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Did you hear Michael Bloomberg spent over $100,000,000 on his election?  That’s a new record.  Tom Steyer spent over $84,000,000 in his bid.  That reminds me of an old quote,   “A fool and his money are soon elected.”   Will Rogers


VICTOR DAVIS HANSEN – Why I support Trump



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Hospital E-Rs, a Dangerous Place to Work

by Jack

My daughter is a 1st Responder (ambulance)  in the bay area  and she see reports that our ER’s are starting to come under siege by the homeless.   She says there are some  emergency waiting rooms that you really wouldn’t want to take your children.  The people there hanging out are dirty, scary, weird and a bad mix of bums and junkies, drunks and crazies.   She sees them often act very inappropriately in front of families and it’s really distressing.

It’s not uncommon for these “frequent fliers” at the ER to use the ambulance as their personal taxi, calling 9-1-1 then reporting fake chest pains, just so they can go to the head of the line for a room at the hospital.   They know the tests demanded by their complaints will get them about a 2-3 day stay.  Have any idea what that costs?  Just an ambulance ride could cost between $1200 and $1500.  Then there are tests…all totaled it’s about $12,000 for this little adventure.

And even if they don’t try to fake illness for a room, CA law says hospitals must give them a free room if they have a vacant room available.  Then CA law says the hospital must feed them, provide them with weather appropriate clothing, give them a health plan and direct them to a place to live… before they can be discharged and then only by their consent.  If bums and crazies don’t agree to be discharged, the hospital must keep them!  She (my daughter) reported one homeless guy stayed at the hospital for almost 3 months before they could bribe him into leaving.

Because of this new “clientele” the ER has become a dangerous work place for the staff. Working with these so-called homeless can be risky.  There’s been reports of ER staff being punched, suffering broken noses, black eyes, etc.   My daughter has been assaulted and threatened many times as an EMT.

The bums and junkies know how to work the system in CA and the sad part is, nobody doing anything about it.   This is foolish, wasteful and it’s slowing down medical services for the people who really need it.

Every day at the same time, the bums start lining up outside the local bay area hospitals, waiting for a free bed.  Why the same time?  Because that’s when the staff social worker goes off duty!  The social worker will give them pamphlets and then send them where they can obtain their free services, away from the hospital.   That’s too much trouble for them  and they want a free room/meals and more in the hospital!  CA law says it’s their right.   So, the nurses have to deal with these dropouts of society.  But, they don’t have the time to make all the phone calls to get them social services, so that means the bums get all kinds of free hospital stuff.   You may wonder, who eventually pays for the so-called free stuff?  You of course…as always.

CA is an example of civilization in steep decline.  Our democrat legislators are suffering from a co-dependency problem with bums and junkies.  They are leading us into decline and they do so without any consequences!  They bear no responsibility for bad leadership at all.  This is so wrong, our election system is broken here.  Progressives have made this wealthy state into a joke, a paradise for bums and a nightmare for middle class working people.

Legislators continual force us to spend money on the bums and junkies and to be exposed to their high risk behaviors.   You can bet if legislators got punched and abused things might change, but no, they are safely cloistered behind closed doors in the capitol building where they think up more creative BS legislation that punishes us in ways that is hard to even fathom.  As noted above, part of that legislation has forced hospitals to care for people that don’t deserve it, and mix them in with those that do.  It’s made waiting rooms more like a drunk tank.  That’s bad enough, but it’s wasting literally millions of healthcare dollars on services intended ONLY for the truly sick and injured.

I hope every liberal democrat in CA will have at least one occasion to be rushed to the ER for help and then be told to wait behind a long line of bums and junkies gaming the system.

PS  My friend Dave just got back from Texas, he said he was paying about $2.12 a gallon for gas near Fort Hood.  Just thought you would like to know.

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Iran’s Carefully Measured Attack in Iraq

by Jack

Its too early to say with any degree of certainty that the tit for tat game is over, but there is reason to think it is.  Iran had to do something or look weak and fearful, especially since they took their rhetoric campaign to a new level.  So they choose Ain Al Asad and Erbil at their targets.

