Gov. Brown Signs Bill – Provides Sanctuary for Criminals

by Jack

With the stroke of a pen Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that wreaked of pure hypocrisy that could only come the sick minds of liberals with a reckless disregard for this State’s general welfare. This latest bad law really shows what their colors, and they aren’t red, white and blue. They’ve demonstrated they only care about their own agenda while showing little regard for the rule of law.

The new CA law would require law enforcement to refuse cooperation with federal immigration authorities seeking to deport illegal aliens who have been arrested and are currently incarcerated in a CA jail or prison. This is the extreme opposite of the Arizona law that allowed law enforcement to round-up illegal aliens to [assist] the feds.

As you will recall the White House had a fit over that law and our far left Attorney General, Eric Holder, challenged the law citing the federal government has sole and exclusive power to enforce immigration law. Now Gov. Brown has run in the other direction and said we can provide sanctuary to illegal aliens in defiance of federal law. They can be in our jails and prisons, and unless they have been charged with a serious felony this State will refuse to cooperate with the feds. And all this time I thought all felonies were serious? Aparently not or so says CA socialist Camilla Harris.

The list for serious felonies would be rape, arson, kidnapping, murder and they stop at burglary of the 1st degree, which is burglary of an occupied dwelling. Burglary of commercial places, cars, sheds, barns…that’s fine. It’s not on the list, nor is a number of other felonies including some drug and driving offenses. Anything less than what liberals like Attorney General Camilla Harris deems not to be serious felonies are not reported to INS. These criminals are welcome to stay here abusing our safety nets and social services, sucking up our tax dollars and for this, for this outrage, ….the idiot democrats in Sacramento hail this as a victory? Only in California could such a travesty be called a victory. But, a victory for who? For the slow destruction of State and America? For the illegal alien criminals? Of course it’s a victory for the Latino Caucus! But, it’s sure no victory for the average American.

This Trust Act law is just another straw on the proverbial camel’s back and one more dark day for the Republic. A Republic that grows weaker and weaker, beset by irresponsible liberal democrat legislation that is spending us into ruin while undermining our most sacred founding principles. These degenerates place a high value on protecting criminals and illegal aliens for reasons that only one who hates American could comprehend.

Illegal aliens charged with “serious” felonies currently represent the 3rd highest category of all prison inmates! Fully 30% of our federal prisons house illegal aliens and in California it’s over 13% of our total prison population! Not only do we not have the room, but that costs CA a billion dollars a year. This is money we can’t afford and it’s adding to the prison overcrowding that is forcing us to release dangerous prisoners early. It makes one wonder what kind of convoluted liberal thinking went into the Trust Act?

If things like this won’t motivate you to demand we split the state and let those un-American lunatics that control Southern California go their own way, then nothing will. Then we’re doomed to be the slaves of the radicals who outnumber us or until we move out and turn it all over to them, a solution of last resort.

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4 Responses to Gov. Brown Signs Bill – Provides Sanctuary for Criminals

  1. Harold says:

    “State of Jefferson”, it’s looking better and better

  2. Tina says:

    California is lost…on to Jefferson

  3. Libby says:

    “… a complete disrespect for the rule of law …”

    You’re being irrational again. You can disagree with the law (that’s how laws get changed), but it’s still a law.

    “… language and culture.”

    I couldn’t track down your stats, but I found others.

    The hispanic and white populations of California are just about even.

    The hispanic population of California prisons is higher than both black and white.

    Dude, you is already overrun. (I mean, can we please drop the pretense that it’s illegals that bother you?) But if you manage to secede, and you put up signage: “No Hispanics Allowed” … you’re going to get some terrible bad press, and, right off the bat, get yourself onto that list of states to which the Voting Rights Act must be applied.

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    I fear that the State of Jefferson will remain only a state of mind. However there may be a solution. Here is the scenario —

    Part of the Declaration of Secession shall include —

    Section 1: Upon the successful secession of the State of Jefferson all non-citizen aliens of Hispanic extraction or any ethnic background from Mexico, Central or South America, northeastern Caribbean including Puerto Rico and Cuba, excluding convicted felons and Canadians, currently residing within the boarders of the State of Jefferson shall immediately be granted State of Jefferson citizenship status with all the protections, rights and privileges enjoyed by all the citizens of the State of Jefferson and the United States of America.

    Section 2: All members of the families of non-citizen aliens as defined in Section 1 who are residing in the State of California on the day of election for succession shall also immediately be granted State of Jefferson citizenship status with all the protections, rights and privileges enjoyed by all the citizens of the State of Jefferson and the United States of America.

    One of two things will happen —

    The vote for secession will be a slam dunk.


    Suddenly the Democratic Party of the State of California will pass voter ID.

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