104 Year Old Beat COVIDs

MSNBC – “The 104-year-old’s birthday surprises continued throughout the week. On Saturday, McDonald shared on Facebook that family, friends, neighbors and others in the community participated in a drive-by parade to celebrate.

Wooten is seen in the videos sitting in a chair near an open window of the house waving as the cars passed by. McDonald said about 50 cars and neighbors participated.

“Besides beating COVID and being released from the hospital; today was another highlight of his week!” she posted on Facebook. “I speak for our whole family and friends when I say words can not describe the honor it is to know this man. To be his granddaughter is one of my biggest blessings in life.”

Despite the rise in COVIDs cases, the mortality rates remain unchanged.  Currently, you have a 98.6% of survival if you contract COVIDs.  This is base on current CDC statistics. 

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Biden’s Proposed Transition Team (President’s New Cabinet)

by Jack

“Am I thrilled that the next assistant secretary of the interior will be the first black female to occupy that position?  No!  All I care about is whether that person is the most qualified for the job.”  Said author and commentator, Mark Levin.

This should not be about gender or race just because it fill a quota designed to make the democrats look inclusive!  “China doesn’t care about that stuff, they only care about one thing, dominating the world militarily and economically”, said Levin.

Our only concern should be picking the best people for the job, not reaching down through the second, third, or fourth string applicants to find one with the right skin color.  That’s insane and it’s going to put us at a disadvantage on the world stage.   Why would we want to do that?



by Jack

Lost Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, (shown left infecting an 85-year old man) took to the air yesterday to warn residents of L.A. they better just cancel everything to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.    He cited a wedding party two weeks ago that resulted in 41 new cases of the virus.  Garcetti said if people exchange air while in close proximity with others, they are being irresponsible and thoughtless.  If caught, these bad people will be subject to a fine of $100 for the first offense and doubling thereafter.

Mayor Garcetti was unable to be reached for comment as he and his family are en-route to Cabo in their private jet for a little R & R time.

Meanwhile, the Governor of California is invoking his stay at home order effective at 11:59 p.m. tonight for counties in purple zones.   All, but 4 counties, in CA are in the purple zone.

The good news is, hospitals in Lost Angeles can safely store 1,000,000 doses of Pfizer’s Corona vaccine.  The bad news is, only about 30% of that number is available to be shipped.

Healthcare workers and those over 80 years of age will be the first to be vaccinated. This will leave 0% for the rest of the L.A. community.  In the second round of vaccinations persons working in certain sectors of the economy will be ordered to be vaccinated or their employment will be terminated.

For rules and restriction information, click here.





M4 – Full Auto – Coming to a Sporting Goods Store Near You Soon


ADVERTISEMENT – M4 – Have it your way!   The weapon featured here is a lightweight hunting rifle known as the M-4, it’s great fun for all ages.   It comes standard with (5) 30 shot mags.  It has a full auto selector with a 3 shot burst selector.

Notice the shooter isn’t wearing hearing protection?  That’s because this fun, family sporting rifle, comes optionally equipped with a top-of-the-line suppressor aka silencer.  For an additional $350 you could be plinking in your backyard and never disturb the neighbors while they are plinking in their back yard.  Isn’t that nice?

It’s for sale right now only to those discriminating shooting enthusiasts who appreciate the pure fun and convenience of going from semi-auto to full-auto with the flip of a selector switch.  It’s devastating on pesky ground rodents!

While supplies last, you can buy this all American family rifle with an almost unlimited amount of military surplus magazines for just $3 per mag.   But, remember, 5 assorted mags and 5000 rounds of mil-spec target ammo also comes included with each M4, chambered in 5.56 of course!

Also available as an optional item is an ACOG Scope or this reflex quick acquisition scope.  The 2 scopes are about $800 ea. and again, are subject to stock on hand.  But, they are worth it when you have to be on time and on target every time.

Hunting season is fast approaching, so don’t be caught unprepared!   But wait, there’s more, buy before Dec. 15th and get a free bi-pod and free shipping.  The M-4 comes in assorted colors too, making it a perfect fit for everyone in the family.

You may be wondering, gee has California suddenly relaxed their draconian gun laws?  No, actually they haven’t, but then who cares?  We have decided it’s ok to have your own M4, so you have our (we the people) blessings.   Besides, when everyone in your neighborhood has this classic hunting rifle, who is going to tell you you have to give it to the State?  Certainly not Governor Newsom.

