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Milka chocolates

Cost Plus World Market, watch out: Who knew the 99 cent store carried so many international delights? Not only does Toblerone, that triangular marvel of Swiss chocolate, honey and almond nougat, have a home on the store’s shelves, Milka chocolates also have appeared.

Made in Germany, Milka chocolates are not overly sweet and fairly soft to the teeth. They taste creamy and feel light in the mouth. Indeed, it is possible to “Delight in Milka – the tender, chocolaty pleasure of Alpine Milk.” (If that tagline doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.)

I tried both chocolate cream and hazelnut flavors, and both were delicious. The hazelnut bar didn’t have huge chunks of nut, but rather flecks that added a pleasant crunch. Rather than the gooey, heavy centers I have come to expect with chocolate that have creams inside, Milka’s chocolate creams were fairly airy and the “cream” melts away on the tip of your tongue.

And yes, the package may say, “Best when used by 12-20-2011” but chocolate bars are nigh indestructible.

If you want to try them, it’s best to stop by soon at the 99 Cent store at 2560 Notre Dame Boulevard, Chico. A cashier told me they don’t have them in stock very often and they are fast disappearing.

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