A Situation is Developing in Iran

by Jack

The world may have stopped for some people, obsessed with deposing Trump by any means, but in other places around the world real crisis’ still loom large.  People are dying for the freedom that too many of us take for granted.

My friend, who lives inside Iran, we’ll just call him Bahar, sent me a message through a  back channels on the internet.  In his message, he announced the regular internet and phone communications had been shut down for the last 8 days by order of the Iranian government.

The news about what is happening inside Iran is very limited. However, you should know that in Tehran many young people took to the street in protest of the government.  They are angry over the government’s heavy hand and the lack of respect for basic human rights.  Bahar believes that about 400 people have died in clashes with armed troops and police during the last week.

He described the situation in Tehran and other cities as very tense.   He could not understand how his government could just kill their own people?  He was extremely distraught and stunned by the bloody violence that he has observed.

I won’t quote him for security reasons, but what he sent me was written in a way that makes me think he and many others like him are under extreme stress and danger.   For the present time he is safe, but just like in Hong Kong, you never know what tomorrow may bring.   This situation is far more risky that what we saw Cairo, Egypt.  Iran is a closed country and the media is tightly controlled.

I’ve known Bahar for well over 3 years and we have a mutal friend that I’ve known even longer.   The sum of the information I have received, which is not much, tells me things in Iran are close to widespread violence.   If it blows I would expect the current regime to use extreme violence to put it down.   However, if the situation doesn’t happen soon, eventually it will, that much is inevitable.

The younger generation is demanding freedom and they are willing to risk their lives for it.   Those under 30 know about the outside world and they want to be part of it.  They want to be free to enjoy their lives.  And therein is the friction; their theocracy does not tolerate moderation and they are willing to kill to maintain discipline.




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Cutting Edge News in Battery Technology

posted by Jack

Breakthrough-  “Quantum Glass Battery”

“Holy Grail” … “Jesus Battery” … what the heck is Matt McCall talking about when he says “Folks who get in on this breakthrough now, BEFORE it’s rolled out on mass scale, will have the chance to be a part of the single-largest legal creation of wealth of the last 25 years…”    Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe Online Magazine

If you haven’t heard about this solid state battery before, you’re in luck, this information could make you a fortune when the stock becomes available.   Jack

The following article is from ieee Spectrum, a professional magazine for electrical engineers:

Electric car purchases have been on the rise lately, posting an estimated 60 percent growth rate last year. They’re poised for rapid adoption by 2022, when EVs are projected to cost the same as internal combustion cars. However, these estimates all presume the incumbent lithium-ion battery remains the go-to EV power source. So, when researchers this week at the University of Texas at Austin unveiled a new, promising lithium- or sodium-glass battery technology, it threatened to accelerate even rosy projections for battery-powered cars.

“I think we have the possibility of doing what we’ve been trying to do for the last 20 years,” says John Goodenough, coinventor of the now ubiquitous lithium-ion battery and emeritus professor at the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. “That is, to get an electric car that will be competitive in cost and convenience with the internal combustion engine.” Goodenough added that this new battery technology could also store intermittent solar and wind power on the electric grid.

Yet, the world has seen alleged game-changing battery breakthroughs come to naught before. In 2014, for instance, Japanese researchers offered up a cotton-based (!) new battery design that was touted as “energy dense, reliable, safe, and sustainable.” And if the cotton battery is still going to change the world, its promoters could certainly use a new wave of press and media releases, as an Internet search on their technology today produces links that are no more current than 2014-2015 vintage.

“As Wired magazine says, “This is the battery breakthrough that could change everything.”

So, on whose authority might one claim a glass battery could be any different?

For starters, Donald Sadoway’s.  Sadoway, a preeminent battery researcher and MIT materials science and engineering professor, says, “When John Goodenough makes an announcement, I pay attention. He’s tops in the field and really a fantastic scientist. So, his pronouncements are worth listening to.”

Goodenough himself says that when he first coinvented the lithium-ion battery in the 1980s, almost no one in the battery or consumer electronics industries took the innovation seriously. It was only Japanese labs and companies like Sony that first began to explore the world we all today inhabit—with lithium-ions powering nearly every portable device in the marketplace, as well as electric vehicles and even next-generation airliners.

In other words, who better than Goodenough to cocreate the technology that could one day supplant his mighty lithium-ion battery?

The new battery technology uses a form of glass, doped with reactive “alkali” metals like lithium or sodium, as the battery’s electrolyte (the medium between cathode and electrode that ions travel across when the battery charges and discharges). As outlined in a research paper and recent patent filing (of which Goodenough, 94, says more are forthcoming), the lithium- or sodium-doped glass electrolyte offers a new medium for novel battery chemistry and physics.

They find, for instance, that the lithium- or sodium-glass battery has three times the energy storage capacity of a comparable lithium-ion battery. But its electrolyte is neither flammable nor volatile, and it doesn’t appear to build up the spiky “dendrites” that have plagued lithium-ions as they charge and discharge repeatedly and can ultimately short out, causing battery fires. So, if the glass batteries can be scaled up commercially, which remains uncertain in this still-proof-of-concept-phase research, the frightening phenomenon of flaming or exploding laptops, smartphones, or EVs could be a thing of the past.

