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Deep State Partisans Started the Collusion Investigation

Posted by Jack As Wednesday’s explosive Michael Cohen hearing illustrated, a number of Clinton–Obama figures have been instigators in the Justice Department‘s 33-month-long Russia probe of President Trump and his family. Attorney Lanny Davis sat behind former Trump attorney Cohen, … Continue reading

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Afghanistan – 17 years later and a Quick Look Back at Vietnam

by Jack Before we look at Afghanistan we need a quick review of another war, Vietnam.  Ho Chi Minh had approached Harry Truman in 1946 asking if the U.S. would help the Vietnamese evict the French, much as the Americans … Continue reading

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Obama, “I could have won”

by Jack Since Hillary’s stunning defeat in the backdrop of so many other democrat losses, from governor races to Congress, Obama has been saying, I could have won a 3rd term!   Really Mr. President?  How ungracious of you and … Continue reading

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Is America Headed for Big Trouble?

by Jack Now it comes out that Hillary was crying her eyes out in her hotel suite when she realized  the election was lost.  That’s when she started blaming it on Comey for doing too much and on Obama for doing … Continue reading

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The Whole Truth May Never be Known

by Jack National Public Radio has been claiming that the story about Obama’s birth place was never started by the Clinton campaign and that Trump’s allegation to the contrary is utterly false. But, was it? Is anything in politics ever … Continue reading

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How Healthcare Has Fallen Under Obama

by Jack There is no question that some patients have seen an improvement in healthcare affordability, but the vast majority of us have seen our monthly costs spike to record levels. One of the frequent complaints is, in order to … Continue reading

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Speaking Bluntly About the Murders of Police

by Jack The problem of cop shooters deserves our full attention because we can’t let this injustice continue, the risks are too great. When Joseph Wambaugh wrote about the “Thin Blue Line” being our last line of defense, he wasn’t … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Presidents

by Jack In the wake of a military coup attempt in Turkey, President Barack Hussein Obama has offered his support and endorsement to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. President Erdogan has been moving his country towards an Islamic style government for … Continue reading

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A War on Police?

by Jack Lee It seems like every time a group of blacks encounters a police officer arresting a black man/woman for anything, its another opportunity to interfere, cause trouble and play the race card.    In the inner city, blacks are particularly … Continue reading

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Do They Think We’re That Stupid?

by Jack There seems to be quite a bit of controversy over Arab-Muslims immigrating to the USA as refugees. On one side we have Secretary of State, John Kerry, President Barack Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton advising the public that … Continue reading

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