Chico Police Officers Know

by Jack

I’ve spoken with a number of Chico police officers recently about the bum problem and to a man (or woman) they all say the bums are here because of one thing…services.   It’s another way of saying, “Build it and they will come.”   This simple logic seems lost on the people of the Homeless Task Force, which is not seeking real solutions to removing the bums from Chico, instead they’re seeking to accomodate them with more services, which is 180 out of what they should be doing! 

bumpLater on today I’m going to do a photo essay of the bums of Chico and their camp sites.  These people are mostly new to the area, but if you ask somebody on the Homeless Task Force, they will point to their study that showed almost all of them are long time residents.  The police know different.  They tell me their polling was totally bogus and the bums were playing the pollsters.  They knew what to say, which establishes that the bums were smarter than those asking them the questions. 

One of the problems the police have experienced is the lack of support from the court.  When they bust somebody for sleeping in the park, the court gives them a hard time and finds ways to let the defendant go.    This ticks off the cops who don’t have time to waste.  

I say bust them anyway!  If and when the court starts showing a pattern of letting the bums off easy, then we as citizens can do our part bring pressure to bear on the offending judges.  L0ok, we have a good law that has been tried and tested over time and it says, you can’t camp in the park.   It’s a misdmeanor.  Yet there’s all kind of camping going on inside Chico’s Bidwell Park and we’ve got the trash to prove it.   

This situation is the perfect opportunity for Chief Trostle to show the  community what he’s made of.  He needs to instruct his officers to do a few late night raids in Bidwell Park and other areas where overnight camping is illegal.   The officers would love to do this too!   They want these bums out of Chico as much as anyone.   And do be fooled, the manpower is absolutely there, it just takes a little creativity to pull it off.   For example, one officer with 3 or 4 community volunteers could have a big impact on the park campers.  But, it requires a little extra effort and some mildly inspired thinking to do it.   The question is, will the Chief make an effort or will he play it safe and stay with the status quo? 


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13 Responses to Chico Police Officers Know

  1. Libby says:

    Jack, I don’t suppose it’s occurred to you that if these folk had premises to sleep in, they wouldn’t have to sleep in the park? Maybe the problem is not too many services, but too few?

    Why would you rather have them live in a jail than in a shelter? We have to pay, you know, whichever way it goes. I really do think that rooming houses with social workers and nightly AA meetings is a better way to spend the money. But then, maybe, I’m just not sufficiently frightened and vengeful.

  2. dewey says:

    I find it amazing some push for austerity than complain about the results.

    Every single human is important. jail is not a solution

    • Post Scripts says:

      Dewey, this is where you are wrong! Every single human being is not important. Is Charles Manson important? Was Stalin, Hitler or Mussolini important? No, we could do without these guys. But, , your kind of liberal thinking has contrubted to this mess. You make kids think the world revolves around them, well, it doesn’t. That’s a real shocker when they finally leave the nest and have to compete in the open market place. Then they aren’t prepared. For some they would rather not work, because they think the world owes them a living…it doesn’t.

  3. Harold says:

    Libby , some here in Chico will agree with you, mostly non profits who pocket a lot of grant money, and encourage the swelling ranks of these types of shiftless bums. Yep I called them bums, their not transients, homeless wayfarers or even mentally ill folks who wander. They are lazy, entitlement sucking bums who stymie actual intervention with those who are just seeking a hand up, so they can get back into society, not just a hand out the majority of Chico’s bums depend on. Chico is a magnet spot for these types, first because the Liberals have built a Mecca of cash cow shelters, and with out doubt the coordinators encouraged other communities to solve their problems by pointing them in our direction, the more the merry in their opinion and it keeps cash flowing into their organizations. One of the most telling things that confirms this is the annual Comanche creek clean up we have to do up here with volunteers, 40 yard dump bins overflowing with campsite litter, the bums trash what could be pristine areas, and pollute water ways with human waste. Libby, I can arrange funding for travel if you would come and take a few dozen back with you to the bay area, we have more than enough of them for a small town to house and we are willing to share, how many will you take?

  4. dewey says:

    LOL I am laughing Liberal thinking? LOL

    Hitler decided who stayed and who was killed…….seems to me when one man says another man is not important we end up in the same place Hitler did.

    The marketplace? China? We have sent all our jobs overseas. Maybe if profit over human was discussed we could get somewhere.

    To look at a person and decide who they are, what they deserve? That Bum has a story, and many times it includes mental health.

    These people who incite hate and say my way or the highway are closer to Hitler than those they offend.

    Hitlers techniques are being used by these people in politics but they are going for corporate rule which is fascism.

    I heard a man running for President of the USA tell American workers they need to learn to compete with the slave workers of a communist country China. He raved about the suicide nets and barbed wire.

    These billionaires are going to bankrupt cities and sell off the assets for profit. They are not patriots.

    No man left behind. As they destroy the USA and privatize everything to foreign countries and companies I will help anyone I can.

