Just for the Heck of It

Here’s a link to a you tube video taken from a movie called the Horse Soldiers with John Wayne. I think it’s one of the best clips ever. Enjoy.


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4 Responses to Just for the Heck of It

  1. J. Soden says:

    Everyone has their own favorite of John Wayne movies. Mine are “Hellfighters” and “El Dorado” where James Caan made his movie debut.

  2. Libby says:

    Do you suppose it’s one of Charles Taylor’s faves as well?

    He went to college in this country, you know.

    Sorry … couldn’t resist.

    (And you will leave yerselves wide open.)

  3. Post Scripts says:

    I just liked the scene. I thought it reflected the gallantry of the times. Very sad we lost so many good Americans over a war that could have been avoided with just a little more patients. The South knew slavery was over, but they couldn’t abide by what they saw as a usurping of states rights by the federal government. This was one of those very preventable wars if we only the statesmen up to the task.

  4. Tina says:

    Walter Williams on the Civil War:

    A precursor for a War Between the States came in 1832, when South Carolina called a convention to nullify tariff acts of 1828 and 1832, referred to as the “Tariffs of Abominations.” A compromise lowering the tariff was reached, averting secession and possibly war. The North favored protective tariffs for their manufacturing industry. The South, which exported agricultural products to and imported manufactured goods from Europe, favored free trade and was hurt by the tariffs. Plus, a northern-dominated Congress enacted laws similar to Britain’s Navigation Acts to protect northern shipping interests.

    Shortly after Lincoln’s election, Congress passed the highly protectionist Morrill tariffs.

    That’s when the South seceded, setting up a new government. Their constitution was nearly identical to the U.S. Constitution except that it outlawed protectionist tariffs, business handouts and mandated a two-thirds majority vote for all spending measures.

    The only good coming from the War Between the States was the abolition of slavery. The great principle enunciated in the Declaration of Independence that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” was overturned by force of arms. By destroying the states’ right to secession, Abraham Lincoln opened the door to the kind of unconstrained, despotic, arrogant government we have today, something the framers of the Constitution could not have possibly imagined.

    States should again challenge Washington’s unconstitutional acts through nullification. But you tell me where we can find leaders with the love, courage and respect for our Constitution like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John C. Calhoun.

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