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It’s Good to be the King

Posted by Jack WAILEA, HAWAII  (Sac – Bee ) It’s happy hour at the Fairmont Kea Lani. Just past four on Sunday afternoon, former state Sen. Rod Wright settles in at the lobby bar for the mai tai that he … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris – A Frightening Choice as VP

by Jack To think that the candidate who folded early in her presidential bid because her message didn’t go over with the people, would now be Biden’s top choice for VP?  That is scary on a number of levels. Harris … Continue reading

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CA Governor Issues Executive Order for Homeless Camps

by Jack RECALL GOV. NEWSOM – LINK BELOW Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an Executive Order last wed. that will open Cal Trans properties for homeless encampments.  The cities and counties that were faced with sanitary problems, health issues and criminal … Continue reading

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Pump Prices and California Corruption – A Special Report

by Jack Editor’s note:  If you like this article and found it helpful, please feel free to copy it and send to your friends.   29 May 2019 – Feeling the pinch at the pumps? We hear you and for … Continue reading

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Mueller Report – A Catastrophe for Millions of True Believers

by Jack The Mueller Report is FINALLY over and the Russia-gate hoax has imploded! For the best part of  two years Democrats and their leftist allies in the news-entertainment business have been monumentally busy trying to keep this hoax alive.  … Continue reading

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Say Hello to My Little Friend, the New Retroactive Text Tax

by Jack Hot off the wire… the new CA governor and his pals are preparing a new tax for 2019, a “text tax” on cell phones to be precise. This tax is to be retroactive for 5 years and will … Continue reading

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Senator Accuses US Border Patrol – Banned Chemical Weapons

by Jack We all should know by now, the democrats have a hate on for Trump unlike any other in our long political history, uh, President Lincoln excepted.  This blind hate has caused them to do all manner of crazy … Continue reading

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Clear Pattern of Leftist Hate and Violence

Note:   The following article is about free speech and violence.  It’s a rough subject, but I’m hoping you wait until the end to judge it.   Then I would like to hear your thoughts.   by Jack There is … Continue reading

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The Liberal Gang Looks for Every Concievable Angle to Get at Trump

by Jack The Gang of Millions, those left-wingers in network TV, news anchors, talk show hosts, Hollywood in general, college professors in particular, those countless leftwing political hacks, those brain dead democrats, race-baiters, anarchist trolls, Antifa, et al, they all … Continue reading

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Homelessness in CA Surges – Here’s Why

by Jack This is by no means a comprehensive study, but it should begin to give you the ammo you need to rebut these liberal twits with their crazy ideas about the homeless problem and what to do about it.  … Continue reading

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