Invasion Update

Posted by Tina

There’s a lot going on with the collected invaders at the border in Tijuana. There’s also news that the politics driving policy is shifting:

Some 350 of those who joined the “caravan” have become disillusioned and are headed home: “They tricked us; our dreams have gone to hell.”

Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras will sign an agreement designed to address issues of migration, poverty and violence: “Future foreign affairs secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Tuesday that to contain migration flows originating in Central America, an effort on the scale of the Marshall Plan – which rebuilt Western Europe after World War II ­- would be needed. … The president-elect proposed that Mexico, the United States and each Central American nation contribute resources according to the size of its economy and that 75% of the collective funds be allocated to finance projects that create jobs and combat poverty, while the other 25% would go to border control and security.”

This article also contained a more extensive quote than the one cited in the above disillusionment story: “”[Migrant advocacy group] Pueblos Sin Fronteras told us not to worry, that there was going to be transportation, that Mexico was going to open the gates so that we didn’t have to enter [the U.S.] illegally, via the river . . .” Honduran migrant Ulises López said, referring to the attempted border breach Sunday. … “What was offered to the caravan of Honduran migrants was a trap . . . The people that brought us to this place, supposedly [caravan] leaders, took advantage of us, they used us in a horrific way, what they did to us has no name,” he added.

The Mayor of Tijuana is fed up at the $26,000 a day price tag and want to hild organizers accountable: “Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum told Fox News, “This person who says he is from Pueblo Sin Fronteras… Let’s take care of him, in a legal way,” Gastelum said. “Those are really criminals because they’re dealing with lives, they’re dealing with people… It’s a federal crime.”

Doh! What a concept! The group/s exploit some people and cause stress and loss to others: “Besides the direct costs of housing and feeding and medically treating the caravan migrants, who number about 8,000 at this point, Mexican businesses in Tijuana lost more than a million dollars in business after caravan migrants hurled rocks and stormed the Tijuana entry into the U.S. Sunday, forcing the shutdown of the U.S.-Mexico border for several hours. (On the U.S. side, the loss was about $4 million). So everyone who follows laws and plays by the rules loses when the caravan comes to town.”

The Mayor has a point. Both the NYT and Breitbart reported on group/s agitating for caravan members to charge the border: “The group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is calling for all migrants to gather on Saturday morning at one of the shelters and then to make their way to the U.S. border, where they will demand it be opened for everyone or they will “shut it down.” In addition to posting the information on their website, BAMN members have taken to social media encouraging other protesters and members of the migrant caravan.”

Mexico’s new president vows to bring transformation to the country: “”The government will no longer be a committee at the service of a rapacious minority,” said the new president, who is often nicknamed AMLO. Nor would the government, he said, be a “simple facilitator of pillaging, as it has been.”

We wish him all the best in that proposition. It’s obvious that the people south of our border desperately need freedom, jobs, and safety. All three have been missing under leftist regimes and policies. I understand another caravan is forming…the onslaught is an organized political invasion meant to create chaos and disruption of law and order.

RIP George H. W. Bush, dead at 94.

Prayers for the people in Alaska hit by two earthquakes (7.0) and 200 aftershocks so far.

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Suing PG&E Over Fires

by Jack

PG&E is a public utility company, meaning their rates are regulated by the government. About 10 years ago they tried a free floating price on energy, but the State of California and PG&E quickly found out, that you need energy supply competition in order to make it work. Having a fixed demand then being forced to pay whatever the energy suppliers demanded not only stupid, it was a form of theft. Before this failed experiment in capitalism was over PG&E was bankrupt and I lost a bundle of my retirement money in their stock.

So, now we are about to embark on a class action lawsuit that will in theory, force this utility company to pay for the entire Camp Fire losses and those in Napa from last year. Both of these monster fires are being blamed on downed power lines. But, it’s still not entirely clear that this was truly the proximate cause of ignition. Yes, PG&E should be held responsible for gross negligence. We can agree on that, but to what degree? This is where we start to estimate the responsibilities that are involved in each incident. More on this in a moment.

The gas pipe line explosion in San Bruno is a reasonable example when you have deferred maintenance. That was a 100% preventable incident therefore the award is not reduced by any outside contributory factors. But, what about this Camp Fire power lines that allegedly failed on these big transmission towers? Should PG&E be expected to inspect every line, every connection, every spark, whenever the wind blows or if there’s a blip on the power gauge? And if they are to be 100% responsible should something go wrong, who really pays? I think you know who pays…. we do. PG&E will ask for rate increases to the PUC whenever overhead costs, especially costs driven by safety concerns or lawsuits, make it necessary to do so. If they didn’t get some relief via a rate increase they would be out of business by tomorrow. Then where do you get your power and natural gas?

