Proposition 20 would toughen California criminal penalties. Here’s how it works

By Andrew Sheeler and Jason Pohl, The Sacramento Bee  2 days ago
California voters are being called on to decide whether past ballot measures aimed at reducing incarceration statewide went too far.Proposition 20 would introduce tougher consequences for certain crimes, and block inmates convicted of certain offenses from getting early release.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is Prop. 20?

To understand Proposition 20, one first needs to recall Propositions 47 and 57.

California voters in 2014 approved Proposition 47, which lowered the penalty for certain theft-related crimes from felony to misdemeanor.

Then, in 2016, Californians voted for Proposition 57, which changed the state constitution to make it so that inmates convicted of non-violent felonies could become eligible for release after serving the term of their primary crime.

Now, in 2020, supporters of Proposition 20 seek to roll back some of the changes enacted by those previous ballot measures.

The ballot measure would turn several misdemeanor theft offenses into potential felonies, carrying the potential for a years-long sentence.

It also would prevent people incarcerated on certain offenses from earning early release for good behavior. In addition, parole boards would be required to consider a person’s entire criminal history, not just the offense for which they are incarcerated, when considering parole.

Finally, it would crack down on repeat probation violators by requiring probation officers to ask for a change in terms of supervision, meaning more possible jail time, in the event of a third such violation.

Who wants Prop. 20 to pass?

The ballot measure is supported by law enforcement groups, including the California Police Chiefs Association and the California District Attorneys Association, retail groups such as California Grocers Association, as well as some victims rights organizations, such as Crime Victims United of California.

“Really this is a lot about preventing victimization and making sure people are being held accountable,” said Citrus Heights Police Chief Ron Lawrence, the immediate past president of the California Police Chiefs Association

Lawrence said that while the criminal justice reform of the last decade was well-intended, it resulted in a rise in thefts in the state.

The Yes on Prop. 20 campaign cites California Department of Justice statistics that show a 30% increase in thefts since Prop. 47 made $950 the threshold for felony theft.

Lawrence argued that Prop. 20 will not put any more people in prison; people convicted under offenses made into felonies would be sentenced to county jail or drug treatment, not prison, he said.

The ballot measure, if passed, would keep some people in prison who might otherwise be able to get out early. But Lawrence said that this would be for people convicted of offenses such as human trafficking of a child or exploding a bomb to injure people.

Another proponent of Prop. 20 is Bishop Ron Allen, founder of the International Faith-Based Coalition, a group focused on drug use prevention, and a Sacramento-area pastor.

A recovering drug addict himself, Allen said that Proposition 20, by mandating drug treatment for certain cases, would bring help to those who otherwise wouldn’t seek it.


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VOTE NO ON PROPS 15 and 21

by Jack

CA offers very few incentives to businesses and a whole lot of costly regulations and taxes to the extent that IBD, Fortune, WSJ, and other magazines, consistently score CA as business unfriendly.  But, Covid’s quarantine has thousands of businesses dying or dead with no chance of coming back.  The end result of all this bureaucratic overregulation and taxation has been a sharp drop in the State’s tax revenue.  The knee jerk reaction to this is to simply raise taxes, which of course kills more businesses and so the cycle continues.

Prop 15 is a property tax hike on commercial property to raise 11.5 billion dollars for the greedy State of California.  Businesses can’t afford to pay those billions, so naturally, they pass this additional cost on to the consumer.  Any tax hike on business is really a tax hike on consumers because it is a pass-thru cost to the end-user.  This is a basic principle of economics, something socialists appear not to understand.  Vote NO on 15.

Prop 21 is a NO vote for the same reason as Prop 15.  Prop 21 will allow unelected government officials to impose fees on apartments and single-family homes and that obviously will make the cost of housing in CA even more expensive.

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Here’s a Debate Done Right

Posted by Jack

You want to see a good debate, look at how our Nick (from Chico) and his opponent handle themselves.   Nick graduated from Champion Christian School in Chico and went into the army right out of high school.  He joined the special forces a few months after 9-11.  In the debate below the candidates a seeking a Congress seat in the State of Virginia.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have these two in a presidential debate?   They are both pretty sharp, but in my opinion, Nick won.  He made all the great points that we talk about here daily.

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The 10 Million Dollar Plan to Ruin Chico

by Jack

I went to the City Council meeting last night because they were considering a proposal to spend up to $10 million for temporary homeless housing.   This proposal will only take them through to January, then it will cost more to continue the most expensive parts of the program.

