Important ISIS Video – Warning Violent Content

by Jack


The video above shows at one point a few beheaded corpses of Syrian soldiers, so be warned of its graphic nature.  Despite that violent content there is a wealth of information about the mindset of ISIS fighters and their goals, so its worth watching.  No, make that it is imperative to watch.  You’re going to learn a lot about what we are facing.

al-baghdadi2333Since this was filmed ISIS has gained much more territory and committed thousands more atrocities, so whatever our foreign policy has been, it has been a failure.

Some of the ISIS recruits are children, one was just 11 years old.   These youngsters look so innocent and they seem totally mesmerized by their  faith in Islam mixed with jihadist thoughts by the leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.   You will also see them pledge allegiance to the so-called Prince, al-Baghdadi and they raise their arm to salute just like the Nazi’s in WWII.

Despite the US bombing the territory controlled by ISIS has grown.  ISIS recruitment has also spread and they seem to have no trouble recruiting large numbers of fighters from modern European countries to poverty stricken North African countries, wherever Muslims live there is recruiting for ISIS.   The web is full of ISIS recruiting videos, many are quite professionally done and make compelling arguments for Muslims to join them.

Its estimated that over 20,000 new Sunni fighters have just arrived.  This is the largest terrorist recruitment in known history and every day more of them arrive.  Young or old it doesn’t really matter as long as they can carry a gun and bring money.   Many of these fighters were immigrants from nations close to the US, like France and England.   This recruiting has caused the latter countries to pass laws prohibiting their citizens from joining a fight abroad or from returning if they do.   The threat is clear,  once they have been trained and radicalized they will be a major security threat to their host country.   We’ve already seen it starting.

The ISIS recruits don’t see themselves as radicals or extremists because they bought into the romanticized version of what they are fighting for.   To look at them and hear them speak, they don’t look the part of Muslim barbarians either.  They say they are decent, God fearing people and they’re defendingISILmap Islam from Western aggression and corruption.   They claim ISIS has done no wrong in the war because they abide strictly by Sharia law, they see themselves as righteous crusaders with God on their side.   Others in the Islamic world would disagree.

The ISIS fighters claim in this video that they are liberators for oppressed Muslims and they are fighting for Islam and a pure caliphate state.    They are determined to establish a caliphate state as prophesized in the Koran that is composed of most of Syria and Iraq.  But, they would have it much larger if possible.  Their five year plan is much, much grander, see the map on the right?  That’s a huge area and if it fell to ISIS it would be a disaster for the US.

What is a caliphate?  A caliphate is an Islamic state.  It’s led by a caliph, who is a political and religious leader who is a successor (caliph) to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. His power and authority is absolute.

Al Qaeda wanted to establish their own version of a caliphate, but radical Sunni forces beat them to it and greatly outnumber Al Qaeda.

Would you want to live in a caliphate?  Here are 16 rules, aside from the tough sharia law, but there are many more by which you must abide or else:

  • All Muslims will be treated well, unless they are allied with oppressors or help criminals.
  • Money taken from the government is now public. Whoever steals or loots faces amputations. Anyone who threatens or blackmails will face severe punishment (This section also quotes a verse from the Quran (Al-Ma’idah: 33) that says that criminals may be killed or crucified).
  • All Muslims are encouraged to perform their prayers with the group.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are banned.
  • Rival political or armed groups are not tolerated.
  • Police and military officers can repent, but anyone who insists upon apostasy faces death.
  • Sharia law is implemented.
  • Graves and shrines are not allowed, and will be destroyed.
  • A women are told that stability is at home and they should not go outside unless necessary. They should be covered, in full Islamic dress.
  • Be happy to live in an Islamic land.

For more on what a caliphate is click this link.   This will show you the important difference between Sunnis and Shiites and why Sunnis are fighting now in Iraq and Syria under the ISIS banner.

As of today President Obama is asking Congress to sanction limited ground war against ISIS/ISIL.  Apparently his critics have convinced him the bombing alone is not enough and he’s inching toward doing what he said he would not, placing boots on the ground.   This situation must be extremely grave for Obama to take this extraordinary step that is direct opposition to everything he has said about local forces doing the ground fighting.   And so it goes, America is inching back into war in Iraq and now Syria.

PS  If you are not interested what is happening in the middle east or if you are still unsure of threat posed against humanity…you’re an idiot.





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