There is a Latin saying, “Vernum anim” As in, “but for…” a long, dry, draught there would have been no fire from a downed line. But for…. high winds placing excessive stress on a couple there would have been no downed line. But for….the need to keep electrical rates down there was not enough inspectors to insure couplers would not wear out before they failed.

Does PG&E have a reasonable safety record and does it compare well with other state’s utilities? I believe it does. All utility companies will have downed lines for a myriad of reasons, but mostly it’s the weather. What happens next depends on what those lines fall on. In California, if a rural power line falls onto dry brush a fire is almost inevitable. Was this a 100% foreseeable event? No, of course not.

PG&E does its best to control transmission lines, but they can’t control the weather. And it appears we the public don’t like it when they turn off the power whenever winds gust. So they do whatever anyone else would do in the same situation, they do the best they can and they try to compensate people for any loss should an accident happen. But, who pays when a town burns? Were there any other factors that were beyond the control of PG&E that resulted in the fire spreading quickly? Absolutely and fingers can be pointed at many people now and they probably will be too. But, the really deep pockets are found at PG&E and as I write you know there are lawyers piling on sue them. That part is a shame and it’s going to cost all of us (except for the lawyers).

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Hockey Puck Defense

Posted by Tina

Students in a Michigan college have been given hockey pucks for self defense in case of a campus shooter and, “as a reminder that you’re not powerless and you’re not helpless in the classroom.”

Not a bad idea but in an age when a kindergartner can be sent home for making his fingers into a gun as he plays, I wonder at the contorted mind that found justification for promoting this potential weapon. The school does have a no-weapons policy:

No person shall possess a pistol or any other firearm, dangerous weapon, weapon, explosive or incendiary device on the campus provided…


In 1997, junior league player Graham Christie died from a hit to the chest by a hockey puck.

In 2002 a fifteen year old girl died from injuries she received when she was struck by a hockey puck at a hockey game.

In 2005, Jaxon Logan, a hockey player at Brigham Young University, was struck in the chest by a hockey puck. Logan collapsed moments later…cardiac arrest.

In 2011 a sixteen year old hockey player was killed in a game when a flying puck struck him in the neck.

So, should a hockey puck be considered a weapon, or not?

Is this a good idea for self defense on school campuses?

Is the well meaning policy in conflict with the anti-gun crowd who seem to detest the idea of self defense?

I’m dying to know your thoughts.

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WARNING: Conmen Prepare to Fleece Fire Victims

by Jack

FRAUD ALERT: Paradise was well known as a quiet retirement town before the Camp Fire. Now it’s known to a certain criminal element as a potential bonanza, a place ripe for fraud schemes.

Why would Paradise and its former residents be at high risk now, they’ve lost everything already, right?   Not exactly.  See we have ( or soon will have)  a high concentration of citizens, many of them senior citizens, with large amounts of (fire insurance) money in need of spending to rebuild their lives.  These folks need protection urgently.  Don’t let Grandma and Grampa be swindled, like those in Katrina and other disasters.
 Just think of how many ways scammers have cheated and defrauded the elderly and the trusting, but gullible.   Now along comes this Camp Fire tragedy and an enormous number of people with cash in their pockets, desperate to get back into a home, buy a car and furniture.  This could be a formula for a second disaster if we, as a community, aren’t careful.

Based on many past examples we can be assured there will be contractor fraud, insurance fraud, loan fraud, investment fraud, internet fraud, bank fraud, and more con games then anyone is currently prepared for, perhaps even our police?

