Charges of Voter Fraud in Nevada

by Jack Lee

Teachers and their union have been buying Democrat votes with Starbucks gift cards? Election workers are alleged to be doctoring records in favor of Democrats and to top it off the majority leader of the U.S. Senate is accused of bribing college students with an offer of free pizza.


Allegations of dirty politics are being made by Republicans on behalf of Sharron Angle, who is challenging Harry Reid (shown at upper left) for his Senate seat. The GOP has filed 44 pages of documents detailing voter fraud that implicates Reid and Democrats and they say this should have been caught earlier by the Secretary of State in Nevada who is responsible for keeping elections clean. Violations are especially rampant in Clark and Washoe counties, say Republicans.

Secretary of State Ross Miller, a lifelong democrat hack was reluctantly forced to investigate the early voting irregularities. Like a good partisan, he immediately put it back on the Republicans who are the victims when he said, “Obviously, I am suspicious of any allegations just a week before the election where rumors are perpetuated by political parties or candidates without any substantiated evidence,” he said, disregarding the 44 pages of substance that have been submitted. However, apparently unknown to Mr. Miller this is the time when most voting irregularities tend to show up. What a dunce!

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1 Response to Charges of Voter Fraud in Nevada

  1. Tina says:

    Such incredible shenanigans. The SEIU in charge of voter machines…several people report Harry Reid’s name already checked off and when they attempt to change it the computer doesn’t allow it.. One account had over 400 people registered at the same address…an empty lot.

    ACORN (and acorn by other names) is also up to it’s old registration tricks

    As Hugh Hewitt famously said (and wrote the book), “If they can’t cheat they can’t win”.

    Well they cheat so the only way to beat them is to beat the tar out of them…swamp them.

    Nice photo, Jack!

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