Charting Muslim Beliefs – Can We Talk?

Posted by Tina

We’ve had more than a few discussions here at Post Scripts about the nature of Islam and about the accusations of Islamophobia charged against anyone who dares speak of the threat posed to our safety and freedom by radicals tied to the religion. Some insist the radicals are few in number but does that view truly reflect the reality across the world? And isn’t it imperative that we have the freedom to speak honestly about terror threats and the values in Islam that conflict with our Western values?

David French over at National Review has posted a couple of charts that everyone should see. They very quickly dispel the idea that most Muslims around the world hold moderate views, unless you think that execution for those who leave Islam is a moderate position. French elaborates:

Read it and weep. In Egypt, for example, more than 70 percent of the public supports shariah law, and almost 90 percent of those individuals also support executing those who leave Islam. I feel comfortable saying this is a problem, a much, much greater problem than any alleged American “Islamophobia,” and if we turn away from these statistics and believe the fault for continued jihadist bloodshed lies primarily within us — or is primarily the fault of Israel — then we are truly willfully blind. …

Mr. French says he does not pretend to know the “true nature” of Islam and does not share the chart as proof of the true nature of Islam. He offers it, at least if I read him right, as a caution about “deep cultural problems” in the Muslim world. His last ironic conclusion amounts to the booby prize for taxpayers:

…One final note: Two of the worst countries on that chart — Egypt and Pakistan — are also among our largest recipients of military and financial aid. It looks like billions of taxpayer dollars do not, in fact, buy moderation.

I agree! I’d add that appeasement and restrictions on language do not buy moderation or safety. They may, in fact, result in more risk of deadly attacks.

Given recent information that America was warned in writing in 2012 about one of the Boston Bombing perpetrators, and given the lessons we seem not to have learned following the Fort Hood murders, and given the ridiculous changes made in training manuals and failures resulting from official policy it’s time to stop pretending there is no specific Islamic threat. It’s time to drop political correctness in our discourse and in our policy.

It is possible to speak honestly about those who do not share our values and about those who wish to do us major harm without being disrespectful to peaceful, freedom loving Muslims. Anyone that does not, or cannot, speak honestly, for any reason, doesn’t belong in a leadership position. It is imperative that forthrightness be used in language, policy, and training concerning the threats we face. We can take affective steps to stop radicals from completing their deadly missions on American soil but only if we face the task with complete information and honesty in discourse and training.

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14 Responses to Charting Muslim Beliefs – Can We Talk?

  1. Harold Ey says:

    Clearly to most of us in the USA, and possibly all the non- Islamic world their religion is confusing. Most all the Muslim people in America claim venomously that it is a peaceful religion, but refuse openly to promote it as such, other than by words. I heard a statement made by a Bill O’ Riley that he would feel more convinced about Muslims peaceful intentions, if as a suggestion they held a world conference to help resolve some of the conflict with in the religion. Really not a bad idea, and it did get a understanding nod from his Muslim spokesperson guest. Be interesting to see the idea followed through on. Also with the porosity of our boarders and weak immigration policies (of follow through) Bob Beckel a Democratic strategist, suggested a 2 year moratorium on Scholar visas to Muslim students (Chinese students as well for different reasons)) until DHS and ICE can verify the location and intent, let alone find all of them, Currently over 20% or 15000 are not attending classes and AWOL, but still here in America. I feel the article posted by Tina has a lot of credence about the real intentions of certain portions of the Muslim religion, and our problem is we do not who is peaceful and who are sleepers, yet this country’s current direction continuous to expose our soft underbelly to those intent on our destruction. Good article considering the current events here and in Benghazi, and the rest of the middle eastern world, at least the American public is working to catch those using current weak Administrative policies to operate in America. However, while apparently ignoring these issues , this Administration is working hard to weaken our second amendment rights and the needless heavy purchase of ammunition, most likely to dry up the supply of ammunition to the American public, especially now! As Peggy suggest, maybe this PS post will help enlighten voters, because it IS time for us to pressure the current elected to get more nonpartisan, and start working for us ,and not their re-elections.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    Re Harold Ey “Clearly to most of us in the USA, and possibly all the non-Islamic world [find] their religion is confusing.”

    I am not confused by Islam.

  3. Tina says:

    a quote from Pies first link:

    Islamophobia … It’s kind of like Infidelophobia only with something worth complaining about.

    A reminder that we can label just about anything as phobia. It is much more difficult to communicate honestly about a situation or problem.

    One problem that is very difficult for non Muslims and peaceful Muslims alike is that radical Islam is controlled and advised by spiritual leaders with tremendous political, social, judicial, and political power. It would be difficult for moderates to achieve reform with these leaders in power.

    We now know that al Qaeda is responsible for the Benghazi attack and the leader is walking around freely.

    Breitbart reminds us of the administrations disgraceful failure to protect and defend the asset that helped us capture bin laden:

    “From a pure intelligence perspective,” said Cowan, “anybody who is providing clandestine intelligence support to us, any assets who are agents, have to be nervous when they see how we threw Dr. Afridi under the bus for political purposes. We would look as though we were mean and tough in our pursuit of Osama Bin Laden, but in fact, we used the doctor – which is normal for intelligence operations – but then we exposed him, and we’re not working hard to get him out of jail. It’s like he didn’t exist. It’s totally disgraceful.”

    He added, “People who work for us around the world take note of things like this.”

    Former Navy SEAL and chairman of Special Operations for America Ryan Zinke agreed with Cowan. “Despite advances in remote sensing technology, the bottom line is that the most important and reliable intelligence is still derived from our hard earned human sources,” Zinke told Breitbart News. “We must protect these sources and give them the absolute confidence that America will stand behind them in times of crisis. We owe much to our friends on foreign shores that have risked death to defend our shared principles of freedom and liberty.”