Moreover, says lithium-glass battery codeveloper Maria Helena Braga, a visiting research fellow at UT Austin and engineering professor at the University of Porto in Portugal, the glass battery charges in “minutes rather than hours.” This, she says, is because the lithium- or sodium-doped glass endows the battery with a far greater capacity to store energy in the electric field. So, the battery can, in this sense, behave a little more like a lightning-fast supercapacitor. (In technical terms, the battery’s glass electrolyte endows it with a higher so-called dielectric constant than the volatile organic liquid electrolyte in a lithium-ion battery.)

Moreover, Braga says, early tests of their technology suggest it’s also capable of perhaps thousands of charge-discharge cycles, and could perform well in both extremely cold and hot weather. (Initial estimates place its operating range between below -20º C and 60º C.) And if they can switch the battery’s ionic messenger atom from lithium to sodium, the researchers could even source the batteries more reliably and sustainably. Rather than turning to controversial mining operations in a few South American countries for lithium, they’d be able to source sodium in essentially limitless supply from the world’s seawater.

Sadoway says he’s eager to learn more about the technology as it continues to be developed. In particular, he’s paying attention not so much to how quickly the battery charges but how well it can retain its energy. “The issue is not can you do something at a high charge rate,” he says. “My big question is about capacity fade and service lifetime.”

But, Sadoway adds, perhaps the chief innovation behind Goodenough and Braga’s technology is the possibility that they’ve solved the flaming and exploding battery problem.

“Addressing the [battery] safety issue is, I think, a giant step forward,” he says. “People have been talking about solid-state electrolytes for 20 years. But I can’t point to a commercial product yet…. If he can give us an electrolyte that is devoid of these flammable, organic solvents, that’s salutary in my opinion.”

Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla may be the first recipient of a solid state, glass battery. This makes sense because Tesla’s future depends on break-thru battery technology.  Here’s what Musk had to say to about it, “There are some breakthroughs that I think are achievable. They’re confidential, so I can’t talk about them on this call, but there’s one particular avenue that I am confident could be made to work that would be the most significant breakthrough in a while. But again, you’ve got to make it work in the lab. It doesn’t yet work in the lab now, but it’s promising in the lab.”

If Goodenough, Braga, and collaborators can ramp up their technology, there would clearly be plenty of upsides. Goodenough says the team’s anode and electrolyte are more or less ready for prime time. But they’re still figuring out if and how they can make a cathode that will bring the promise of their technology to the commercial marketplace.

“The next step is to verify that the cathode problem is solved,” Goodenough says. “And when we do [that] we can scale up to large-scale cells. So far, we’ve made jelly-roll cells, and it looks like they’re working fairly well. So I’m fairly optimistic we’ll get there. But the development is going to be with the battery manufacturers.

I don’t want to do development. I don’t want to be going into business. I’m 94. I don’t need the money.”  Goodenough means it too.  He gave away the profits from his last development, the random access memory for computers, otherwise known as RAM.


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Death Threats Drove Mini-AOC Offline

By Pie Guevara

Pie Guevara appears in Post Scripts courtesy of Jack Lee and Tina Grazier. Pie Guevara is an unregistered trademark of Engulf and Devour Investments LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Walton Industries which, in turn, is wholly owned by David Walton.  So there!


So, you were wondering what these “woke” progressives are all about? From students who shut down free speech on college campuses to forcing teenage girls to share a high school girls’ locker room with boys who dress up (er, identify) as female to Antifa riots that include physical assaults and destruction of property to sending death threats to eight-year-old girls. This is what the left is all about.

Last July after death threats the parents of child actor Ava Martinez shut down all her social accounts.

Gone was “Mini-AOC” whose charming and funny photos and videos mocking Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez were once published online and received millions of views.

“The family of an eight-year-old girl whose video impersonations of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went viral said they have deleted her social media accounts due to harassment and death threats.”

Read more here

The good news: Mini-AOC is back!


Free @RealJamesWoods.




New Yorker Explains His Change in Views – Inspiring


Man Explains Demo-rats?


Candice Owens of Turning Point Rejects Extreme Socialism in America


Free Speech Banned in Chicago

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Branda Straka Explains Why He Left the Democrats

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Free Speech Tested at Chico State – Test Failed

by Jack










Yesterday an openly gay male from Manhattan, with deep roots to liberalism and the democratic party came to Chico State to give a speech in favor of tolerance, freedom of speech and anti-racism, but  with a political bent.

I am sorry to say his speech was disrupted by (alleged) students that shouted him down and continuously interrupted his talk.  Ironically, this was a talk that was given in a free speech area on campus.   “F – you”  and other “F-bombs were directed at this young man who simply wanted to explain why he was upset with today’s political climate.

