104 Year Old Beat COVIDs

MSNBC – “The 104-year-old’s birthday surprises continued throughout the week. On Saturday, McDonald shared on Facebook that family, friends, neighbors and others in the community participated in a drive-by parade to celebrate.

Wooten is seen in the videos sitting in a chair near an open window of the house waving as the cars passed by. McDonald said about 50 cars and neighbors participated.

“Besides beating COVID and being released from the hospital; today was another highlight of his week!” she posted on Facebook. “I speak for our whole family and friends when I say words can not describe the honor it is to know this man. To be his granddaughter is one of my biggest blessings in life.”

Despite the rise in COVIDs cases, the mortality rates remain unchanged.  Currently, you have a 98.6% of survival if you contract COVIDs.  This is base on current CDC statistics. 

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