Letter From Sean Morgan – Chico City Council

Greetings Friends,

I wish I didn’t need to send this update.  I wish our Council would focus on our City’s Mission Statement: “A safe place to raise a family, an ideal location for business, and a premier place to live.” 

This is simply NOT what we’ve been focused on.

First, the big elephant in the room: the Council is supporting a low-barrier shelter blocks away from the University and in the heart of student housing.  Low-barrier means you can arrive drunk, high, incoherent, etc. and you will be welcomed.  The fact that the Jesus Center and Safe Space (overall good organizations) had the audacity to propose this shelter, in this location, shows you just how far our Council has swayed away from our mission.

For years we worked on consolidating services (and locations) and increasing accountability.  Now we’re willing to drop no-accountability shelters next to the City’s largest economic driver.  Luckily, University President Hutchinson wrote a letter of opposition to the location.  It remains to be seen whether the Council will listen. I urge you all to pay close attention to this situation, speak to your neighbors and friends about this, and make sure the Council hears/reads your opinion about this. In case you want to hear my extended thoughts about this issue, click on the link below to watch/listen to my comments.

Sean Morgan Comments on the No Accountability Shelter Proposal


Part 2 A Dutch Perspective of CA

by Jack

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take a look at Oakland and San Francisco shown below.  Any words jumping out?

Oh, and just think, none of this…NONE…. existed until the liberals seized control over California.  Not long ago we were first in everything that made a great society, now we are only first in bums, druggies, filth and crime.  I can hardly wait to see what CA will look like in another few years.  Thank you liberals!


The poop patrol has plenty of work in Oakland and San Francisco, but where’s the hazmat suit?




Free needles for addicts had an unintended consequence, now they’re everywhere, on the sidewalks, around schools, on the park lawn, etc.   Better watch your step!









They got rights to camp  – read it, it says so!



















Formerly this vacant lot of was filled with trash.  Then came the tiny houses!   See what a big improvement they made?  We plan on having lots of tiny houses in Chico too!












And once again, you need to watch your step, butt for an entirely different reason than above….


Ah, welcome to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…. to conceal the smell and bring your own toilet paper.






Thank Gawd, here comes the bathroom attendant!  He’s a very important person these days.  He’s making about $35 an hour too!










I bet the Gateway Plaza loves having these folks enhancing their property.













Hope y’all enjoyed your visit,  come back and see us again y’hear?


A Dutch Perspective of CA

by Jack

My daughter just arrived from Holland and having now lived in both CA and Holland she contrasted life here and there.  She had some surprising and not so surprising perspectives.  Her observations compared Amsterdam to Los Angeles and San Francisco and Chico to some comparable sized villages outside Amsterdam.

Note:  The following are a sort of consensus opinions that included her Dutch friends that have also travelled here and of course her opinions.

1st reality check:  California was nothing like the Dutch thought it would be.  They expected L.A. and San Francisco to be a more glamorous cities, like Hollywood, bustling with world class business types and well to do people.

Once off the plane they started seeing the real CA.  First impression, the people looked

Golden Gate Park

too casual, almost shabby and poor casual.   There was no comparison to the well dressed characters they were accustomed to seeing on TV.  It was like, Americans don’t care about their personal appearance very much.

Dutch tourists entering the big cities on the west coast in the last few years had to be taken aback by the large numbers of  filthy people living next to and under freeway bridges.  Or bums laying around in the city parks or crazy people pushing shopping carts filled with garbage bags, etc.   It was a sight in this wealthy state that they never expected to see; the level of human misery and poverty was stunning.   And all the trash… it was shocking to say the least. All of my daughters friends agreed with the above – CA is dirty and unsafe.

By comparison their cities, even in Amsterdam that is so well known for its liberal use of cannabis, is a 1000 times cleaner and 99% free of street bums, drunks, druggies and crazy people.  I can imagine they collectively thought, my God is this America, what’s happened here?  (A village neighborhood outside Amsterdam shown below, no pot holes either)

The standard of living in Holland was so superior to this, they couldn’t believe it.  For example, their vehicles are generally smaller, but newer.  Sure, they have their traffic issues, but nothing like here.  She thinks this is because a large portion of the Dutch society ride the bus, train or bike to work.  “You don’t see the big hillbilly pickups and loud beater cars in Holland.” She said.

Amsterdam is not loaded with fast food places, liquor stores, bars, chain restaurants and cheesy looking strip malls either.  To the Dutch, our commercial districts look devoid of culture, no appealing architecture, just big windows framed in aluminum….all of our stores look so similar and not very appealing.  For them, it was depressing to see because they had such a different idea of what modern and rich CA would look like.

