own jeopardy, like jumping in front of a getaway car and then shooting the driver claiming self defense.

  7. Post Scripts says:

    Joe, you know this is only going to get worse. The Mayor and the council of Portland should be charged with reckless endangerment for allowing 100 days of riots and refusing to use the force necessary to stop it. The idiot DA also shares some of the blame for failure to prosecute those arrest for violent crimes committed while rioting. Everyone with half a brain could see these rioters were going to push it as long as they could. This is not protesting, this anarchy.

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