Iranian Nuclear Agreement – Deadline Approaches

by Jack

The time for Iran to reach an nuclear arms proliferation agreement expires today at 3 PM PST. It appears the negotiating is going down to wire. Although a tentative agreement has been reached as of yesterday. This tentative version is being endorsed by the Chinese government, although there is one hang up for the US regarding storage of fissionable material to be worked out.

The agreement allegedly contains a number of unusual US concessions, although the exact details of what these concessions are or what the final agreement will be is an “open” secret, to known to many, but not the American public.

This is an agreement that obligates us to something and we have a right to know what we’re agreeing to don’t we? President “Transparency” in the White House apparently doesn’t see it that way. Obama says trust me… I will negotiate the best deal possible, just like I did with Solyndra and later with Putin…don’t worry! So, I guess we’ll find out what’s in it after we sign it, kind of like we did with the ACA.futureiran

As of right now, US citizens by a 2 to 1 margin back a plan that would not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, but at the same time 60% of us also believe that any agreement with Iran will fail and Iran will develop nuclear warheads for their long range missiles.

The Washington Post- ABC news poll said, “Support outpaces opposition across nearly all demographic and political groups, with liberals (seven in 10) and Democrats (two-thirds) the most supportive. At least six in 10 independents and moderates also back the broad idea of a deal with Iran.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, lifting sanctions on Iran for this agreement is “a bad deal.” It’s certainly not one that Israel can approve because it is inevitable that Iran will have nuclear warheads on long range missiles in the not so distant future. Keep in mind that a single atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in WWII caused over 80,000 deaths. Today’s warheads are a 1000 times stronger.

Israel has been repeatedly threatened by Iranian leaders promising Israel will be wiped off the face of the earth. Given the Messianic syndrome rampant among the Ayatollah and Mullahs, its not at all inconceivable someone will push the launch button. Of course this is only if Allah wills it. And it’s an historical fact that Allah wills a lot of genocide that ironically coincides with the wills of men in charge of Islam.

There are 8.1 million people living in Israel in a very small confined space. A first strike with a single strategic nuclear warhead would likely achieve 80% casualties, most all of them fatal. Think about it, that’s over 6 million people, men, women and children, including a million Palestinians, that would be wiped out in a white hot flash with hundreds of thousands left to die an agonizing death, mutilated by severe burns and rotting from radiation poisoning.

Obama believes this is an acceptable risk in order to get his deal with Iran, thus adding to his legacy as a great peacemaker and Nobel prize winner.

If Shia-run Iran possesses nuclear weapons then its guaranteed that its Sunni adversary, Saudi Arabia and others in the neighborhood, will have no choice but to seek the same capability (that’s detent, remember?) and that would spark a huge middle east nuclear arms race. Of all the places in the world where you absolutely wouldn’t ever, ever, want nuclear weapons, this is it!

One of the major concessions Obama is ready to make is that all of Iran’s enriched uranium (fissionable material) can be stored inside Iran and not in an intermediary nation, such as Russia where it would be hard to access.

Enriched uranium is a bi-product of Iran’s nuclear power plant. However, as a safeguard it has been proposed that this material be diluted until its no longer weapons grade. Opponents argue that dilution can be reversed and since its already in the hands of the Iranians this is really no obstacle whatsoever!

To make matters worse, Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East. Most of the missiles components are built and supplied by North Korea, so we have no control over their missile technology.

Here’s a few questions to ponder:

Why would any non-nuclear nation do something so unproductive and so pointless….unless they intended to have nuclear warheads eventually.   But, set aside that thought for a moment and consider this one:  What could a small nuclear warhead in a shipping containing do to places like Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco?   Nuclear warheads can come in all shapes and sizes and if the wrong people had their way they wouldn’t hesitate to come up with a plan to detonate one where it would hurt us the most.   Or it could even be more than one…  it’s not like we have secure borders.

Iran will eventually develop an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile or ICBM.    On that day Irans potential targets will expand exponentially even including the United States.   We can’t deter them with the threat of a nuclear retaliation, they send their children to walk in front of soldiers to blow up mines.

