Federal Government Has Survived Two Days into Sequester!

by Jack


Are you still kickin?  The government is still operating after enduring two days of these nightmarish cuts.  The gloom and doom predicted by Obama hasn’t touched my household yet.  Life goes on as usual.  Amazing isn’t it?  Sure will be interesting to see dire results… haha

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5 Responses to Federal Government Has Survived Two Days into Sequester!

  1. Soaps says:

    Just you wait, Jack. It will happen. Obama will make sure of that. He is p.o.’d plenty.

  2. Harold Ey says:

    Hey Jack, why don’t we voters who work for a living verse those who vote for a living start to list some of the useless Governmnet programs that should have been cut. Ones that would not have affected the tax payers a tiny bit. Ones that would not amount to a ant hill of sequester cuts. I saw were “robotict squirrils” missed the cuts, along with liquior allowance for the Capital Hill players in DC (actually that may be a benifit, “sober” they might get real work done). Anyway just a thought

  3. Tina says:

    Not a bad idea Harold.

    The new pig book that lists all the pork from 2012 isn’t out yet but should be soon. A couple of thoughts off the top of my head:

    1. John Kerry’s recent $250 million in aid to Egypt

    2. Thousands of rounds of ammunition (American Thinker puts it at a billion rounds)

    3. 2700 armored vehicles

    Find that American Thinker article here

    Jack is this the same vehicle that you reported Chico got awhile back?

    Aha…just found a Heritage article about waste in 2012…it will be up in a few, Harold!

  4. Harold Ey says:

    Thank you Tina & Jack, I am sick of just listening to Obama try to scare the American public with typical &#%$ about all the basics we will lose, however “HE” nevers talks about the waste and what programs we can easily do without. I am glad you mentioned Egypts payoff, that and all the Jets they’ll get, I wonder what the cost of the service plans will cost us as well? SPEND SPEND SPEND, after it’s nothing Obama worked for is it!

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