One Poll Shows Trump Winning in 2020 – They Got it Right in 2016

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From the New York Times. . .

If President Trump pieces together an Electoral College win on Tuesday, at least one pollster — and perhaps only one — will be able to say, “I told you so.”

That person is Robert Cahaly, whose Trafalgar Group this year has released a consistent stream of battleground-state polls showing the president highly competitive against Joseph R. Biden Jr., and often out ahead, in states where most other pollsters have shown a steady Biden lead.

Trafalgar does not disclose its methods, and is considered far too shadowy by other pollsters to be taken seriously. Mostly, they dismiss it as an outlier. But for Mr. Cahaly, “I told you so” is already a calling card.

In 2016, its first time publicly releasing polls, Trafalgar was the firm whose state surveys most effectively presaged Mr. Trump’s upset win. A veteran Republican strategist, Mr. Cahaly even called the exact number of Electoral College votes that Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton would receive — 306 to 227 — although his prediction of which states would get them there was just slightly off.

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In what appears to be a blatant attempt at electioneering and, at minimum, extreme bias, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, tweeted on Saturday that President Donald Trump is going to lose the state. Shapiro also accused Trump of actively attempting voter suppression. Instead of signaling his intention to protect all of the state’s voters equally, Shapiro’s tweet made it appear that he had no intention of giving Trump supporters a fair shake.

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  1. Peggy says:

    Mr. Cahaly also said Trump needed to win Pennsylvania by 4-5% to overcome the voter fraud that will take place and already is. It can not be constitutional for judges to rewrite the state’s election laws by acting in the place of state legislators.

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