Here come the $$$ studies:  The City Manager, Mark Orme, wants the council to spend $100K on a study for a campsite and environmental impact reporting.  He also wants us to spend another 100k on a study for fire risk assessment the fire marshall could do for free.

The plan includes $60k for potential municipal code enforcement, 657K for temporary beds, another 300k to increase the size of the Torres shelter by 50 beds, another 550k to clean up the mess left behind by bums and junkies at current campsite and waterways and an estimated 5 to 8 million dollars for “non-congregate emergency sheltering.”  That means paying for hotel rooms for bums.  This whole package is euphemistically referred to as the Quality of Life Plan.  It is part of the older Homeless Solutions Plan.

Only a government bureaucrat could conceive of such a costly, do nothing, high risk, boondoggle.   But, read the details and you will see that it gets downright scary!

The proposed “emergency” campsite is to be located on the west side of the airport.   This area is being put at risk.  I’m sure the local residents in that area have no clue the city wants to move hundreds of bums and junkies next door to them.   Can’t wait to see what happens after they find out.

My thought on all this, is why should we feel compelled to do anything?  These people are not from here.  They only came here because of liberal touchy-feely programs and giveaways.  They can find their way out of Chico just as easily if we give them the proper motivation.

Speaking of motivation…. there is not one thing in the city plan to disincentivize (discourage) more bums and junkies from coming to the party being held in Chico.

The council is focused only on short term housing, feeding, and caring for transients that were bused here or came in on the rails.   These are the people the city calls victims of a housing shortage or victims of Trump’s economy.  They are in reality mostly just lifelong bums.  Some are mentally ill,  many are drug abusers, criminal predators, alcoholics, and chronically unemployed misfits.   They will stay this way as long as they can, absent intervention, and this means mandatory compliance, as in mental health hospitals and rehab places.  This is a federal problem because it’s nationwide.  The little city of Chico could spend every dime in the budget on just the hardcore bums and still not have good results.

The democrat policies of this state, Oregon and Washington, for the past 20 plus years have caused 50% of the nation’s homeless to move West and that means many cities like Chico are now overrun with the worst sort of bums imaginable.

They keep coming and coming because there’s nothing to stop them!  This place is filled with suckers and a government of liberal Democrats that run the show from top to bottom.

Democrats are, for the most part, socialists and they exist to create bloated bureaucracies.   The easiest way to create a bureaucracy is to create a crisis first, then create an industry to service it.   The homeless industry in CA is worth billions and its growing like wildfire and spending without restraint.  They spend mostly under the guise of solving a housing shortage or for “sheltering in place” to prevent the spread of COVIDS!  lol  Imagine, asking the world’s craziest and most irresponsible people to act responsibly?  Makes you wonder who the real crazies are, doesn’t it?

The freebies, handouts, and entitlements for the nation’s chronic problem people flow like mana from heaven in CA.   It’s a massive party hosted by liberals dedicated to expanding socialism.  For the so-called homeless across the country, this state is irresistible, it’s ripe for the picking.   So, they come here by the tens of thousands looking for free stuff.  This is the place where the cops can’t stop you from committing petty crimes because there are too many bums committing petty crimes and the bleeding heart locals tearfully hand out dollar bills at every major intersection.

Welcome to Chico!  But, don’t get a job – heck no!  Just swipe a $400 shopping cart,(nobody, not even the cops will do anything) load it up with whatever you can beg or steal, then settle into your donated tent at a free campsite in Bidwell Park, this place comes with free meals too.   (Drugs of all kinds are readily available)

Maybe a tiny house is in your future, who knows?  It’s always something being given to you here in Chico, because it’s what our liberals love to do, uh, with other people’s money of course.    So let them treat you, it makes them feel good!

Last night at the Council Meeting I was one of only two people (both of us being taxpayers and property owners) that stood up to speak against this outrageously wasteful spending.  Sadly, this gives the council the idea they have a green light to move forward with the spending.

The Quality of Life Plan is available at City Hall or you can download it online.

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Alexandra Lains Explains Why People are Voting for Trump

Alexandra Lains (college student and firebrand….) explains why people are voting for Trump.  You can read the transcript of the podcast she did recently below;

If you are a liberal and can’t stand Trump and can’t fathom why anyone would want to vote for him let me clue you in.

You’ve done everything in your power to destroy this country. You’ve attempted to tear down our police, our borders, and our history. You’ve been systematically destroying our schools and brainwashing our kids into thinking that socialism is the answer to everything.