Yes folks, Paradise is going to be like a huge magnet for scammers. So you better be prepared for what is coming.
Our local police departments better be prepared too! But, police operate more as a reactive force, arriving on the scene long after the fact. Crime prevention…well, that takes a lot of effort. It takes a well informed, strong, skillful leadership and exceptionally creative leader to get ahead of the scammers.  Sadly, those things, as needed as they might be, are very rare in small town law enforcement agencies.  But, you better hope our local police chiefs and the Sheriff are up to the task. If they aren’t, we’re going to be hearing a lot of sad stories about how some Grandma and Grampa were scammed out of all their fire insurance money by some nice young man who seemed so honest and helpful.
What can we as a community possibly do to ward off a deluge of scammers? For starters, I would like to see an ombudsman program set up so that any (especially elderly) person can call for a 2nd opinion before they release any money or sign any contract.
I would also like to see free consumer safety information presented at the FEMA office, DMV, the local police departments and shelters, wherever victims may be. And this handout info should cover how to spot a fraud and the 800 numbers to call to verify a contractors license or business license or to when to simply call the police and let them check it out!
I’m sure local law enforcement could do some brainstorming and come up with lots of good ideas to protect our fire victims from being victimized again, but time is short. Those insurance payouts will be coming fast and just as fast… the conmen looking to take it.
I have not yet suggested this idea to any local police or the Sheriff’s Office, but I will try. However, you could help. There’s nothing stopping you from calling them too and see what they have planned. I only bring this subject up so you can be aware, perhaps use these ideas to protect our community or maybe even your family?
So, please feel free to call the DA offices, call the Chief of Police, call wherever and whoever you think might be able to do some good and stop scammers dead in their tracks.  And one more idea… I think it may be prudent to have a small, energetic police task force in place ASAP to share information, assist with an civilian  ombudsman program, educate our community and especially reach out to those fire victims, before it’s too late.
I sincerely wish all of our fire victims the very best.  You have been though so much, you deserve a break!  And may you all rebuild your lives [free] of those conmen looking for a quick score.
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Senator Accuses US Border Patrol – Banned Chemical Weapons

by Jack

We all should know by now, the democrats have a hate on for Trump unlike any other in our long political history, uh, President Lincoln excepted.  This blind hate has caused them to do all manner of crazy and sometimes criminal things.

To get at Trump they will lie, incite riots and engage in blatant criminal conduct. They’ve been unrelenting in an investigation that began with false information and has morphed into a sort of investigative free-for-all. They’ve repeatedly mocked and insulted Trump, his wife and his sons. They’ve even conspire with federal agencies to leak classified reports.

Now here comes more tossed mud, but this time it missed the target (Trump) and landed on the democratic party.

Democrat Sen. Brian Schatz – HI., tweeted that US military and border patrol agents may be in violation of international agreements governing the use of chemical weapons against Central American migrants who were attempting to enter the US illegally. His stupidity embarrassed and insulted the nation and it falsely maligned our border police and military, just to slander Donald Trump?

At the time his allegation went public, our Southern border was under attack – and yes, tear gas was used to repel the invaders.  So what?

The media estimated that somewhere between 500-1000 people rushed the blockade on the Mexico side, then charged our Cal border near Tijuana. They hurled rocks at our security personnel and tried to squeeze through gaps in the fence.  They pulled at a sheet metal wall, made an opening and started surging through.  The use of tear gas was a very modest use of force in response.

Schatz wasn’t the only democrat expressing what can only be fake outrage to the media. Failed dem senate candidate Beto O’Rourke from Texas and a Southern California Congressman joined in too.  Schatz later tweeted, “Using tear gas against families is a new low.” Well, I think Schatz and the other provocateurs are still lower.  

The Dems [claim] they don’t want a divided America, then they spout off  with lies likely to promote hate?  Dems, take a hint, hate is not a good conversation starter.  It is not a theme likely to unite… got it?  

To put Sen. Schatz statements into its proper context, you should know he sits on Defense Appropriations Committee. Great, huh? We’ve got a blithering idiot on a very important committee.  He has no military background and based on his tweets about the use of chemical weapons, apparently no common sense either.  Wonder why the dems would want him on that committee?  Oh, right, because that’s where the money is!  You know, plenty of graft, kickbacks, bribes and all kinds of back room deals done to get defense contracts.  This is the deep part of the swamp.   Of course that’s why Schatz is there!

But, back on point….it should go without saying, tear gas doesn’t violate any chemical-weapons treaties. (said with a chuckle)  The idea was so silly, so wrong and so foolish that Schatz had to delete his tweet.  Probably realizing (belatedly) how absurd he looked to the public.

But, was there even a need for tear gas?  Yes.  Eye witnesses and media pictures tell the story, this was a serious clash between illegal immigrants and who knows who else, trying to storm the U.S. border.   Heavy objects, such as stones, were thrown at border patrol agents.  What are they supposed to do, just stand there?  And look what the Chair of the Democratic Party had to say about it…

MSN-“The chairman of the Democratic National Committee tweeted that “seeking asylum is not a crime.” “Shooting tear gas at children is not who we are as Americans,” tweeted Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. “Seeking asylum is not a crime. We must be better than this.”  Seeking asylum is one thing, but attempting to enter the US illegally is!   Illegal entry is considered a crime until proven otherwise.

