eBay is Down…again

by Jack

Recently eBay in Europe and UK suddenly went down and it was called a system malfunction. Now eBay USA is down, really down. Nobody can log in, customer support has taken the phone off the hook and their website to make press releases when they are experiencing technical difficulties isn’t saying what’s up. Maybe they’ve been hacked and if they have they should be saying so right now! Their customer comment sections indicates a lot of angry folks, both buyers and sellers. The last time eBay was hacked for customer ID info it took them two weeks to get around to letting their members know.

eBay has earned the reputation as a pricey online auction site where they squeeze sellers for a multitude of fees that eat up whatever profit they had hoped to gain. In it’s early days it was a cheap and easy place to sell your stuff, but that’s all changed. eBay got greedy and they kept adding bells and whistles that nobody wanted and charging users for it. Now its a monstrosity of complexity. Naturally in this environment the system is bound to fail. It’s reliability and security have come into question.

A competitor should knock this giant off their perch. They deserve it.

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3 Responses to eBay is Down…again

  1. Dewey says:

    I agree. They bought paypal and became a bank. People wonder why Meg Whittmann lost?

    That is the business model we all are fighting sounding like a liberal to me.

  2. Tina says:

    Meg Whitman lost because liberals in California are dumb enough to think a big socialist green would be better!


  3. Peggy says:

    Whitman also lost because of the Democrats attack on women who happen to be conservative.

    She wasn’t my choice for candidate, but she didn’t deserve the treatment she got any more than Palin or Bachmann received by the vultures who tried to rip them apart.

    Win at any cost leaves a very bad trail of what some have done and what they are capable of doing in the future. God help you if the target ends up on your back too.

    Have you heard of the “Liberty Kids?” They’re a growing group of Republicans making big changes in So. Cal.

    ‘Liberty Kids’ shake up L.A. Republican Party, look to other states:

    “After winning control the executive board of the Los Angeles County Republican Party in December 2012, the “Liberty Kids,” as they call themselves, are seeing the fruits of their activism. This year one of their own is running as the Republican nominee for Congress from the San Gabriel Valley, with Zendehnam serving as policy adviser.

    The Liberty Kids are challenging the party’s social conservatives and are drawing the attention of Democrats, who see liberal youth as part of their base. And in what could be a harbinger for the GOP, they have begun campaigning in other states, aiming to increase their influence beyond California.

    “I want you to look around the room,” Zendehnam said at a meeting last week, “because this is what the face of the Republican Party is going to look like.”

    The Liberty Kids hold four of seven seats on the local party’s governing board and dozens of spots on its 200-person central committee, representing a county that is home to 10 million people.

    Despite personal politics that might seem more in tune with Democrats – world peace, ending the war on drugs and addressing global warming top the list of concerns for many – these millennials say they are more comfortable with Republicans’ emphasis on freedom than Democrats’ penchant for regulation.

    “I used to be very liberal,” said Carey Wedler, 25, at a recent meeting of the group. But she sees government as oppressive, authoritarian and warmongering, and says Republicans are the ones skeptical of government. “Everything the government does is backed up with a gun.”

    The newcomers have clashed with Tea Party libertarians, who skew more conservative on social issues. Many Tea Partiers bristle at the newcomers’ views on abortion and immigration, and their deep distrust of the National Security Agency.”


    See Why These ‘Liberty Kids’ From California Are Making National News:


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