by Jack

CONCOW — The Butte County Sheriff’s Office has issued an immediate evacuation order for the areas of Pulga, Concow, Big Bend, and Yankee Hill due to fire. The order comes after  Cal Fire-Butte County said tonight that a flare-up in the Bucks Lake area of the North Complex Fire was a concern to them.

Winds tonight in that area were expected to have gusts up to 35 MPH.

Stirling City, Magalia, and Paradise are under an evacuation warning for the entire Town of Paradise.  Town officials are asking residents to prepare for possible evacuation by gathering personal belongings that will fit in your vehicle, make arrangements for pets and animals.  Residents should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.

Please be aware that many intersections are dark, the stoplights are out due to the PSPS.  Please pay attention to the stop signs and treat dark intersections as a 4 way stop.  If you feel you need to evacuate, please do so.  If you feel unsafe, please take action, do not wait for a formal evacuation order.

Residents are advised to use extreme caution, drive safely and follow the directions of all public safety and public agency personnel and representatives.

That was the official statement, now here’s my unofficial one:

I’m thinking right now, its a good thing we haven’t defunded the police or harassed them to the point of quitting their jobs.  Because right now things don’t look so good for a lot of folks just east of us, above Paradise.

I stood outside my home today around 4 pm and watched with dred as the blue sky quickly filled with reddish brown clouds like Hell was coming.  This dirty red/brown smoke rolled over the town in less than 10 minutes and blotted out the sun.

I can only imagine what is happening up the road from us, the chaos, the homes and barns burning, people making a mad dash to escape a wall of 60′ high flames.  Those who wait too long to leave will soon be danger close to the fire.  That could result in their vehicles not starting, there won’t be enough oxygen in the air.  If that happens there is no way to outrun a wild fire on foot.  You have to head for ditches, culverts, swimming pools, whatever you can and pray.    We saw that happen in Paradise the last time and here it comes again.   What a place to live.

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  1. Peggy says:

    My girlfriend in upper Magalia arrived at my house about midnight last night. She stayed with me for three months when Paradise and Magalia burned. She’ll stay with me until she feels safe to return home again. Praying she has one to return home to.

    • J. Soden says:

      Was living in Chico during the big fire a few years PRIOR to the Camp Fire. Not good. State EnviroWhackos have a LOT to answer for!!!!!

    • Post Scripts says:

      Hope your friend’s home was untouched. These latest fires were not caused by lightening. My daughter showed me a list of people caught setting fires in CA, there were about 40 pictures or mores. Looked like bums and or crazies.

  2. cherokee jack says:

    This was my letter to the ER last week. I think it may be appropriate here.

    More than 100,000 square miles (and growing) of smoke from our fires is over the Pacific Ocean. I wonder how much of that smoke came from trees that were protected from the evil loggers.
    A bit of the smoke may have been supplied by peaceful protesters.
    I’m waiting for the number crunchers to calculate the contribution to climate change caused by the smoke as opposed to automobile exhaust and cow farts.
    I’m anxious to hear how mankind (personkind?) is going to stop climate change. I was told in school (way back in the ‘40’s) that climate change has been going on forever. It has something to do with the laws of thermodynamics, or the big bang theory, or something. I forget the details.
    You could look it up. Use a book, if you have one.

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