Sanctuary Cities Released Over 8,000 Illegals Facing Wide Range of Criminal Charges

Posted by Jack

Some 276 “sanctuary cities,” nearly 50 percent more than previously revealed, released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges free despite federal requests that they be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation, according to an explosive new report.

The Center for Immigration Studies, revealing new numbers it received under the Freedom of Information Act, said that those releases from cities that ignored federal demands came over just eight months and are just part of an even larger release of 17,000 illegals with criminal records.

Author Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy Studies for the center, also reported that many of those illegals have been rearrested after their release and charged with nearly 7,500 new charges, including child sex abuse.

“The Obama administration has given sanctuaries free rein to ignore detainers by ending the successful Secure Communities program and replacing it with the Priority Enforcement Program. This new program explicitly allows local agencies to disregard ICE notifications of deportable aliens in their custody by replacing detainers with ‘requests for notification,'” wrote Vaughan.

“The only truly effective and lasting solution is for Congress to spell out in federal law that local law enforcement agencies must cooperate with ICE by complying with all detainers or face sanctions in the form of disqualification from certain kinds of federal funding,” she added.

The new federal documents show that there are at least 276 sanctuary cities, more than the 200 previously believed, and are in 43 states, also more than previously revealed. Instead of turning illegal immigrants facing criminal charges over to ICE under its “detainer” rule, the sanctuaries simply ignore the request in many cases let the illegals go.

A new analysis of legal and illegal immigrant counts by the Census Bureau revealed Thursday that there is a record 42.1 million in the United States, an explosion that is being driven by Mexicans flooding across the border.

In a report provided to Secrets by the Center for Immigration Studies, the total immigrant population surged 1.7 million since 2014. The growth was led in the last year by an additional 740,000 Mexican immigrants.

The 42.1 million tabulated by Census in the second quarter represent over 13 percent of the U.S. population, the biggest percentage in 105 years.

PS  If the United States is going to remain a desirable country for immigration then we ought do a few things a little differently.  First, if unemployed is greater than 5.5% why do we allow anyone in?  If there aren’t jobs why add to the unemployment?   When we do allow immigration we ought to be choosey, just like a prestigious university.  We shouldn’t take the lowest on the success ladder, we ought to be taking the highest.  We need the best educated, best skilled and most worthy to become citizens.   The only place in the world where this simple idea doesn’t make sense is in Washington.  Time to fix Washington.     

Australia now has $14 an hour minimum wage, done with no legislative controversy, because they didn’t allow a flood unskilled people to enter filling low paying jobs and keeping the wage down.  Many other countries are doing exactly like Australia and we should too.  We can’t throw open the door to the worlds poor and remain a super power.   Doing that is a fast track to 3rd world nation status.  Anyone who disagrees is either lying or stupid.  

The United States needs immigrants that have something to offer and when they arrive they don’t get to invite their next 50 closest relatives to come join them, unless they all have something to offer. 

Illegal immigrants need to go home and employers getting rich off cheap illegal labor need to go to jail.  If you love our country and want to protect our success, then we can’t be a dumping ground for the losers of the world.  END   

*The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is a non-profit research organization that advocates immigration reduction in the United States.[2] It was started as a spin-off from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1985.[3] The CIS’s self-described mission is to “provid[e] immigration policymakers, the academic community, news media, and concerned citizens with reliable information about the social, economic, environmental, security, and fiscal consequences of legal and illegal immigration into the United States.



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6 Responses to Sanctuary Cities Released Over 8,000 Illegals Facing Wide Range of Criminal Charges

  1. J. Soden says:

    Gotta wonder if the voters in the sanctuary cities are deaf, dumb and blind to the danger the criminal illegals present.
    Or will it take another Kate Steinle-like murder of one of their own family members before they wake up and smell the consequences of “sanctuary”?

  2. Peggy says:

    First – The 276 number of sanctuary cities across the nation has to be wrong. There are way more cities then that just in Calif. The TRUST Act passed by the state legislators in 2013 and signed by Gov. Brown became effective Jan. 1, 2014. It mandates EVERY county and city in the state to violate federal immigration retention laws.

    At least that’s how I read the law and believe it’s what the sheriffs and police chiefs are complaining about. They are caught in the dilemma of which law to enforce, which to violate, and which will they be held accountable for.

    Once again, here is the TRUST Act and the list of county and city policies.

    California TRUST ACT:

    County/City Policies:

    Second – Americans are being laid off and their jobs filled by cheaper foreign employees admitted holding a H-1B visa. Another loophole that needs to be fixed.

    Here are just a few example of many available on the internet.

    Thousands of California Workers Lose Jobs to H-1B Visa Immigrants:

    Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements:

    Intel Lays Off American Workers While Lobbying for More H1B Visas:

    We need lawmakers and executives who will enforce our laws and require all enforcement agencies to honor the oath of office they took.

  3. dewey says:

    First, if unemployed is greater than 5.5% why do we allow anyone in? If there aren’t jobs why add to the unemployment? –

    I would like to add to that statement

    That is from 2013, it was the gang of 8 from both parties working for the donors.

    The article is written to sell the visa’s and I do not support it, was an example.

    Lawmakers sell Americans out to the highest bidders, time to get the money out.

    Profit detention centers do not want the illegal immigrant problem to go away and congress promised a quota. Wake up Congress is a horse trading floor and most politicians are sold cheap.

    We need to educate our citizens not make it so profitable no one can afford to go to college.

    profit for big corporations before sensible legislation is where our problem lies.

  4. Peggy says:

    According to the US Customs and Border Protection report more children have crossed our southern border during the same time this year than last year.

    Southwest Border Unaccompanied Alien Children:

    “Beginning last year and specifically in the last few months, CBP has seen an overall increase in the apprehension of Unaccompanied Alien Children from Central America at the Southwest Border, specifically in the Rio Grande Valley. While overall border apprehensions have only slightly increased during this time period, and remain at historic lows, the apprehension and processing of these children present unique operational challenges for CBP and HHS. Addressing the rising flow of unaccompanied alien children crossing our southwest border is an important priority of this Administration and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Secretary Johnson has already taken a number of steps to address this situation.

    Southwest Border Unaccompanied Alien Children (0-17 yr old) Apprehensions

    Comparisons below reflect Fiscal Year 2015 to date (October 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015) compared to the same time period for Fiscal Year 2014.”

    continued to charts..

  5. Pie Guevara says:

    Re #3 Dewey : “First, if unemployed is greater than 5.5% why do we allow anyone in? If there aren’t jobs why add to the unemployment?”

    Wow, WOW! Dewey is not as stupid as I thought he was.

  6. Chris says:

    Dewey was quoting Jack, Pie.

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