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You Can’t Debate with Crazy People

Posted by Jack Editorial note – If you thought CA entitlements were a magnet before, wait for next year.   Free healthcare for illegal aliens, but not for you Mr. and Mrs. Citizen!  That’s beyond stupid, beyond unfair…it’s nuts.   … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS! Legislature Fixes Major Issue for CA!

by Jack As you all know, this State has been beset by no end of tremendous problems ranging from a historic jobs exodus to our massive crumbling infrastructure.  Well, good news fellow citizens!  Sacramento has heard your desperate pleas and … Continue reading

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Gov. Brown Signs Bill – Provides Sanctuary for Criminals

by Jack With the stroke of a pen Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that wreaked of pure hypocrisy that could only come the sick minds of liberals with a reckless disregard for this State’s general welfare. This … Continue reading

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