Since none of our police or military are mind readers, people rushing the border from the Mexico side must be considered a threat and to be breaking the law until we can determine their true intent.  Under such circumstances we are entitled to use reasonable force to protect our borders.

Any legislator should know that the difference between illegal entry or asking for asylum  can only be determined after being taken into custody.   The arrestees motives for illegal entry must be vetted before asylum can be granted.  That takes a lot of investigative time and taxpayer money.  Meanwhile those suspected of an illegal entry are held in custody.  They are also given the option to return home, it’s their choice.

So, lets be perfectly clear, illegal immigration is a crime under federal criminal law and it has been for a couple of hundred years, odd these legislators don’t know:  “To…. enter or attempt to enter the United States at any time or place other than designated by immigration officers; Elude examination or inspection by immigration officers; or Attempt to enter or obtain entry to the United States by willfully concealing, falsifying, or misrepresenting material facts.”  “Border jumpings” — are also criminal acts associated with illegally immigrating to the United States.

Read more at:

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Dem Handouts and Tax Proposals Won’t Work

Posted by Tina

As members of the newly acquired Democrat controlled House, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have plans to “help” lower income taxpayers:

In October, Booker proposed taxpayer-funded savings accounts that would give a federal “opportunity account” containing $1,000 to every child born in the US, Fox News reported. That presumably includes illegal immigrants. The child would not be able to touch the account until he turns 18. By that time, the US Treasury-managed accounts would collect interest that could top $46,000 per child by their 18th birthday. … Booker’s plan would cost American taxpayers about $60 billion a year, estimated.

Booker doesn’t give a rip if the recipients will actually end up better prepared for adult life. He’s looking for votes. think about it…what would the average, poor kid do at age 18 when $45K was suddenly dropped in his lap? A few would be smart with the money. They would use it to get training or otherwise invest it for their futures. But the majority would blow it on a lavish trip to Cabo with friends, drug and alcohol blow out parties, a slick new car with all the bells and whistles…you know that they would. At the same time the US would take on another program to administer causing overhead costs that add to the deficit and debt.

Kamala Harris proposes tax credits, a more sensible idea, but the devil is in the details. The bottom 50% of taxpayers are only paying 3% of tax revenues now. Another low income tax credit at this point amounts to just another redistribution of wealth scheme. How wonderful. Another expense that does little lasting good.

What keeps Democrats married to these redistribution ideas? It appears to be a desire to reach equality of outcomes. They will never be happy until every citizens has the same amount of money to live on each month, live in the same style (small) cubicle, and acquire only the things that everyone can have.

Programs to uplift the poor in America should first do no harm. Free stuff has been toxic for the communities receiving redistribution assistance. We’ve created generational poverty and overseen the destruction of families and communities. Free stuff also places unnecessary pressures on an already very expensive federal budget.

These ideas have been tested over decades and they fail to produce a widespread positive result. We need ideas and programs that have a more lasting and measurably uplifting result. We need ideas and plans that actually improve people’s lives and create opportunity for better futures both for themselves and for future generations. We should be preparing people for self sufficiency and a better life instead of crippling them and future generations with freebies!

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Update – China Tariffs

Posted by Tina

President Trump’s effort to gain a greater balance with China on trade is working well so far despite the absence of a signed trade agreement. Some economists feared that American consumers would pay a high price for the tariffs Trump has imposed on Chinese goods. Others voiced inflation fears. But it turns out that Chinese producers have paid the major share of the 25% tariff (20.5%) while American consumers saw a cost increase of just 4.5%. Additionally, the inflation rate is still below 0.2% and Americans are simultaneously enjoying growing job opportunities, low unemployment rates, and rising wages. Currently, the American economy remains strong while China’s economy is flagging.

The Trump administration will continue to pressure China on trade with a third increase planned for January 1st if a deal is not signed. Negotiations are focused on, “intellectual property theft; massive U.S. trade imbalances; imposed tariffs; and ridiculous non-tariff barriers put in place by China.”

Screams and gnashing of teeth will continue in the usual circles. But as Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse notes in his excellent article, “Trump will not back down.” It’s one of th things I admire about the man. Politics rarely drive the decisions he makes. Time after time I notice him going ahead with something that political handlers would advise him not to do because it might not “play well” politically.