Dutch villages have commercial districts too, but they are a variety of shops interspersed with homes or apartments.  The shops (and bars) don’t really stand out.  The locals know where to go to find what they need, its not necessary to have giant billboards and neon signs everywhere. They look down upon such things as trashy and they prefer understatement to our, in-your-face advertisements or tacky store signage.

Dutch people generally cook at home, they like eating healthy so the demand for fast foods isn’t there.  Their grocery stores are well stocked, comparably priced products to ours, but the store floors and shelves are sparkling clean.  You would not think of littering inside a store or letting your kids run loose.   Kids are kept under control at all times.  And outside the shop doors,  you never see scary looking panhandlers hanging around. (Dutch teens shown below on left)

My daughter says because of the way they eat the Dutch tend to be slimmer.  She thinks the young girls are a bit taller too.  In her opinion, they dress better than the grungy, casual look here.  Over there what you wear is a statement about your self respect and refinement.   She said by comparison, the American girls look pretty sad.  “They dress really poor like they don’t care.”  Dutch think too many Americans take too little pride in their personal appearance and I would have to plead guilty to that one (at least at times).

My daughter’s take was younger Americans, those under 25, are just not as sharp mentally as their Dutch counterparts.   She blames some of this in part on America trying to dummy proof everything for our society.  In the Netherlands they have more personal responsibility in their daily lives and they must think for themselves, at least more than we do here.   Here we see American’s that can’t even figure out how to use a simple roundabout without a ton of signs  pointing out the obvious.    She uses the phrase “dummy proofing” a lot when describing how people are directed around CA, from our big parking lots to freeways.  All those signs appear to be made for stupid people with no common sense. (American teens shown upper right)  This is how my daughters friends see us.

It was her opinion that our education of K-12 in CA is not doing all that they could.     They’re not teaching kids what they need to know to be good citizens and enter the work force.  Instead we engage in too many worthless subjects best taught at home, if at all.  We also give social promotions, unthinkable in Dutch society.  We lack trade schools for those not interested in higher education, but the Dutch pride themselves in training skilled workers.

In Holland one could expect to pay about 40% in taxes and they know its high, but the roads are well maintained, there’s no crumbling infrastructure or pot holed roads or trash along the freeways.  It’s just a better run society and she says their tax dollars are better spent that our tax dollars.  The Dutch  spend public money on needed and practical projects that will last centuries. (Amsterdam train station on left  – modern and very clean)

Aside from the regular taxes, they pay about $100 (USD) per month for complete healthcare with no deductible, you need help you can walk in and be served no further cost.   However, addressing complicated medical issues takes far longer and there is a good chance if you need something to treat your cancer you won’t be getting it very fast.  That’s the worst part.

(Graffiti on BART train shown right)

My daughter was quick to emphasize ( and most of her friends would agree) that  their socialist form of healthcare would never work here!  We are too different, the country is too big and in general we are too irresponsible.  We simply have too many scammers, too many low class, riffraff that would become a huge financial drag on the whole system.

Criminal behavior is something Dutch society looks down on, they do not tolerate such people very well.  Unlike here, there is a lot of peer pressure to behave or else.  One does not get drunk and drive.  You don’t do hard drugs and you don’t do the stupid stuff that will get you injured, unless you are a tourist from America.

Their system works because it’s a smaller country. Everything is easier to manage.  They are a more homogeneous society where most everyone respects each other and abides by the rules.

They have no 3rd world types overrunning Holland and no crime riddled Mexico on their border like we do.   As a result, crime is low, employment is high and defrauding the government welfare system is fairly rare.  Again, it’s a cultural thing, unlike here where cheating and stealing from the government is rampant and therefore our costs for everything is much higher than need be.

Their villages (see left) are more like fairy tale sets right out of Disneyland.  They are super clean, very solid built and historic looking homes with smooth brick paved roads (narrower than here)  and its all perfectly maintained.  A house could be new or 300 years old and you probably couldn’t tell the difference from the outside.

Quaint Dutch Village Shops Lined with White Tulips in Holland Michigan 700755

If a place like seedy Stockton was suddenly transplanted to Holland…wow,  the Dutch would be busy bulldozing about half it right off.  They are intolerant of blight.  And the miscreants that roam Stockton’s streets at night would be around for long.  Hollands laws are much stricter than ours.  My daughter thinks they would be deporting tens of thousands of losers back to the USA.  The undereducated, low class, lazy or criminally inclined types we put up with here would be targets of scorn and ridicule in Holland.  By comparison the Dutch are hard working, educated, and much more cultured than what we see coming up in our newest generations.

