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#nbcfail: Complaints about NBC’s Olympics coverage reach new heights

During the Calgary Winter Games in 1988, I remember the announcer for ABC (I want to say Jim McKay) explaining to the audience watching at home how, even though the event was live, there could be brief seconds of delay … Continue reading

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Tech failures: FLO’s mobile TV doesn’t go far in Chico

I haven’t been convinced that mobile television will catch on in the United States, but the tech demo for FLO TV doesn’t help sell the service for Chicoans. Looking at the FLO display at a local discount store, one round … Continue reading

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Everybody’s talking about … ‘Supertrain’?

In what is probably one of the year’s biggest headscratchers, I’ve noticed a number of bloggers writing about the failed 1970s NBC TV series called “Supertrain.” Haven’t heard of this “Love Boat” on rails? Neither did I, until I stumbled … Continue reading

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