What does this attack tell us, if anything?  For starters look at the time of attack, the early morning hours when the least number of people would be roaming around the two bases. So we have no American military deaths.   Military bases have the best air raid warning systems and Iran knows that, but they still chose to hit these two military targets located in sparsely populated areas.    The rhetoric in Iran has also dropped off significantly.

I would suspect the leadership in Iran was looking for a way to save face, yet not prompt a retaliatory strike that they could not handle.    Given their faltering economy they dared not provoke the US to the point of a serious response.  They oil fields are prime targets and we have the ability to inflict an economic catastrophe, they sure didn’t want to risk that.  So, it appears Iran did the worst they could, which really wasn’t much.    It’s looking like Trump might have won this round.






Gang Violence in CA

by Jack

Right now all eyes are focused on Iran, but Iran’s threat is nothing compared to that posed by Mexican-American street gangs, many of them located right here in liberal CA. , with all our gun control and gun free zones, imagine that?

No doubt you’ve heard of the Nortenos and the Surenos, but have you ever heard of the Culver 13? Probably not, yet they number about 500 and they are violently opposed to blacks living in their neighborhoods.  This racist attitude is not uncommon among Hispanic gangs.  They’ve caused no end of fear among the black residents of Culver City.

Culver 13 is a relatively small gang, but like the larger and better known gangs, they dominate through fear, extortion and murder.  Azusa 13 is just one of 30 or more active Hispanic gangs in CA, some with ties to the Mexican Mafia and Mexican Cartels.

Oddly, this widespread Hispanic gang activity in CA goes under-reported by the media and you have wonder why?  And consider this, Hispanic gangs are only part of the big picture, they are a minority of the total number gangs that exist in CA and across the USA that make up an organized crime conduit dealing in drugs and human trafficking’s.

Gangs don’t own this country, we do, but if Americans don’t wise up and toughen up, you won’t to have worry about Iran.  These guys are ready to take over a neighborhood near you…and right now.

The liberal politics in CA has aided and abetted, directly and indirectly, in the rapid rise of the street gangs and there’s no way hide it anymore.  Our prisons are overrun by gangbangers, the cops are often times out gunned by the gangs and the drug lords from Mexico to the street gangs in Northern CA are making billions off drugs and they are getting stronger every day.  Meanwhile, your foolish Gov. Gavin Newsom and his cronies are looking for ways to confiscate your last means of self defense.  And they have the audacity to tell us that the NRA is the problem?

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Parents Placed Kids at Risk During Trip to Mexico

by Jack

6 Jan – Mexico   Another American family takes the kids on a vacation to Mexico and then their worst nightmare happens, they were ambushed by cartel members.

The family was traveling in two vehicles, returning from a vacation in central Mexico. It was near midnight when the two vehicles entered a long, straight, stretch of two lane highway that parallels the US border. This isolated area has become a well known battle ground for two warring cartels. Any residents in the area moved out long ago due to the violence.  Now along comes the two US vehicles, loaded with family members, apparently oblivious to the danger.

The two vehicles were suddenly overtaken by two SUV’s coming from behind.   The lead SUV cut them off and forced a rear end collision that brought all four of the vehicles to a stop in the middle of the highway.

Gunmen in the vehicles then opened fire on the helpless family. Four of them were wounded and a 13 year old was killed. The gunmen abandoned the damaged lead vehicle and left in the second SUV.

Why the family was traveling at night through this desolate and dangerous region has not been determined, but whatever the reason it was a real bad choice.  The family was from Oklahoma.

ED NOTE – Anyone travelling to Mexico should at the very least review the Dept. of State Tourist Advisories and then consider if the trip is worth risking your life?  Mexico, like some of our border towns, is a very dangerous for the average person, and especially Americans.   That danger has carried over from Mexico to Hispanic neighborhoods in National City, CA, San Diego,  East Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto and into rural Northern California.  Even smaller places like  Chico, Willows, Orland and some of our unincorporated areas have been hard hit by gang activity, this is including marijuana grow sites in the hills operated at times by cartels members from Mexico.

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WAR WITH IRAN! OMG…run for cover

by Jack

What would war with Iran look like?   Quick answer, it would be short and violent.

