Steinle Killer Goes Free

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Yep a San Fransisco jury believed Jose Garcia Zarate “accidentally” killed Kate Steinle was therefore “not guilty” of manslaughter,a crime defined loosely as: the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder. Every year Americans serve time behind bars for such crimes. This is an insufferable miscarriage of justice. I watched footage of Jose Garcia Zarate and his lawyer as the verdict of “not guilty” was read in the courtroom. You’d think he was the victim in this case.

WH communications director Sara Sanders issued the following statement on the verdict:

Yesterday’s verdict in San Francisco underscores the danger to public safety when our Nation fails to enforce its laws. Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant and convicted felon who had been deported from the United States five times. He, and countless other criminal illegal immigrants like him, should never be allowed to threaten our citizens.

It’s more important now than ever for Congress to secure our borders and provide the resources, including more ICE officers, needed to deport criminal illegal aliens and to finally stop sanctuary city policies that cause needless loss of innocent life. Politicians who fail to address these needs share responsibility for preventable crimes committed against innocent Americans.

Had San Francisco enforced our Nation’s immigration laws, the Steinle family would be celebrating this holiday with all of their loved ones.

Apparently Zarate will be deported…again. As the President tweeted, “Build the wall!”


Naughty & Nice

Let the “merry month’ begin! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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McCain On Board for Tax Cuts

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Christmas is the season for miracles and boy did we see one today! Senator John McCain, Republican Arizona, finally climbed aboard the tax cut train. The result was an immediate rise to over 24K on the stock market as business anticipates relief from unfair rates and regulations. This marks the sixth time since Trump was elected that the stock market crossed over a thousand mark

Passage of any bill that gives our economy a big boost will benefit everyone, even those who depend on government. Well done McCain. We were very concerned that you would vote against the people and you’ve stepped up to make this the Merriest Christmas we’ve had in quite awhile.

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Rex Tillerson to Leave State?

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UPDATE DEC 1ST: Rex Tillerson finds reports of his demise “laughable and his office, the following: “The State Department has said Tillerson plans to remain on the job. He is scheduled to leave Monday on an official, four-country trip to Europe.”

Conflicting reports are not unusual in today’s atmosphere. Whether he leaves next year or not it’s not smart to signal changes before they happen and while talks and negotiations are in progress…glad to see him laughing it off.

Could be…one of biggest news stories today is the news that Rex Tillerson will leave his position as Secretary of State in January. Reportedly, CIA Director Mike Pompeo will be his replacement and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is being considered for CIA Director and has said he would take the job if offered.

President Trump was asked where Tillerson was today and he replied, “He’s here. Rex is here.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters: “As the president just said, ‘Rex is here.’ There are no personnel announcements at this time. Secretary Tillerson continues to lead the State Department and the entire cabinet is focused on completing this incredibly successful first year of President Trump’s administration.”

Time will tell.

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US Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem

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Kaitie Pavlich over at TownHall informs that the Israeli media is reporting the US Embassy will be moved:

Israeli officials are reportedly expecting US President Donald Trump to make a landmark announcement in the coming days regarding the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing the highly-sensitive holy city as Israel’s capital, according to a local TV report on Wednesday.

The report comes just a day after Trump’s vice-president Mike Pence stated that the President was “actively considering” how and when to move the US embassy.

According to the Hadashot report, the move could take place as soon as Sunday and Trump is instructing officials to prepare for it.

The news comes just one day after Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at the UN, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Israel’s foundation as a country.

The White House has not issued a statement at this time.

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“Pence Rule” Not So Nutty After All

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Vice President Pence was derided and mocked in the media for taking his wife along when attending a dinner with women present. Only an old fashioned, radically religiously, up tight male would do such a thing, right?

My how the worm has turned.

Revelations of bad behavior are pouring into the spotlight at a rapid pace. (How effective has harassment training been given the fact that this has gone on for so long?)

OB/GYN docs resolved to solve this problem long ago. Most have had a female assistant in the room for a few decades now, ever since a few of them were sued for sexual harassment during office exams.

Although it seems a cumbersome practice for meetings in the entertainment, media, and political worlds the practice makes good sense. It would certainly bring a halt to the excessive lapses in morality and ethics that have been exposed recently. It would also protect the innocent!

While I would rather see a return to high standards of comportment in our society I would welcome the practice of a “companion” or “witness” in meetings, at least until future generations of men and women can be trained and retrained.

In the midst of this morality shake up let us not forget the women in positions of power that have abused their positions to prey on their lessors. In 2014 World Net Daily had acquired quite a list of female teachers that sexually abused their students. There are 13 women on the first page alone in the 13 page WND post. Some evidence of harassment by women bosses or coworkers has also been reported recently but these few could easily be just a slice of a much larger harassment pie.

Our nation’s moral compass was destroyed during the era of sixties feminism and the sexual revolution. Political correctness and activism has only added to the problem. It’s difficult to know where the lines of behavior are when men can be accused of harassment for simply giving a compliment and it’s unconscionable that false accusations can destroy the reputations and lives of the innocent.

Mike Pence is a gentleman. He’s also very wise. As such he’s an excellent role model for men, women, and the youngsters out there that might be disgusted with the current state of affairs.

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Challenging Maxine in CA

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Looks like a Republican in California, Omar Navarro, is up to the task of challenging Maxine Waters for her House seat next year. Navarro has plenty of grass roots supporters but he’s also won the support of a number of high profile backers:

names like Roger Stone, who serves as Navarro’s campaign advisor; former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who calls him on a weekly basis; TV host Alex Jones; former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones; former Presidential candidate Herman Cain; former Arizona Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr.; singer and songwriter Joy Villa; “Swamp People” case member T-Roy Broussard; and American radio host Larry Elder, among others.