One way or another, by missile or by special delivery suitcase, once that nuclear genie is out of the bottle in the middle east, it will eventually find its way to Israel or the US or both. The threat to our national security goes up by an almost incalculable margin as soon as Iran has the bomb.   This is what President Obama is prepared to risk for the sake of his legacy.   He desperately wants this agreement with Iran so he can claim victory, even though millions of people will be as risk.

PM Netanyahu will never accept the same risks for his people.  Iran and nuclear weapons is an unacceptable opti0n.  For them its a matter of facing another assured holocaust.   They will never entrust their fate to Iran’s fanatical leaders, it just won’t happen!   They’re going to do whatever is necessary with or without the help of the US to stop Iran.    A more forceful US leader would have seen all this.  He would have given Iran an ultimatum years ago before Iran was so invested and committed to this project, but now that time has passed.  They are committed and there is no turning back short of a military intervention.    They are virtually on the threshold of nuclear weapons and we’ve lost whatever leverage we might have had several years back.  This is the real Obama legacy – a  catastrophe of Biblical proportions.  He’s left us limited options and that means people are going to die before this is over.   This will be Obama’s epic failure.

UPDATE: LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Negotiators from the United States, Iran and five other nations extended their deadline until Wednesday as they struggled to agree on a preliminary accord to limit Tehran’s nuclear program.

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8 Responses to Iranian Nuclear Agreement – Deadline Approaches

  1. RHT447 says:

    From elsewhere on the web—

    As Rush Limbaugh put it: “If the [Iranian] belief is there isn’t gonna be a Syria at the end, if there isn’t gonna be a Hezbollah, if there isn’t going to be a Hamas, if that’s the price for there is no Israel, we’ll take it and rebuild … we make a grave error when we project our own civilized sophisticated and religious beliefs onto them, ’cause there’s not a whole lot that we have in common with them, particularly in any of this.”


    There is no negotiation with this ideology. It overrides the basic human instinct for self preservation. If, to achieve their ideological goal, there is only one of them left standing on the burning cinder that was once planet Earth, then in their view, so be it.

  2. J. Soden says:

    If Iran were a US company, they’d already be indicted or serving jail time for bait and switch, lying, or corruption. And mouthpiece Lurch would be disbarred.

    Obumble and Lurch continue to fiddle while the Middle East burns.

    Clowngress was asked to delay stronger sanctions on Iran ’till the end of March. Guess it’s time to schedule that vote NOW!

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    Off topic —

    170 Years Of American History In One Amazing GIF

  4. Peggy says:

    Meanwhile back on the home front Obama is going to bypass Congress again and go right to the UN.

    Obama to bypass Congress again with UN climate treaty:

    “President Obama is expected today to bypass Congress again with a pledge to cut carbon emissions of up to 28 percent as part of a global climate treaty. By using federal agencies like the EPA to invoke stringent limitations on carbon dioxide emissions, Obama can keep his pledge without congressional approval. White House sources say the United Nations is working on this treaty with the United States and other countries. Under the U.S. Constitution, any International treaty must be approved by Congress, and there is little bipartisan support for the plan as it is expected to hit businesses very hard.

    Domestically, “many of those steps ordered by Obama face major legal challenges and intense political opposition, raising the risk that they could be undermined or even discarded once Obama leaves office in 2017.”

  5. Peggy says:

    Did Hillary’s emails on her home server contribute to the Iran negotiations?

    Former Intelligence Officer: The Utter Stupidity of Hillary’s Actions:

    “As a former member of the intelligence community I felt a deep shadow fall over me as I read about Hillary Clinton’s use of an outside email service instead of the more secure and private State Department system. She did this for obvious reasons, to keep her communications out of official channels and away from the prying eyes of her political enemies (the Republicans…). One might sympathize with a politician in her situation.

    However, the Secretary of State of the United States of America is the number two intelligence target IN THE WORLD, behind only her boss, the President. To tap into her communications guarantees lavish rewards and promotions to the intelligence team who does it. All eyes are on her, like vultures, waiting. Yes, it really works this way.

    An email system such as the one described is considered “easy pickings.” After seeing the details in the press, my first conclusion is this:

    Russians and the Chinese were reading her emails. In real time.

    I’m not saying maybe or perhaps. They were.

