On the US Government Shut Down

Posted by Tina

In America as I write it is not yet midnight on the West Coast but in DC, and certainly in Briton, it’s Tuesday and that means the government is now halted…well, at least slowed down a bit.

I went looking for news articles about the government shut down so I would have trouble getting to sleep tonight, and the first line of the first article just cracked me up…I had to share. It’s from Mark Mardell of the BBC; the first sentence reads:

The ferocious Republican distaste for President Obama, and their hatred of his changes to America’s healthcare system have plunged the United States into crisis.


The BBC, unless it’s changed, is no friend of the right but, really, ferocious?

The rest of the article attempts makes an attempt at sounding serious about the subject but sympathy for the Democrats is drippingly obvious throughout. Read it if you must.

Not once does it mention that had Senator Reid bothered to pass a budget, or had the President presented a budget that wouldn’t be rejected even by every member of his own party…never mind the opposition…we would not be here.

One could make a compelling case that the Democrats planned for this to happen as a kick off salvo in the 2014 elections. Blame the Republicans is about all they’ve got.

Tim Stanly of the Telegraph, in a piece a little friendlier to the right, decided to have a some fun with the “crisis” created by “ferocious” Republicans:

Okay, so let’s get the mainstream media analysis of the looming shutdown out of the way first. The House Republicans are led by a moderate weakling (Boehner) who is being held hostage by a gaggle of Tea Party crazies determined to destroy a humanitarian law known as Obamacare that is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rescue us from disease, poverty, global warming and Robin Thicke. Obama (Father of the Nation and possibly Jesus, but he’s too humble to admit it) and the lions of the Senate are standing their ground. And so the Federal Government faces catastrophe because a GOP alliance of cowards and loons won’t see reason and bend to the public will as represented by the glorious Democrats. Prepare yourself for society to collapse as museum workers don’t turn up for work in the morning…

Told ya he was funner!

Mr. Stanly also didn’t mention that by law a budget must be passed each year, and hasn’t, because of Reid and Obama. Then he nails the cause of this “crisis” down…overspending and the Constitution have caused it! I have to say his article is otherwise much more informative and readable just in case you’re so inclined.

Don’t worry, we’ve done this before and, surprise, the sky did not fall.

I have to say I’m proud of those Republicans. They have to fight the opposition and an awful lot of folks in the media…but it’s getting better.

Have a peaceful night’s rest Patriots!

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