Navarro is running in a “…majority Latino and African-American district in southern Los Angeles.” The district is 60% Democrat. the question is how many of them have been poorly served over the past 37 years by Maxine Waters? How many have been embarassed by the ethics problems and policy failures by leaders of their party? How many have decided to give the other party a chance? What have they got to lose?

Maxine Waters is one of the most radical socialist in Congress. Her ethical record is pretty bad. The article in National Review counts the ways…a few highlights:

…Waters has spent 37 years in office — many of those years as head of the Congressional Black Caucus — promising to make life better for constituents in economically ravaged South Central Los Angeles. What do the denizens of her district have to show for it? Staggering levels of persistent unemployment, poverty, and gang violence

…she walked away with a slap on the wrist from the toothless House Ethics Committee in 2012 after being charged with multiple ethics violations related to her meddling in minority-owned OneUnited Bank … Her husband, Sidney, was an investor in one of the banks that merged into OneUnited. As stockholders, they profited handsomely from their relationship with the bank. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. After Waters’s office personally intervened and lobbied the Treasury Department in 2008, OneUnited received $12 million in federal TARP bailout money — despite another government agency concluding that the bank operated “without effective underwriting standards” and engaged “in speculative investment practices.” After the federal bailout of Fannie/Freddie, OneUnited’s stock in the government-sponsored enterprises plunged to a value estimated at less than $5 million. Only through Waters’s intervention was OneUnited able to secure an emergency meeting with the Treasury and then-Secretary Henry Paulson… (emphasis mine)

Waters was also deemed the “Most Corrupt member of Congress” five times (2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2017) by the left-wing “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics” in Washington DC. Unseating her in the House would be a long overdue improvement.

Drain the swamp…I wish Mr. Navarro well in his challenge. We need new blood in our Congress.

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How to Restore Functional Government in the Senate

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Democrats launched a “resist” campaign when Trump was inaugurated, vowing to block his agenda at every turn. They have kept their word using various stalling techniques: voting as a block against all legislative proposals and delaying and blocking confirmation votes for appointed positions. But Republican Senator Tom Cotton has a plan to change that:

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., says Democrats have forced the Senate into 47 cloture votes this year alone on President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees, compared with just six cloture votes in the first years of the four prior administrations combined.

Cotton said Senate Democrats are abusing procedures that allow them to stymie Trump’s executive branch nominees. He said that allows career bureaucrats to run their agencies anyway they want, “without any political accountability.” …

Cotton proposes an end to the “blue slip” tradition because the courtesy is being abused, allowing a single senator to become the last word on any nominee from his home state. Democrats have also insisted that the Senate delay consideration of court appointees until the American Bar Association approves a nominee, giving that un-elected special interest body power in the process. That’s appalling!! The third procedure that’s being abused has to do with time frames allotted for debate:

…the majority party files a “cloture petition to end debate on a nomination,” which is then followed by an intervening day before the vote is held for cloture.

After the cloture vote, he said, there are up to 30 legislative hours of debate before the Senate goes through with the confirmation vote, and Democrats are often using those entire 30 hours to stall Trump nominees.

He said Democrats should agree to “30 hours of debate for Cabinet, and Supreme Court, and circuit court nominees; eight hours for all sub-Cabinet positions; and two hours for district court nominations.”

Republicans agreed to these terms when they were in the minority so there should be no resistance to the proposal. Congress spends more time on vacation than most Americans will ever enjoy in their jobs. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that they work efficiently and in a timely fashion. So to make clear his intention to speed up the process and restore the Senate to a higher level of functionality Cotton issued a threat:

“Either they accept those exact same terms or the Republicans, by a simple majority vote, will change the rules of the Senate. We will eliminate cloture votes for all nominations, and we’ll set debate for every nomination for all offices to two hours.”

Sounds at least as reasonable as the Democrats were when they were in the majority. You go for it Senator Cotton!

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Sunday Humor

♦ I read that 4,153,237 people got married last year; not to cause any trouble, but shouldn’t that be an even number?

♦ Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.

♦ I find it ironic that the colors red, white, and blue stand for freedom until they are flashing behind you.

♦ When wearing a bikini, women reveal 90% of their body… men are so polite they only look at the covered parts.

♦ A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight, live longer than the men who mention it.

♦ Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?

♦ America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won’t cross the street to vote.

♦ You know that tingly little feeling you get when you like someone? That’s your common sense leaving your body.

♦ Did you know that dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish?

♦ My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance. We’ll see about that.

♦ I think my neighbor is stalking me as she’s been googling my name on her computer. I saw it through my telescope last night

♦ Money talks ….but all mine ever says is good-bye.

♦ You’re not fat, you’re just… easier to see.

♦ If you think nobody cares whether you’re alive, try missing a couple of payments.

♦ I always wondered what the job application is like at Hooters. Do they just give you a bra and say, “Here, fill this out?”

♦ I can’t understand why women are okay that JC Penney has an older women’s clothing line named, ” Sag Harbor ”

♦ My therapist said that my narcissism causes me to misread social situations. I’m pretty sure she was hitting on me.

♦ The pharmacist asked me my birth date again today. I’m pretty sure she’s going to get me something.

♦ The location of your mailbox shows you how far away from your house you can be in a robe before you start looking like a mental patient.

♦ I think it’s pretty cool how Chinese people made a language entirely out of tattoos.

♦ Money can’t buy happiness, but it keeps the kids in touch!

♦ The reason Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet was because nobody was married. Andy, Aunt Bea, Barney, Floyd, Howard, Goober, Gomer, Sam, Earnest T Bass, Helen, Thelma Lou, Clara and, of course, Opie were all single. The only married person was Otis and he stayed drunk.

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