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F4 Phantom Painting – Jack Lee Art #41

Painting by Jack Lee.  Acrylic on canvas.  “Loaded for Bear”.  All comments welcome. This was a difficult plane to work on and no joy to fly either.  It had a real bad stall spin and its twin engines left a … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Corsair Airplanes WWII

by Jack Just finished this.  It’s an acrylic painting on a wrapped canvas, apx. 20 X 18.  Titled “The Wingman.”  It depicts two WW2 Corsairs flying high above the evening clouds in the Pacific.    Actually the painting is not … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Super Saber

by Jack Title:  The Super Saber, acrylic on canvas, 16X19.5.  Painting has much finer detail when viewed in person. I wanted to depict this old Super Saber jet in it’s air national guard colors, flying over a large storm.  In … Continue reading

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Break Thru Art – Jack Lee

Jack If you practice enough at anything you will have break thru moments, this painting represents mine. My daughter didn’t like the background in my first Curtis painting and urged me to do a second. Finally I gave in.   … Continue reading

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Lost Plane Painting – Jack Lee – Art

This was a small painting compared to what I normally do, just 20X18.  Acrylic on canvas. I don’t know why I did this one, just started with an ocean scene on top and the rest below sort of filled in. … Continue reading

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The Koi Pond – Painting by Jack Lee

Here’s a something different than what I have been doing. This is an acrylic on canvas, 24X24. One of my larger paintings. Took quit a bit of time to get all the details in. Hope you like it. As always, … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – P-40 Warhawk Painting

by Jack Just finished:  This is a 16X20 painting, acrylic on canvas.   It depicts a World War Two, American fighter called a P-40 Warhawk. The plane was armed with six 50 Cal. machine guns and sometimes it carried rockets mounted … Continue reading

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Jack Lee Art – Oblivion #0717

by Jack This is a 16X20, acrylic on canvas, titled Oblivion. It depicts a P51 Mustang with black and white invasion stripes on the wings and fuselage. The surreal background is left to the viewer’s imagination to see whatever you … Continue reading

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Ferguson Burning – A Painting by J. Lee

Once again, my colors are done in by my camera and the browser!!!! Drat!  My apologies.  However, you will get the rough idea of what it looks like.  This is a break-thru painting for me, because it really captures my … Continue reading

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Latest Painting -Kinda a Kinkaid

I always like Thomas Kinkaid, even though he was snubbed the elites in the art community. I found what is possibly an early Kincaid or a practice painting done on the back of wood paneling. It was at an estate … Continue reading

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