    Zinke called Afridi’s continued detention the best known example of “America’s failed foreign policy,” and said that it the Obama administration places “our future critical intelligence capability at risk by not acting in the case of Dr. Shakil Afridi. Who in their right mind would risk so much with no insurance that we will be there when needed?”

    Talk about recruitment fodder for the enemy!

    This failure to value and protect someone in the ME that’s friendly and helpful to America and her allies cannot be a hopeful sign for peaceful American Muslims either.

  4. Peggy says:

    The msm is loosing the battle of trying to keep us un/misinformed. They haven’t lost the war yet, but like Ted Cruz said in his video it was because of us the gun control amendment failed.

    I think the same is happening with the cover-up of what actually happened at Benghazi. The truth will eventually be exposed because of the high volume use of the new media by bloggers and readers. Bloggers like SOS will keep it going because they’re former and retired Special Operation members. They don’t leave anyone behind and that includes those left to die in Benghazi. They will honor those men one way or another.

    Hopefully, it will be like falling dominos and will eventually bring out the truth about Fast and Furious, and now the Boston bombers and the mess that is coming forth about the “suspected” bomber’s family receiving $100,000 in welfare benefits, expired student visas, 15,000 missing foreign students and the agencies that were supposed to be better then pre 9/11 are failing again to do their jobs to protect us.

    I’m putting my money on the SOS seals, Jack & Tina and all of the other bloggers, and New media outlets.

  5. Pie Guevara says:

    A quote of a piece in the above links. Some may find this a bit uncomfortable. Especially Jews, Christians and in particular Israelis. Nazis, Marxists and Progressives will likely ignore it or even applaud it.

    PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein —

    “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.”

  6. Peggy says:

    Whistleblowers May Be At Benghazi Hearing Next Week

  7. Tina says:

    Peggy I understand the State Department is now working on getting those security clearances done for the lawyers representing the whistle blowers. You’re right, alternative media is making a difference!

  8. Tina says:

    Pie that’s incredible! Was that translated from Al Jazeera or ?????

    The President soothes the nation with talk that we have all but defeated al Qaeda. I believe he said all that is left is a remnant.

    Boy is that wrong!

  9. Pie Guevara says:

    Tina: Not incredible, fact.

    Another fellow echoes a similar sentiment, chastising Egypt and Islam. He is not PLO, but rather Hamas. I found it also quite revealing.

  10. Pie Guevara says:


    When a young man I was an easily impressed and shortly lived naive left wing progressive moron. I closely followed Ramparts Magazine, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, the Berkely Barb and David Horowitz, a principle founder of “The New Left”.

    “The New Left”, it turned out, was a fraud indistinguishable from the “Old Left”. Communists and Marxists posing as something they were not. They had become, supposedly, transformed into “progressives”, another transparent fraud.

    In the late 60’s and early 70’s came the deeply and unmistakeably evil and insane executions, murders and bombers of the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, and other militant left wing groups. While The Pacifica Foundation chose to be apologists for these atrocities, I chose dfferently. Horowitz underwent a transformation and so did I. It wasn’t exactly parallel and I had no personal knowledge of the events that transformed Horowitz except in his writings.

    It was Horowitz who first made me aware of the abject fraud of a “Palestinian people”, but that fraud was first espoused by the PLO and Hamas themselves, NOT HOROWITZ!

    Remember, this was 1977 and there for anyone paying attention to see.

    Islamic Arab Theocracies control 99.9% of the land in the Middle East. They cannot tolerate 0.1% to be controlled by Jews?

    Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance? The peace of the grave for non-Muslims and tolerance only for Sharia.

  11. Tina says:

    Pie I’ve been aware that there are no historical Palestinians for some time. In fact I posted about it on this blog several years ago. The things we don’t learn in our history books are often the most interesting!

    It was impossible to live in the Bay Area and not know about the radicals in the sixties and seventies. What a horrible time in our country. Like most young people of the time I was filled with the popular notions of peace and love but I was also very uncomfortable with the erratic behavior that wasn’t at all peaceful or compassionate. Looking back I can see it was a big radical belligerent fake. I deeply resented the way our troops were treated. I hated the ugliness of the era. Now we are living with the fruits of that radical bunch and it has definitely put a huge stain on our heritage. I’d sure like to see America returned to her foundational principles…I guess that’s why I’m here doing my thing. 🙂

  12. Pie Guevara says:

    By the way, in the above I incorrectly conflated Israel as a “theocratic state” (like every Islamic state except for Turkey) by saying it was controlled by Jews.

    Israel defines itself as a Jewish and Democratic State but it is hardly a theocracy. It is a democratic republic dominated by Jews yet Israelis not only tolerate but accommodate people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

    Contrast that to Islamic states that regularly burn thousand of bibles every year, sew homosexuals into bags and throw them off cliffs, destroy Buddhist temples and art, murder Hindus, impose Sharia on every citizen, and intimidate and threaten all non-Islamic people.

    THAT is a theocracy.

  13. Pie Guevara says:


    You bet we can talk.
    There are “historical” Palestinians now. Theirs is a history of fraud, repression, and manipulation not by Israel but by Islam. They were never dispossessed except by their own. As the mainstream Islamic, the PLO, and the Hamas principle speakers are testament to, it is all abut the destruction of Israel. First and foremost.

    As soon as Arab Islamo-facsists stop using their own children as bombs and bombing innocent civilians, I may begin to respect them.

    I do respect and support this Islamic organization, they are the real deal —

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