Disclaimer – No bunky, this is not for real, though many wish it were.  It’s just a spoof ad, meant to be humorous.  So don’t (you liberals) get your panties in a wad, I’m just having a little fun, and last time I checked that was still permissible, even in CA.         





COVID Rules Result in Rampant Examples of Hypocrisy by Rule Givers

Posted by Jack

Prominent Democrats have been seen breaking their own coronavirus restrictions since the pandemic hit the United States, despite repeatedly telling people they must follow orders to prevent the spread of COVID.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and others, have all been slammed for perceived hypocrisy after being spotted breaking their own rules.  And now the Mayor of Austin has been caught?

After initially saying he didn’t do anything wrong, Steve Adler, the mayor of Austin, Texas, says he now realizes he “set a bad example” by traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for vacation last month.

An Austin American-Statesman story revealed Wednesday that Adler attended an in-person wedding for his daughter in early November and then flew with others to Cabo for a weeklong vacation.

At the same time, Adler was encouraging people to stay home to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19.

“Not only did we not do anything wrong, we didn’t do anything that abrogated or violated the rules or regulations in the city, or the conduct that we were expecting of others that we also expect of ourselves,” Adler initially told KUT.  But, now he joins the rest of the hypocrites, trying to get off with a fake apology.




Two Days on Patrol

By Jack

A true story of everyday life of a local police officer….

Dec. 2 – It was around 10 pm when the 9-1-1 call came in.  A 13-year-old boy was on the phone.  He frantically blurted out that his mother was lying on the floor and not breathing and she needed help.

Paramedics were dispatched was Officer Ken L.  As is generally the case on such calls the police officer arrived first on the scene.  The front door was open and the young boy and his little brother age 8 were standing on the porch in a state of panic.  Officer L. could see the woman lying on the kitchen floor as he rushed inside.  The 13-year-old said he found his mother down and unconscious.  He didn’t know what was wrong with her.

Officer L. checked for vitals but found none.  He immediately began CPR and about 3 minutes later the ambulance arrived and the EMTs took over.  In the meantime, the boy’s father was just coming home from work.  He arrived as his wife was being loaded onto the ambulance gurney.    Officer L. had to restrain the shocked husband from interfering with the EMT’s, for which the man would later apologize.   Flash forward to the hospital,  for the next 30 minutes Officer L. found himself in the role of a grief counsellor speaking with the father and his two boys while they awaited the news, good or bad.

As of this moment, the patient’s condition is still critical.

The day before Officer L. was dispatched to a woman standing on the railroad tracks.  The officer arrived and could see a train approaching from about a 1/4 mile away, traveling at about 45-50 mph.  He knew he could reach her in time… if all went right. But, there was little margin for error.

The woman stood in the middle of the tracks facing the train.  She was motionless, her gaze transfixed and seemingly unaware of Officer L presence until the moment when he grabbed her and pulled her from the tracks.  Moments later the trained thundered by as the two walked towards the patrol car.  The woman, aged about 50 was eventually transported to a mental health facility for an evaluation.

Along with these life or death type calls were the typical sort of calls, like fender benders,  silent alarms that turn out to be a waste of time because most are unfounded,  except when they’re not.  There’s always the, he said-she said domestic disputes, shoplifting calls from the 7-11 and at least one or two thefts reports from a vehicle or garages, etc.

Tonight is another 10-hour shift, what it will be like nobody can say, only that Officer L. will be there.


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Seattle Police Officers Quitting in Droves

Posted by Jack



SEATTLE — Seattle Police officers who are leaving the department have given scathing responses during their exit interviews.

KOMO News obtained the exit interviews, which blamed city leadership, to riots and low morale for leaving the department.

One retiring patrol sergeant who had been on the force for more than 20 years said, “I refuse to work for this socialist city council and their political agenda. This agenda sacrifices the health and well-being of the officers and ultimately will destroy the fabric of this once fine city.”

When asked: “What factors had a negative effect on morale in the department?”

One officer whose job is up in the air said, “The council wanting to defund us and gaining ground doing it. Rioters not being charged even when they assault officers.”

Another patrol officer from the East Precinct who was resigning after 6-10 years of service offered this explanation for leaving the department: “Current hostile work environment. In a precinct that is under civil unrest by a small group that is constantly committing multiple felonies and attempting to murder peace officers.”

When followed up with the question: “What did you enjoy least about working at SPD?”

