Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, Meth, Legalized in Oregon

Posted by Jack

SALEM, Ore. - Oregon will become the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs, including heroin and cocaine.

Voters on Tuesday passed Measure 110, which also expands addiction services using the state’s marijuana tax revenue.

“I think Oregonians made it clear that they support a more humane, effective approach to drug addiction,” Anthony Johnson, one of the measure’s chief petitioners, said Tuesday night. ”We took a huge step for funding more treatment and recovery services, and for ending racist drug war policies.”

Proponents said drug addiction is currently treated as a crime, not as a health disorder. With the removal of punishments for nonviolent drug offenses and better access to recovery services, they maintain individuals would have a better chance of getting their lives back on track.

Take away jail time and what’s left to motivate an addict into rehab?  Nothing!  That’s huge flaw in Oregon’s new ultra-liberal drug policy, isn’t it?

Do some fact-checking if you must, but an addict cares more about feeding their addiction than their money, their health, or even their family.   They will lie, cheat and steal to feed their addiction.  It’s been medically proven over and over, they can’t stop and they will do whatever it takes to maintain their habit. It’s only when addicts hit rock bottom and they are determined to change that rehab has the best chance of working .Forced intervention can stop them and clean up their thinking for at least the time they are in custody.  If they have drug rehab as an option to prison addicts will always take rehab, because it’s so much easier.   They are not really motivated to get clean.   And staying clean once they have completed the program is really hard because it’s up to them, thus drug rehab rarely works unless the addict is ready.  The failure rate for heroin addicts is not good at all, it’s about 98% failure.

A drug rehab program runs from about $40,000 up to over $100,000.    The shorter, cheaper rehab programs produce the worst results.

Prediction:  The Oregon experiment will spend a lot of money, cause many more problems than it solves, and finally it will end in total and complete failure, a very expensive and complete failure I might ad.   And the politicians will blame it on something other than a hopelessly flawed concept from the very start… like always.

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4 Responses to Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, Meth, Legalized in Oregon

  1. J. Soden says:

    Like marijuana, those drugs still remain ILLEGAL under Federal Law. The idea that they should be legal to “treat addiction” is ludicrous!

  2. Peggy says:

    Off topic. Recommended by Levin and posted on his Parler page. A must read by everyone.

    Horowitz: How Republican-controlled state legislatures can rectify election fraud committed by courts and governors:

    By the proper power our Constitution gives them


  3. Pie Guevara says:

    This could be good news. California junkies may move there. Meth-heads alone leaving this state for Oregon would be a huge improvement.

    Pie Guevara is an unregistered trademark of David Walton. So there!

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