Ferguson Burning – A Painting by J. Lee

jlee006 Once again, my colors are done in by my camera and the browser!!!! Drat!  My apologies.  However, you will get the rough idea of what it looks like.  This is a break-thru painting for me, because it really captures my impressionist style, and not the reflection of other painters and other periods.  This is pure me. The light browns in the smoke are flat here due to the photography and uploading, but in the painting they fade nicely and have more detail.  One problem is a light bulb doesn’t reflect all the colors like the sun. I’ve been fussing with the acrylics for a long time and finally (today) I decided I might as well let acrylics work for me than against me, so I skipped trying to make them look like oil and went in with a large brush and globs of paint and started throwing it on and let my intuition take the color where you see it. Again, all comments good or bad will be appreciated, I only wish you could see it in person because many of the weak areas in this photograph just don’t appear in the painting.

My intent was to make the viewer see the thin blue line, alone, in a desolate, post apocalyptic kind of scene that underscores this pointless destruction when civilization breaks down. It wasn’t meant to pretty.

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10 Responses to Ferguson Burning – A Painting by J. Lee

  1. Chris says:

    Funny how art can capture what words can’t. As much as I disagree with most of what you’ve written about Ferguson, I find this painting very moving.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Thanks you Chris, maybe my forte is not writing about what I believe and think, but painting it.

      If art does not evoke emotion, then it isn’t art.

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    Wow! How much do you want for it?

    The english major throws Jack a bone.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Pie I’ll take that as a “like.” lol Turner was amazing, absolutely amazing…can’t say enough about his work. Enjoy your visit to the National Gallery.

      As to my humble work. Yes, the price, hmmm.. well I’ve intended to sell some day of course, so I’ll just have to work on that part. When I get a few auctioned off then I’ll know what people think.

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    Jack, I can ill afford to buy art, but if it ever goes up for sale I would like a shot at it.

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Speaking of art, I do not know if this qualifies and I will be soon taking it down for another header. I refer to my Twitter header. I spent hours upon hours with GIMP taking poor images, sometimes horrid, from online and cleaning them up and pasting them together. Essentially every “badge” was built from scratch using elements found online in many layers.

    It helped me learn the open source GIMP, which I think is superior to the expensive Adobe Photoshop which I have also tried.

    GIMP is problematic on single core Intel P4 machines, but it can be made to work. So is Adobe. My goal this year is to build an Intel i7 machine on the cheap and dedicate it to graphics and video processing.


  5. Pie Guevara says:


    Who are the “climate deniers”? The Guest essay by Paul Driessen and Chris Skates on WUWT nails it.


  6. Pie Guevara says:

    By the way, NPR stands for Noodnik Propagandist Revolutionaries, there is no “Public” in public radio.

  7. Post Scripts says:

    Pie, thank you…that’s a great compliment.

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