A few decades ago this culture contrast would not have been so great in CA, but now it like night and day and it’s shocking to the outside observer.

In closing, my daughter is sure that European tourism is bound to start falling off in blighted places like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, etc.  She said people from Holland, Germany, etc., would be horrified to see our bums and all the human feces and drug needles on the sidewalks of San Francisco.  She doubts they will ever want to return to these S-hole cities run by our liberals.

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Illegal Aliens $27 Million, Gold Star Kids Zip

By Pie Guevara

I was going to leave this for part of a Friday Free-For-All but Joe brought it up in a comment and so I decided to address it now.

Last Tuesday New York state Democrats granted $27 million dollars for illegal alien college tuition and rejected to allocate more money to a $2.7 million program that helps students related to or dependent on disabled and deceased combat veterans to pay college tuition.

Now, to be fair, some Democrats did not oppose the bill to add a few hundred thousand to the Gold Star families tuition program, but even if the bill had passed, what message is sent? Well, duh. Democrats care more about illegal aliens than they do their own citizens. Even the families of citizens who have sacrificed life and limb for this country.

“We set aside $27 million dollars for college for people that are here illegally…apparently $2.7 million is all that the families of soldiers who are killed, get. If you’re a child of a fallen soldier, you do not rank as high and you know that by the money,” observed Republican state Sen. Robert Ortt, who sponsored the proposed additional funding for the Gold Star tuition program.

Federal law (US Code 1623) states that anyone who is not legally a citizen cannot be entitled to any benefit that is denied to a citizen of the United States. Citing this law recently the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that colleges in Georgia are not required to admit illegal immigrant students.

But hey, since when did any federal statute keep Democrats from violating federal law? Democrats will do whatever they please and federal statutes (or The Constitution for that matter) be damned.

As long as corrupt Democrat machines that control states like New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California put illegal aliens before their own countrymen, this country is going to be screwed, royally. Suck it up, kids.

OK, now I am going to go back to watching Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in Frank Capra’s often hilarious film “It Happened One Night.” Here is a clip —

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Why I Love Kamala Harris and You Should Too

By Pie Guevara

A tip of the hat to Joe who posted this video in a comment. I thought it deserved front page status.

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This Is Brilliant

Pie Guevara’s Friday Free-For-All

Trump: Let’s see if sanctuary cities have open arms.

No further commentary necessary. “The Five” discussion pretty much covers it all. Cheer or jeer, I leave it to you.

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Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America?

by Jack

What do you get with unbridled compassion, absent common sense and accountability?  You get filthy s- – – holes.  You get epic squalor in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc.  Now read on:

2018- LATimes:  “Guess which state has the highest poverty rate in the country? Not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia, but California, where nearly one out of five residents is poor. That’s according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which factors in the cost of housing, food, utilities and clothing, and which includes noncash government assistance as a form of income.” 

Cont- “California state and local governments spent nearly $958 billion from 1992 through 2015 on public welfare programs, including cash-assistance payments, vendor payments and “other public welfare,” according to the Census Bureau. California, with 12% of the American population, is home today to about one in three of the nation’s welfare recipients.

The generous spending, then, has not only failed to decrease poverty; it actually seems to have made it worse.

A recent study said a large portion of the homeless were either mentally ill or drug addicts or a combination thereof with estimates as high as 92%.  The drug addiction either caused or contributed to their mental illness.  In such cases, without forced intervention there is almost zero prospects for recovery and we have virtually no forced intervention save for the most extreme cases.   Even under the best of circumstances an addict has less than a 10% chance for recovery, heroin is about 2%.

California Democrats have long been free to indulge blue-state ideology while paying little or no political price.

Tiny houses and wet shelters aka low barrier shelters aren’t doing anything to solve the major issues, they are just feel good efforts for the liberals.  And I believe they are helping to exacerbate the problem for the communities that offer such things!    The communities that don’t offer the homeless perks and educate their citizens about giving money directly to panhandlers fair much better.

California has long been one of the top states for welfare benefits and as such its also become a tremendous magnet for the nations poor, mentally ill, drug addicted and chronic homeless.   Of course the liberals would deny this reality, but the evidence is becoming overwhelming.  Assemblyman Travis Allen portrayed the depths of California’s human emergency thusly:  “Homelessness has skyrocketed across California. We have the nation’s highest homelessness rate and the nation’s highest homeless population.”  And liberals think its all about minimum wage and affordable housing. 