The officer said, “I enjoyed almost every aspect of working with Seattle PD itself. The one thing that I enjoyed the least was the handling of the last three months of riots.”

Jim Fuda, Crimestoppers Director of Law Enforcement Services which works with SPD,  says the responses point to a hostile and non-supportive work environment for officers.

“It’s ridiculous,” Fuda said. “Just when you think it can’t get more inane, it does.”

In response to the question: “Would you like to work for SPD again in the future?”

Some said they’re open to the opportunity if things change, “drastically.”

One canine officer who’s resigning after more than 11 years said, “I highly doubt it. You could pay me twice what you’re paying me now and I would not work for Seattle under this current political mayhem, Marxist collaborations and lack of government and police leadership.”

“It’s an absolute joke and a travesty for the rest of the citizens here in this city, this once beautiful city,” said Fuda. “Our police department is there to protect all of us and because of the cutbacks and the retirements, who’s going to protect our public safety?”

According to the exit interviews, some of the SPD officers are leaving for departments like Everett, Des Moines, Kennewick and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department — places they said they feel like they will get more support.


Seattle About to Learn a Hard Lesson

WASHINGTON — During the summer’s nationwide lunacies — statues toppled and stores looted, ostensibly to demand better law enforcement — Seattle’s government chose to turn 16 city blocks into an exploration of the delights of life without law. The fun paled after three weeks, and now the city might get an expensive lesson about existing law.

On June 8, Seattle’s police department abandoned its precinct building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Into the vacuum flowed visionaries who settled on the name Capitol Hill Organized Protest (or Occupying Protest), declared CHOP a “no-cop” zone and instituted what they termed a “loose form of governance and justice.” Living in the streets and a seven-acre park, some citizens of this spontaneous republic of virtue, some carrying guns, organized a “replacement police force.”

The city government, according to the businesses, homeowners and other plaintiffs in a lawsuit, supplied CHOP with “medical equipment, washing/sanitation facilities, portable toilets, nighttime lighting, and other material support.” Mayor Jenny Durkan tweeted to advertise how tickled she was about the “new community garden popping up” in the park. CHOP, she said, “is not a lawless wasteland” but “a peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world.” Asked how long CHOP would exist, Durkan said, “I don’t know. We could have the Summer of Love.”

Not exactly. CHOP’s sandbox revolutionaries and their city government sympathizers soon learned that Thomas Hobbes was right: In a state of nature — a situation without a sovereign authority — life is “nasty, brutish and short.” If the accumulating trash, feces and other refuse did not dampen what Durkan serenely called the “block-party atmosphere,” the two murders and other shootings and injuries did. So, on July 1 the city reoccupied CHOP, where Seattle’s police chief said she was “stunned by the amount of graffiti, garbage, and property destruction,” adding that “we don’t even know how much trauma people were experiencing.” And some of CHOP’s casualties — including businesses cut off from suppliers and customers, and others denied the enjoyment of their property — headed to court, armed with facts and the U.S. Constitution.

The plaintiffs charge that the city “adopted a policy supporting the CHOP occupation, acting with deliberate indifference toward those suffering harms from it.” It is federal law that local governing bodies can be sued when “the action that is alleged to be unconstitutional implements or executes a policy statement, ordinance, regulation, or decision officially adopted and promulgated by that body’s officers.” This can involve the direct participation of local officials in a deprivation of a constitutional right, or the setting in motion of acts by others that the government knew or should have known would inflict constitutional injury. The city’s policy of “no response” by police within CHOP should itself suffice to establish liability, before tabulating the material and moral support the city government gave to this embryonic utopia.

The injuries claimed by the plaintiffs include unconstitutional takings. The Fifth Amendment says private property shall not be taken “for public use, without just compensation.” The city, by enabling CHOP, deprived plaintiffs of protected property interests. The Washington Court of Appeals has held that “temporary takings are subject to the same categorical treatment as permanent takings where a regulation denies all use of the property.”

Furthermore, the 14th Amendment says no state shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The absence of law was a CHOP aspiration, one facilitated by the city providing CHOP with beds, medical equipment and barriers to seal off streets from public access.

GEORGE WILL: Seattle is due for a costly lesson | Columnists | siouxcityjournal.com


While a government’s failure to protect an individual from private violence does not constitute a violation of the due process guarantee, there is an exception when a local government acts to restrict the individual’s freedom to act on his own behalf. Or when there is a “state-created danger” — when a local government acts with “deliberate indifference” to a “known or obvious danger.”