President Trump and Xi Jinping are scheduled to hold talks at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires this week. There’s a chance that something positive can happen. The alternative for Xi Jinping is more pressure on Chinese goods in the form of tariffs.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I do not think of all the misery, but of the glory that remains. Go outside into the fields, nature and the sun, go out and seek happiness in yourself and in God. Think of the beauty that again and again discharges itself within and without you and be happy. – Anne Frank

These are encouraging words from a young girl who knew adversity. It can be a challenge to remain hopeful, to express gratitude, when all seems lost. But a grateful spirit will sustain us through even the darkest of times and bring us to a new and brighter day.

The pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts… nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving. – H. W. Westermayer

This year we celebrate Thanksgiving as our friends and neighbors find themselves in a period of loss and stress. Our hearts go out to each and every one of them. We wonder at the strength required to face each day and the fortitude required to face what’s before them. They are, in a way, like the Pilgrims, struggling to begin again. May the many people affected by the Camp fire see new and better tomorrows.

Let us all be thankful for the spirit of generosity around us and the many blessings yet to be received. I give thanks that the strength and fortitude of those who came before us gave birth to this wonderful free nation, the United States of America.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We at Post Scripts are thankful for your participation here and for the generosity, strength, and fortitude that shapes your daily lives.



by Jack

Finally, the long overdue rain has arrived. This signals the beginning of the end for California’s nightmare fire, the worst natural disaster in California’s history.  The fire broke out near Camp Creek Road a week ago and soon it was moving swiftly up a hillside towards the hospital.

Gusting winds fed the fire and caused large burning embers to be flung high into the sky and into the town of Paradise.  Because these embers landed well beyond the main fire line, they seeded dozens of other spot fires that quickly took hold in the dry thatch beneath the tall pine trees that dotted the landscape of Paradise.  Responding fire units simply could not reach them all and that’s when firefighting turned to evacuating and saving lives.

The wildfire spread so quickly, it  complicated the city plans for a quick evacuation.

Slow moving vehicles were often three abreast, bumper to bumper, on two lane roads.  The escape routes were not enough. For some, their story ended in a long line of cars.  For others, the horror had only begun;  they leapt from their vehicles and  ran amid the burning embers, barely ahead of tall flames.  There were exploding gas tanks behind them and even larger explosions on their flank from nearby propane tanks.  And that only added to their horror and imperiled their lives.

The death toll now stands at 81, after state fire authorities said that two more sets of human remains were found Tuesday. Finding human remains among the debris is an incredibly difficult process made even worse by the rain.  There’s so little left to be identified.  It is expected the death toll will rise sharply in the coming days due to the large number of residents still missing… about 700.

The Camp Fire has burned more than 155,000 acres and is close to 80 percent containment. 12,637 residences, 483 commercial structures and 3,718 other buildings were destroyed.

For most of us spared from the path of this fire, this much prayed for rain signals the beginning of the end.  However, for many others the rain is of little consolation.  Those people have lost everything.  Their homes that were filled with countless memories, heirlooms passed from generation to generation, photos of those priceless family moments, they’re all gone now.  Everything has been turned into greyish-white ash.  And now with this rain, the ashes float away on trickles of water that will soon merge into little streams of water that slip between the rocks, eroding the mud, then onto sidewalks and into the streets, flowing further and further away from their points of origin.

The rain will continue through Friday and soon the last of the Camp Fire will soon be declared over. Unfortunately, the visible scars that were wrought by this fire will be with us for many years and the invisible ones… a lifetime.

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Federal Judge: Hillary Must Answer Two Questions Under Oath

Posted by Tina

Judicial Watch reports that a U.S. District Court Judge, Emmet G. Sullivan, has ruled that Hillary must answer the following two questions, under oath, within thirty days. She has not as yet been subjected to questioning under oath, a reality that should throw red flags resembling a fourth of July pyrotechnic celebration!

1. Describe the creation of the system, including who decided to create the system, why it was created, who set it up, and when it became operational.

2. During your October 22, 2015 appearance before the House of Representatives Select Committee on Benghazi, you testified that 90 to 95 percent of your emails “were in the States system’ and “if they wanted to see them, they certainly would have been able to do so.” Identify the basis for this statement, including all facts on which you relied in support of the statement, how and when you became aware of these facts, and, if you were made aware of these facts by or through another person, identify the person who made you aware of these facts.

This ruling is related to a JW Freedom of Information lawsuit about the controversial employment status of Huma Abedin to engage in outside employment while employed by the Department of State. The case was reopened because of revelations about the private email system. The court also granted discovery to JW to help determine if and how Clinton’s email thwarted the FOIA.

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