You’ve been demonizing our religion, our faith, glorifying abortion, violence, and thug culture. You call us racist every time we disagree with you. You sneer at us because we have the audacity to wish someone a merry Christmas, stand for the national anthem, hang a flag on the 4th of July, or wear a MAGA hat out in public. So much for your tolerance!

We’re not voting for Trump because he’s the most charming character on the block, but because we vote policy over personality. We are sick and tired of your divisive, destructive, and intolerant behavior, parading around with your ignorant beliefs as if they were some kind of wokeness. We vote for Trump because of you.

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Forestry Mismanagement to Hit Homeowners in Pocketbook

by Jack

Reason #90,116, “Why You Should Leave California”

A lot of CA homeowners trying to renew their fire insurance may be in for a nasty surprise, they could find their home is no longer insurable or insurance is no longer affordable because of wildfires!

California is completely controlled by one political party and therefore there is only one party to blame for this disaster, democrats.   But, they are not nearly as stupid and incompetent as the voters that elected them.  Educating liberal voters is next to impossible, they are world-class dummies and that means liberal politicians can fool them year after year.

“Non-renewals climbed 31% throughout the state last year, with ZIP codes that had a “moderate to very high fire risk” seeing a 61% uptick, according to a presentation Monday by the California Department of Insurance. The regulator is hosting a hearing to discuss the state of the homeowners’ market.

Years of wildfire damage have upended the home-insurance market in certain areas of the state, causing insurers to seek to raise prices or refuse to insure certain properties. That’s caused more residents to turn to the FAIR Plan, a backstop for fire risk, with those policies climbing 36% statewide last year and more than doubling in higher-risk areas, according to the presentation.”


A Bad Case of “You know Who I am?” Rated (R) for language

by Jack

Another bad public servant bites the dust!

The police are concluding a traffic stop when this hostile woman arrives on the scene and inserts herself into the situation.  She lets the cops know right off that she is the Port Authority Commissioner, she is also a lawyer and she has every right to ask them why they pulled over the car in question?

She repeatedly demands police to explain themselves immediately because she has “a right to know their business.”  They refuse.  They say she does not have a right to know because she is not a party to the stop.  The increasingly angry woman finally admits one of the passengers is her daughter and she is very angry she has been inconvenienced and her day is being ruined by these cops.  She warned them she is going to contact the Mayor and Police Chief.  Then it gets worse and these cops get an earful.

Clearly, the woman is trying to influence the officers and abuse her office.   Legally speaking, uninvolved citizens do not have a right to know why anyone has been pulled over.  This is police business and if a person wants to know more they can wait until the incident is over and then ask officers or they can contact police records in the police department and get public access information there.  However, anyone who, during an investigation, inserts themselves in a way to delay or obstruct the police in their official business is subject to arrest.

Now the video, and keep in mind this is just a summary of the official police video that went on for about 10 minutes:

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Agenda 21 and Socialism


A Video You Need to See

Thanks go to Peggy for this wonderful find….


Kamala Tells a Whopper and Gets Caught

by Jack

During the VP debate, Kamala Harris claimed that ol’ Honest Abe refused to nominate a Supreme Court justice ahead of an election because it “wasn’t the right thing to do.”  Harris said Lincoln refused to taint the court with the perception of political motives.

“Abraham Lincoln’s party was in charge, not only of the White House, but the Senate, but Honest Abe said it’s not the right thing to do. The American people deserve to make the decision about who will be the next president of the United States. And then that person can select who will serve for a lifetime and the highest court of our land,” Harris insisted on the debate stage. “And so, Joe and I are very clear, the American people are voting right now. And it should be their decision about who will serve on this most important body for a lifetime.”  And this was a big fat lie.  Harris should be ashamed for deliberately lying for her own political advantage! 

The truth found in documented history says, ….when the

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., lying to the voters.

previous justice (Roger B. Taney) died and Lincoln was given the opportunity to fill his seat, the U.S. Senate was already out of session.   THE SENATE WAS NOT IN SESSION!  THEY COULD NOT VOTE ON IT.  Lincoln could not move his nomination forward, end of the story.  So Kamal Harris lied.

Even if the Senate was in session it’s doubtful that Lincoln would have tried to make an appointment because his party was divided by turmoil over the war issues.  If he had suggested a new judge just before the election it could only serve to stir more trouble among the several Republican factions.  Lincoln was worried that he was going to lose the election to Democrat ‘Peace” candidate, George McClellan.  He did not want to risk needless fighting within his party ranks when he needed the vote of every Republican.

There’s the undeniable truth.

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