California Teachers File Lawsuit

Posted by Tina

Some California teachers are fed up and have decided to take steps to free themselves from union dues they say violates First Amendment rights of speech and association:

( – California teachers who say they are tired of paying for political causes they do not support – such as Democratic campaigns and gay and lesbian conferences — are suing the National Education Association, the California Teachers Association, and 10 local union affiliate organizations.

The Center for Individual Rights, a public interest legal group in Washington, D.C., filed the lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles on behalf of 10 teachers from California and the Christian Educators Association.

“The union spends millions of teachers’ hard-earned monies supporting causes and candidates that many of us oppose,” said Rebecca Friedrichs, one of the plaintiffs, in a statement. “The union is free to press its agenda, but individual teachers should not be forced to pay for it. It is shocking to me and many other teachers that union officials have the power by law to spend our wages to press for causes that many of us oppose on moral, fiscal, or philosophical grounds.”

Bravo! I salute these teachers in standing up for their rights.

I’d also like to encourage them to join with others in their communities who believe tax dollars should reach the classroom rather than a bloated education bureaucracy and to fund an unnecessarily top heavy administrative body. You became teachers because you wanted to work with kids and see them realize their full potential. You should have the tools and the means to do that.

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One Response to California Teachers File Lawsuit

  1. J. Soden says:

    How interesting that the some of the Teachers have finally stepped up.
    Unions did a lot of good at one time, but today they’re all about the $$ for those in charge of the union and a ca$h cow for the Taxocrat party.

    Now, if they’d just sue to abolish tenure . . . . . . .

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