In 2017 HUD said California had the third highest homeless rate nationally with 34 in every 10,000 people in the state experiencing homelessness.  Two states are worse off: New York and Hawaii.  And what does CA, NY and Hi have in common?  Same thing Seattle and San Francisco have… they are bastions of unbridled liberalism.

If we could raise the minimum wage high enough we could solve the homeless problem…..right?

“California lawmakers recently passed a measure raising the minimum wage from $10 an hour to $15 an hour by 2022 — but a higher minimum wage will do nothing for the 60% of Californians who live in poverty and don’t have jobs. And research indicates that it could cause many who do have jobs to lose them. A Harvard University study found evidence that “higher minimum wages increase overall exit rates for restaurants” in the Bay Area, where more than a dozen cities and counties, including San Francisco, have changed their minimum-wage ordinances in the last five years. “Estimates suggest that a one-dollar increase in the minimum wage leads to a 14% increase in the likelihood of exit for a 3.5-star restaurant (which is the median rating),” the report says. These restaurants are a significant source of employment for low-skilled and entry-level workers.” (LA Times)

Locally, the new Chico city council is proving that they have learned absolutely nothing from the bad examples in other cities and now Chico wants to try it, even thought past practice says it does not work!  Specifically, this would be Chico’s attempt to build more shelters, more tiny houses and a new wet shelter.  Even worse, they have not figured out that most basic principle of all, that the more you offer the more will come.  

At this advanced stage of the game the city council still has no clue who they are trying to help?  Are they helping drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill, chronically homeless, exactly who are they trying to reach and where do they come from?   How can they expect success without knowing something so elemental?    



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Update – Zombie Cells and Life Extension – It’s Happening

posted by Jack

Click here for full article. 

INFO:   A senolytic is a compound that selectively destroys these zombie cells. In recent experiments, elderly mice treated with the compound appeared and acted more youthful. Their kidney function improved, their fur regrew, and they were able to run twice as far as untreated mice.

Researchers hope that senolytics may do the same for us.

In fact, scientists around the world are racing to develop even more senolytic drugs.

In March of this year, the magazine Chemical & Engineering News (CE&N) interviewed several longevity researchers. Among those interviewed was longevity researcher Judith Campisi, who said

“If chemists can come up with drugs that can kill senescent cells in humans, we think this is going to revolutionize modern medicine”   (And we’ve done it since this was written)

The longevity researcher pointed out that senolytics would have multiple health benefits when she added:

“No longer would you have a pill for your blood pressure and a pill for your glaucoma and a pill to stabilize your heart and a pill to improve your kidney function. You’d have a pill that would hit multiple problems that affect the elderly,” Campisi concluded with “It is very unlikely that these are drugs that you would have to take every day. Just when enough senescent cells had accumulated again.”

Zombie-Like Senescent Cells

As we get older, senescent cells build up in our tissues, where they contribute to conditions such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Senescent cells are zombie-like damaged cells that stop working. They don’t just sit around idly. Instead, they wreak havoc throughout our bodies, causing dysfunction and inflammation.

Lifespan extension proponents such as the outspoken Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Research Foundation and other anti-aging enthusiasts have been long advocating for ways to remove these troublemakers from our bodies.

The above article was written in 2017 and guess what?  We’re now into human trials and things are looking very promising!





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A Double Standard

by Jack

Kamala Harris owns a gun, but she justifies it because it’s only for personal protection.

So why is she so hot to trot to take away our weapons that are highly suitable for personal protection?

Under her watch thousands of law abiding Californians were prevented from purchasing any number of rifles and pistols for the most absurd reasons.   Even some of the pre-existing (before the law changed) weapons have been deemed illegal for the most arbitrary reasons you could imagine.

What do I mean by arbitrary?  Okay, for example if your old semi-auto rifle has a bayonet lug on it…it’s an assault weapon.   I suppose this is to stop the bayoneting going on around the state, but if not, then it was an arbitrary law passed for the sole purpose of taking away your gun using a scare tactic.

But, did it accomplish it’s mission of reducing gun violence?  Nah, but never mind that.  This was always about seizing guns and any excuse was good enough.


Rosenstein Steps Forward

posted by Jack

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defended Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Special Counsel’s report in an interview published Wednesday.

“He’s being as forthcoming as he can, and so this notion that he’s trying to mislead people, I think is just completely bizarre,” Rosenstein told The Wall Street Journal.

Will this silence the democrats?  No, but it makes them sort of foolish.