One young female, I won’t call her a lady, literally pranced around the crowd shouting “F—“, ”F—“, ”F—“, ”F—“  and with arms raised she gave the middle finger salute.   The protestors were angry, loud and menacing.  Their narrative, well, they didn’t seem to have one, all they could do was shout “F–  you.”

Now given the mans liberal background and his sexual orientation you might think the protestors were a bunch of ignorant jerks, because they were filled with hate.  If you thought that, well, you are partly right…they are filled with hate, but not for the reasons you might think?  He was a conservative and they were the liberals.

The guest speaker, was Brandon Straka see above picture.  He was no longer a liberal or even a member of the democratic party, because he walked away from them and for that crime he might just as well have committed apostacy!

Why the conversion?  In Brandon’s words, “For years now, I have watched as the left has devolved into intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded and, at times, blatantly fascistic behavior and rhetoric.”

There you go, surprise – surprise!  That’s the main reason he was being shouted down and insulted on campus by intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded students employing blatantly fascistic behavior – they didn’t like conservative opinions!   Isn’t that incredible and in someway wonderful?  Here’s a guy who weighs right and wrong, then decides to go conservative.  That’s wonderful and I applaud him for waking up to the evil that is all around us.  But, given the lefties threats and meanspirited behaviors, can you imagine the courage it must take to stand up against them?  Yet, he did!  He is willing to risk it all for what he knows is right.

Brandon’s story of being a white, gay, Manhattan liberal-turned-conservative proved too much for the rabid left.  Just weeks after “coming out” as conservative, Straka rose from political nobody to an honest, albeit provocative… somebody!

His video — with the catchy hashtag urging people to #WalkAway from the left — has been viewed millions of times, catapulting him to Fox News fame.

Those on the right are eager to hear such refreshing stories, because too often they are watching protestors shouting “F- your America.”   The protestors are fearful of their shrinking numbers caused by decent people like Straka.  By aggressively promoting his all-American values social media.  InfoWars’ Alex Jones even donated $10,000 to Straka’s GoFundMe page for “#WalkAway Campaign Startup Costs.” As of this week, the campaign has raised more than $67,000.

Straka will be speaking at the Chico Elk’s Lodge today, however, unlike at CSUC, security will be on hand so everyone can hear what he has to say.



President Trump Scandals – Update

by Jack

There are many dark and mysterious forces in play in Washington (which is why some call it the deep swamp) and it’s always been that way to some degree.

You know the old saying about power, right?  Yeah, it takes a toll on ethics, no question about it.

So it came to be that virtually every president has had their scandals thanks to their power, whether those scandals went public or not is another thing.  In the old days it was fairly easy to contain rumors, lies and scandals, but that is no longer true.

Skipping right along, that brings us to President Trump, the imposter in the White House, as Nancy Pelosi calls him.  And that’s among the more mild insults.  Warranted or NOT…. no president has been more hated and more verbally abused than Trump and of course he’s done a fair amount of abusing others too!   As hated as Lincoln was by the South, the insults directed at Trump have got Abe beat by a country mile.

You know all the old scandals involving Trump, they are many and they go back decades, sex scandals, bankruptcies, mob stories, etc.  So, what are we to think about Trump now as president?  Is everything said about Trump by democrats a lie?  Is every scandal covered by the medial – fake news?  Is every scandal involving Trump long before he ran for president… false?

The score card is mixed.  There have clearly been dirty dealings on both sides of the political isle for and against Trump.  I would be dishonest if I said I thought Trump was a nice guy who has been victimized by the media and democrats.  The evidence say he’s not a nice guy…read some of the old lawsuits, very enlightening.  They tell a sordid story that is not flattering to his legacy.

Okay, so how will history write this one? It may take another 50 years to really sort out what was and what wasn’t true.   I’ve followed the Trump saga fairly close and I have to say, I’m confused and conflicted.  Trump is neither a good guy nor is he some kind of traitor, as dems would have us believe.

He’s made good moves as president and some bad one’s.  Most of the bad moves involve Trump never knowing when to shut his mouth or how to use diplomacy to further his agenda.  He’s not an imposter – but, he is an amateur.

Of course, the stock market has certainly done well under his administration with all the rollbacks in anti-free market capitalism regs and rules.  His tax policy was pretty good too, but his spending has pushed us far into the red…that’s bad, real bad!  He’s fired over 8000 VA employees and he has made some progress in fixing this dysfunctional institution.  The China trade war was gutsy, to say the least.  Most people would say this was one of his better fights.  But, for all the good he’s done he keeps undermining it with his egotistical behavior that falls way short of being presidential.

So where am I on this impeachment business?  In short, I still don’t think he did anything bad enough to be kicked out of office.  I believe there was an attempt to use his influence, but to what purpose?  Trumps explanation is fairly reasonable.   I know the dems don’t think so, but unless they have more on Trump than this so-called Quid Pro Quo scandal, I think they are going to lose…. again.   And the more they lose and continue to  overturn an election, the worse they look.   The dems look bad right now, but if they fail to make their case on this one the damage is going to devastating and long lasting.