The mills of justice grind slowly, so this litigation will live a lot longer than CHOP did. If the suit results, properly, in financial restitution for CHOP’s victims and financial pain for Seattle taxpayers, CHOP will have been, on balance, a net public benefit. Beyond demonstrating to Seattle voters the cost of electing childish people like Mayor Durkan and kindred spirits on the city council, the suit can warn progressive governments from coast to coast that there is a price to be paid for pandering to the carriers of fashionable passions.


CA The Great Stupid State

by Jack

In what could be the largest scam ever perpetrated on a single state, the grossly mismanaged and obviously incompetent State of California failed to notice tens of thousands of fraudulent unemployment claims made by prison inmates.  Some of these characters were infamous death row inmates and nary a red flag ever went up.

This scam grew from a trickle to a torrent over many months and somehow nobody in State government noticed?  This part is beyond incompetent, it’s criminally stupid.   But, the inmates sure took notice, and the fraudulent filings spread across the entire CA prison system.

It is now the best estimate of the CA District Attorney’s Association that in excess of one billion dollars has been paid out by the state for fraudulent unemployment benefits.

The problem is in layers of bureaucracy in which not one administrator is held accountable.  The EDD of CA didn’t even notice the missing billion until an outside agency brought it to their attention.  You know there is something terribly wrong with the government when a billion dollars can be stolen from the taxpayers and nobody in authority even notices.

“At least 35,000 unemployment claims have been fraudulently made on behalf of prison inmates between March and August, costing the state $140 million in paid out benefits, California officials said Tuesday. The claims, which the Sacramento County district attorney called “one of the biggest fraud of taxpayer dollars in California history,” even included one in the name of convicted murderer Scott Peterson.

In some cases, prosecutors were tipped off by listening in on recorded phone calls from prison as inmates bragged about how they were gaming the system to collect unemployment benefits.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and other prosecutors said the problem was compounded by dysfunction at the California Employment Development Department, which they said does not check unemployment claims against a list of prison inmates, as many other states do.”

Why didn’t CA top cop, Attorney General Kamal Harris catch this massive fraud before it got completely out of control?  Guess she was too busy trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.  

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Mother Shot at Her Son’s Funeral

by Jack

In the category of, you just can’t make this stuff up:

Quasheda Pierce took a bullet to her leg just as she was saying a tearful last good-bye to her son Sincere Pierce age 18.  Ironically Sincere Pierce was shot by deputies during a felony stop on a stolen car.   His casket had just been lowered into his grave at a Florida cemetery when the single shot rang out.  Witnesses would later say it the shot came from close by.  So close it seemed like it came from right behind Quasheda!

a group of people in a field: Spectators run from the scene after a shot was fired during the interment of Sincere Pierce at Riverview Memorial Gardens on Nov. 28, 2020.© Craig Bailey/FLORIDA TODAY via USA TODAY NETWORK Spectators run from the scene after a shot was fired during the internment of Sincere Pierce at Riverview Memorial Gardens on Nov. 28, 2020.

As it would later be determined the shot did come from behind the grieving mother.  It was fired accidentally by – a 16-year old friend.   Really bad timing on the friend’s part.

Quasheda Pierce said, “I really don’t know what happened. I was out.  I heard a gunshot and felt burning in my leg. The last thing I remember is I turned to my mom and said, ‘I’ve been shot.'”

The shooting Saturday was at the Riverview Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Cocoa, Florida, also left a teenage friend of her son with a leg wound.  The deceased, Sincere Pierce, was shot and killed in November by a Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy when deputies attempted to stop a stolen vehicle.  The driver of the car attempted to run over a deputy and was killed by gunfire along with his passenger Sincere Pierce.

Deputy Tod Goodyear, a spokesperson for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, said preliminary evidence and statements from witnesses indicate that the 16-year-old wounded in the incident was responsible for the single shot that wounded him and Quasheda Pierce.   Goodyear said, “The round penetrated and exited his leg prior to impacting Quasheda Pierce’s leg.”

There seems to be a number of questions not covered in the original story.  The first one that comes to my mind is, why was a 16-year-old carrying a loaded weapon at his friend’s funeral?  Second, was the weapon recovered?  Was it stolen?  What charges are being considered against the shooter?

The family was represented by an activist attorney, Benjamin Crump, for a potential lawsuit against the Brevard County Sheriff’s Dept.  It is unknown if Crump will try to sue the 16-year old’s parents, but probably not.



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