    The Russians and Chinese have sophisticated intelligence services, with sophisticated spotting, assessing, targeting capabilities. They have thousands of people who work these issues. Ms. Clinton may say that she didn’t talk about classified matters, and she may think this is correct. But any intelligence professional knows it’s impossible to “talk around” a topic effectively (despite what you might see in spy movies…). With a high value target like Ms. Clinton, an intel service will have teams of analysts and psychologists analyzing every word she says, with absolutely clear context.

    It is also likely the French, the Germans and a host of other sophisticated services were tapping in. There will be no trace of their reading it, no logs, no records. This is an easy lift.

    On the “perhaps” list, the Mexicans, the Iranians, the Narco Cartels, and the more sophisticated backers of Al Quaida, along with various computer-savvy nuts from around the country and around the world. Who else was getting it? Anyone the Chinese or the Russians thought should get it!

    Let’s talk about information. Back in the day, I was told if you have a good source but no particular requirements from your reports officer you ask about “Plans and Intentions.” We are talking about plans and intentions of the U.S. government, negotiating positions, possible movement of resources that reveal policy decisions, actions that if known could be circumvented or countered.

    We don’t know the content of these emails, and of course a major part of those have been deleted so we may never know. We have to assume the worst, so let’s ask some questions:

    Did Putin know what our reaction would be before he invaded the Ukraine?

    Did Al Quaida know our intentions in Benghazi before the attack?

    Did Iran know our proposals before we started negotiating this latest agreement?

    How about any trade or political agreement where Russia or China might have an interest?

    Compromised? How much money, positioning power, or benefit did the American people lose because the opposite side new exactly how far to push? These are potentially trillion dollar issues.

    I wrote recently about a failure of Ms. Clinton’s leadership during the Benghazi attack. But this reveals a major failure in her understanding of simple security procedures, to the devastating loss of her country. It always seemed to me that President Obama has always gotten his clock cleaned in international negotiations. Could it be because his Secretary of State was compromised?”

  6. Peggy says:

    Well.. well.. well. This does explain Kerry and this administration having trouble with negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran.

    Remember also, Valerie Jarrett, special advisor to Obama is also of Iranian heritage.

    Sec of State John Kerry reveals daughter married Iranian-American with extensive ties to Iran:

    “In a greeting to the Iranian people on the occasion of the traditional New Year (Nowruz) holiday last week, Secretary of State John Kerry exposed a secret that journalists and academics have been agonizing over for the past six weeks: the fact that his daughter has married an Iranian-American who has extensive family ties to Iran.

    “I am proud of the Iranian-Americans in my own family, and grateful for how they have enriched my life,” Kerry said in the official statement. Kerry also said he was “strongly committed to resolving” the differences between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, “to the mutual benefit of both of our people.”

  7. Peggy says:

    Here’s a biblical point of view about Israel and those who wish to harm her.

    The Plan All Along:
    By Hal Lindsey

  8. Peggy says:

    Oh, this is just soooo good. I hope it’s true. Sweet payback of epic proportion.

    BREAKING: Netanyahu Makes His Move to DESTROY Obama’s Entire Agenda:

    “Now that Barack Obama’s attempt to torpedo Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party at the Israeli polls has failed, the president is about to learn just how unpleasant payback can be.

    Sources have indicated the recently-reelected Israeli prime minister has dispatched diplomats to France in order to destroy Obama’s negotiations on Iran’s nuclear capability.

    “This is an effort to prevent a (nuclear) deal that is bad and full of loopholes, or at least … to succeed in closing or amending some of these loopholes,” Steinitz told Israel Radio (H/T Pat Dollard).

    In the past, Steinitz said, France has “helped us a great deal,” noting that the French were the driving force behind the Iranians being limited to 20 percent fissile material purity during the preliminary November deal.

    Volumes are spoken by the fact that a French socialist regime under Francois Hollande has been of more assistance to Israel in its time of need than America.

    It’s becoming painfully obvious that Obama’s direction in the P5+1 negotiations isn’t driven by political reality, but by personal animus. He’s willing to let a pariah state retain the ability to manufacture a nuclear weapon partially out of spite for Benjamin Netanyahu.

    That street goes two ways, though, and Benjamin Netanyahu has driven down it many, many times. If he has his say, Barack Obama will be left empty-handed, with little more than his misplaced anger and general humiliation.”

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