  5. Libby says:

    “Every single human being is not important.”

    Didn’t I just get it right? The founding principles are not espoused by the TP movement, not even the Christian ones.

    Makes a person go all shivery, that does.

  6. Libby says:

    “… some here in Chico will agree with you, mostly non profits who pocket a lot of grant money, and encourage the swelling ranks of these types of shiftless bums.”

    1) I won’t allow you to mischaracterize non-profit funding. “Pocket”, indeed. I don’t understand why you are so resentful. It’s irrational to envy somebody “pocketing” $18K a year.

    2) I repeat, facilities are inadequate. It’s a fact. Torres has 120 beds, and the last census has the homeless population of Butte County at 1200. Those are facts. Deal with them.

    “Yep I called them bums,….”

    A transparent psychological strategy to shield yourself from the emotional pain that is compassion. Is it working? I doubt it.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, the total number of beds available in Butte County often exceed the number of people looking. You can’t force these people into a shelter you know and it’s not our job to provide a clean bed for every person for any reason. Some people are in a fix by their own doing and they are bad people to boot. And many of the crazies on the street are there because we can’t force them to stay in a mental health facility. They walk away and they want to camp under a bridge, we pull em out and they go right back! The wonderful ACLU defended their right to leave the hospital against medical advise and they won- we lost.

  7. Tina says:

    Jack the left doesn’t recognize personal responsibility or the responsibility we citizens have to our fellow citizens…just look at the pass they give Obama!

    They are enablers…as long as they can use other peopel’s money, don’t have to directly get involved, and can blame someone else when their methods don’t work.

    Libby the reason the grant money is pocketed (wasted) in many cases is because it doesn’t work.

    I can appreciate people who actually have a heart to help people but if their methods are not working then something must be done. Also, tolerating bad behavior in our fellow citizens as they lead shiftless lives and dump…literally…on our streets is S T U P I D. They need to be encouraged to clean up, get some training, and find work.

    Dewey I’m afraid you are just out there my friend you are a one note nut.

  8. Harold says:

    Libby writes….I won’t allow you to mis-characterize non-profit funding. “Pocket”, indeed

    Indeed, heres indeed, only the 18K individual you use as a indicator is so far down the pay scale ladder. Try $80K plus benefits for a director, try another $30K, and a expense account for a fund raiser that cant even raise that much to cover their own salary.

    120 beds, Yep,but thats one location, there are several and homeless activist want more built with less restrictions,oh yes they want to pay for it using tax dollars.(I guess their pockets aren’t that full of good intentions) 1200 homeless in Butte County, sounds correct, but why are all the beds and services they use in Chico?

    I can understand caring about people who are just looking for a hand up. But this constant “hand out” from bums thing has gotten to large in Chico.
    However on this statement by you” “Yep I called them bums,….” on this we totally agree
    because those “Bums” are the ones detracting attention from those will use help to became self responsible once more.

    Laws, you want laws, while we got them laws, what good does it do to cite or fine someone who has nothing and just dropped out of society, and dang well knows your not going to jail them (California hasn’t the Jail space to deal with these scofflaws)until maybe drugs or assaults take place.
    So all these laws,and all this free lifestyle support, and that doesn’t stop the trash build up and cost to remove it, eliminate the panhandlers on just dang near every corner with “Please help me, your rich and I am poor” signs of pure poppy cock.

    Next time you take a swing at that piñata called fact, best take your blindfold off, cause your not even close.

  9. Libby says:

    “Laws, you want laws, while we got them laws, what good does it do to cite or fine someone who has nothing and just dropped out of society, and dang well knows your not going to jail them (California hasn’t the Jail space to deal with these scofflaws)until maybe drugs or assaults take place.

    So what do you wanna do, kill ’em?

    Sorry, not an option. (At least, not yet.) I really am impressed with how savage you all are being.

    I know the folk are not pleasant to look at, but there is, in point of fact, very little violent crime from them. It’s mosts drugs and burglary, nothing we can’t cope with.

    No, the unhappy fact is that you could have them out of your site: jail or rehab, take you pick … if you would pay … but you won’t.

  10. Libby says:

    “Libby, the total number of beds available in Butte County often exceed the number of people looking.”

    Oh, I’ll want to see a source for that statement. Torres’s website will confirm the number of beds. I got the 1200 from the census the county took. It too is online.

    So, what do you got?

    Denial … that’s all you got.

    It stands to reason that a person who exhausts all other resources and winds up on the street is gonna be a hard case. You just won’t exert yerselves (pony up, really, is all you have to do).

    And if you won’t, and you know you won’t, and you absolutely won’t … then, why not just step over the beggars? What’s it to you?

  11. Pie Guevara says:

    There are none so pompous and self-righteous as progressives posing as champions of the homeless. They achieve nothing other than to exacerbate the problem while stroking one another other in praise of their own compassion and humanity.

    The Homeless Task Force, is a pathetic joke that has done little more than blow smoke.

    “Study”, my equus asinus

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