  • If there was a war the Saudi’s would cheering.  They hate Iran and are fighting a proxy war with them right now in Qatar.
  •  In war the Strait of Hormuz would be a likely battle ground.  Iran can launch ship killing missiles and block international oil tankers from passing through.  This is Iran’s only home field advantage.
  • Obviously the Iranians options are fairly limited in a declared war.   They would have to fall back on terrorist type tactics because they don’t have a military that can reach us.
  • The Iranians can void the nuclear treaty, but since they have already done that many times that action has lost any significance.  The old treaty has no value and it didn’t long before Donald Trump took office.
  • If Iran declared war we would have every reason to obliterate their nuclear materials production.  The Israelis’ would love to see that or help us.  They’ve been wanting to  take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities for a long time.  There are many Middle East nations would have be very happy if we did that.
  • In terms of conventional combat Iran can’t attack us with their navy, they can’t reach us with their army or their air force, so what’s left?   Not much.  We would have to sail up to them and let them shoot at us, because they can’t get beyond their territorial waters without being destroyed.   But, we can stand off and shoot at them all day long with almost zero risk.
  • In terms of real harm they can’t do much of anything, but we can.  If they set off an IED or a car bomb, we can flatten their version of the Pentagon or take out a whole squadron of jet aircraft.  In a real shoot out Iran’s military force could be nullified into a broken force of just ground soldiers with small arms and next to no command and control ability.
  • War with Iran would be like sending little Chico High’s JV football team against NFL all stars.





Recently at a  Townhall meeting in VA.  Keep this picture in mind you CA liberals and your anti-2nd amendment BS, I hope it gives you nightmares.



Questions Linger About Drone Strike

by Jack

Unless you were a cog in the wheel of our middle east machine, you probably never heard of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani (Shown on left), Iran’s most powerful commander or Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (Shown below right), a lifelong ally of Iran and the current Iraqi deputy commander overseeing militias. The latter has long been at odds with the United States and was a sellout to Iran.  The fact they remained unknown and untouched is a colossal failing of past president’s Bush and Obama.

From the start of Gulf War II, the global intelligence community knew these guys were trouble. Insiders knew Suleimani was orchestrating bomb attacks and other terrorist type attacks in Iraq. So why were our former leaders not building a case against them before the world and the American public? Why did it fall on Donald Trump to finally do what should have been done years earlier?  Consider, the history of these bad guys goes back decades – why didn’t somebody say something?!!!

Now fast forward to President Trump. Trump’s had his own problems to deal with since day one of his presidency, but despite those horrendous distractions, he still got the job done.  He cleaned up the mess that Bush and Obama left behind.

It doesn’t take a lot of deductive reasoning to figure out why Bush and Obama took a pass on removing Suleimani. They were afraid.  They knew the political fall out would be rough.  This is the same reasoning President Clinton followed when he passed on killing Osama bin Laden prior to 9-11 and look what that cost us!  So, finally it took the bombastic Donald Trump to do what should have been done years earlier.  

Of course now in the aftermath of their deaths the fallout is much worse than it needed to be.  And selling the attack to the public now is also much harder, especially with democrats united in destroying Trump.  

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, was one of the swiftest and fiercest lawmakers to condemn Trump’s actions. She said the strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani is a “dangerous escalation of tensions with Iran that brings us close to the brink of war.”

“The Trump Administration has acted without any consultation with Congress or an authorization to use military force,” Lee said in a statement.   (This is why I’m torn between Barbara Lee or Maxine Waters for the Idiot of the Year award.)

The dems are looking for political advantage here and consequently they are playing games with national security.  They are putting their own self interests ahead of the American public and that is loathsome beyond measure.

The drone strikes were legally and morally justifiable.   It was a unanimous decision by Trump’s cabinet members, but now he alone takes the heat.  The dems and our left-wing media have gone to great lengths to minimize this part and instead focus on beating up Trump for their own purposes.  Outrageous.   If they had the slightest bit of integrity we should be hearing over and over how these two characters were actively engaged in the plans to kill American soldiers and coalition forces and how Trump did the right thing, knowing it would cost him.

To make matters worse and let me say this again… until these two were killed nobody in the American public knew they even existed.  That was a tactical blunder of the highest order by both Bush and Obama and they deserve to be smacked down now.  That blunder now makes it easier for Iran to come at us in retaliation.   The only thing that is going to give them pause is Trump.  They know he doesn’t run from a fight.   

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