Trump Leads the Resistance to the Left’s Cultural War on America

Posted by Pie Guevara

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I missed this important speech on Thursday. Many thanks to Peggy for providing a link in the comments section. It is well worth the twenty odd minutes of  your time to watch and listen.

Let there be no doubt, the left is at war. That war has, inevitably, turned from a protracted,  systemic program of child abuse in K-12 and higher by indoctrinating ideologues posing as educators to violence in the streets. It won’t get any better until the adults say enough is enough.

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  1. cherokee jack says:

    Pie, if you think the left is waging war now, wait until the selection of a replacement for RBG starts. The West Coast fires will be a minor distraction in comparison.

    • Post Scripts says:

      California, like so many other blue states, has heavily taxed their citizens without fair representation. They have overregulated business and constrained interstate commerce. They have limited personal freedoms to numerous to mention and by all account they, (gov) rule not serve, the people and they do so with extreme dictatorial methods under the pretext of a health emergency. And they have done these terrible offenses with arrogance and disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

      This is what happens when a bloated socialist government takes over and the bureaucrats no longer fear pushback from the people because they believe they have been beaten into submission. Our founders knew this day would come and they made provisions for it. “The tree of liberty must periodically be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike.” Thomas Jefferson. ‘For having erected a legislative with an intent that [the people] should exercise the power of making laws, […] when they are hindered by any force from what is so necessary to the society, and wherein the safety and preservation of the people consists, the people have a right to remove it by force. In all states and conditions the true remedy of force without authority is to oppose force to it.’ John Locke The Magna Carta, Article 61, lawful rebellion. “The public place trust in our politicians is a matter of contract law requiring them to perform this duty. To preserve our spiritual and civil rights and properties, a legal duty to protect the constitution.”

      We are coming very close to revolution in America and I hope we can avoid it, but at the current time it looks almost inevitable, the nation has never been more divided. On one side are those who still believe in the rule of law. This is the old guard. They believe in our republic and its system of checks and balances and limited government. They believe in capitalism, patriotism and in the US Constitution.

      On the other side are those who mock patriotism and label everyone with a love of country as a misguided fool or racist bigot. They believe the Constitution is a worthless obstruction because they believe the lies that say it was created by bigots to support slavery, see the the 1719 movement. They believe might makes right, as in populism where pure, unbridled democracy can disenfranchise 49% of the voters. They believe in wealth shifting, not wealth creating. They want to steal from those who earned it and give to those that haven’t. They want to destroy and then reinvent history in order to turn America into a socialist state. And to accomplish their mission they want to disarm the people who oppose them and indoctrinate their children.

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