Tangled Web: Email Information Bleed in the Climate Change Agenda Involves “…the White House, Democrat governors, donors, foundations, and front groups.”

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Boom! Big Green corruption in the Democrat Party just blew up in my estimation. Emails obtained by E&E Legal reveal a coordinated, “multi-state plan” to covertly push the Green agenda, bypassing Congress and the checks and balances of our political system. State governors are also on board and, yes, Governor Brown is on that list of governors participating in this scheme.

Marita Noon at The American Spectator reports:

The goal of what was originally called “Dan’s concept” was to bring about a “coalescence of private financial and ideological interests with public offices to advance the office holders’ agenda and political aspiration”—more specifically: “to bring the Obama Administration’s plans to reality and to protect them.”

This was done, according to dozens of emails obtained through federal and state open record laws, “through a coordinated campaign of parallel advocacy to support close coordination of public offices” and involved a “political operation with outside staff funded by some of the biggest names in left-liberal foundation giving,” including, according to the emails, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, the Rockefeller Brothers, and the Hewlett Foundation. The first emails in the scandal began in mid-2013.

Kitzhaber wasn’t the only governor involved—he’s just the only one, so far, to resign. Many Democrat governors and their staff supported the scheme. You’d expect that California’s Governor Jerry Brown or Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe are part of the plan—called, among other names, the Governors Climate Compact—as they are avid supporters of the President’s climate-change initiatives. What is surprising is Kentucky Democratic Governor Steve Beshear’s “quiet engagement.” He decried Obama’s Clean Power Plan (Final rule announced on August 3, 2015), as being “disastrous” for Kentucky. In a statement about the Plan, he said: “I have remained steadfast in my support of Kentucky’s important coal and manufacturing industries, and the affordable energy and good jobs they provide the Commonwealth and the nation.” Yet, he isn’t opposing the rule and emails show that he is part of the “core group of governors quietly working to promote the climate agenda.” …

…The amount of coordination involved in the multi-state plan is shocking. The amount of money involved is staggering—a six-month budget of $1,030,00 for the orchestrators and multi-state director and $180,000 to a group to produce a paper supporting the plan’s claims. And, as the 55-page report points out, this collection of emails is in no way complete. At the conclusion of the executive summary:

Context and common sense indicate that the emails E&E Legal obtained and detail in this report do not represent all relevant correspondence pulling together the scheme they describe. Public records laws extend to those records created, sent or received by public servants; private sector correspondence is only captured when copying public offices, with the caveat that most of the White House is exempt. Further, however, the records we have obtained reflect more than the time and other parameters of our requests; they are also a function of the thoroughness of offices’ responses, the willingness of former and current staff to search nonofficial accounts, and even several stonewalls as noted in the following pages.

The E&E Legal report was of particular interest to me in that it followed the theme of my extensive coverage of Obama’s green-energy crony-corruption scandal. Many of the same names, with which I’d become familiar, popped up over and over again: Terry McAuliffe—who received government funding for his failed electric car enterprise; Cathy Zoe—who worked for the Department of Energy, and, of course, John Podesta—who ran the Center for American Progress and who helped write the 2009 Stimulus Bill, and who then became a “senior advisor” to President Obama and is presently campaign manager for Hillary Clinton.

Please read the full article.

Does this coordination represent a “shadow government,” or cadre, of tyrannical elitist working outside the system? At the very least it reveals arrogant people who believe they are the smartest people in the room and who know better than the people how things should be done. The Democrat Party needs to be cleansed of these radicals…or blow up in a self destructive fight. Will decent, America loving Democrats rise and put up a fight to defeat the radicals that now own the party? If not then it’s up to the rest of us to expose them as the sleazy bunch that they are.

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20 Responses to Tangled Web: Email Information Bleed in the Climate Change Agenda Involves “…the White House, Democrat governors, donors, foundations, and front groups.”

  1. bob says:

    Global warming…er…sorry, now it’s Climate Change….anyway, it’s a big scam. It’s all about getting further control over the masses, redistribution of wealth and crony capitalism. Politicians and bureaucrats will take more of our money and gain more power over us and they will use this money and power to reward their friends and backers and punish their enemies.

    With AB32 our utility rates and gas and diesel taxes will go up EVERY year (ten cents on gas just this year alone). But for the Demonrats it’s not enough. They are trying to raise the gas tax another 12 cents this year this year. (And also increase the car registration tax.)

    And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Just wait until SB350 passes and takes effect.

    A while back Demonrat Darrel Stinkbug said he wanted people to feel pain when they went to the gas pump.

    These Demonrats are the enemy of every working person.

    For people here in Northern Colliefornia (as Ahnode calls it) our only hope is to break free from this insanity by forming the state of Jefferson.

    • Tina says:

      bob you’re exactly right. We’re being robbed and destroyed here in the once great state of CA. Jefferson is a reasonable solution for citizens that feel they are being taxed without representation. A number of counties went for it but, unfortunately, ours did not. I have a feeling very few understand what the movement was/is about. Maybe killer taxes, the water situation, rising prices for everything, and the tyranny of the lefty coastal cities will cause finally cause light bulbs…or maybe LED’s… to go off in their heads. It would be good to see the people out in droves seeking justice, real representation, and a new state.

      “A while back Demonrat Darrel Stinkbug said he wanted people to feel pain when they went to the gas pump. ”

      They want us out of our cars and they have conspired to accomplish that goal by driving up gas prices, registration costs, and expensive trains to nowhere.

      • bob says:

        Once SB350 kicks in you won’t recognize this state.

        Regarding Jefferson, it’s beyond outrageous that our corrupt county supervisors will not allow our voices to be heard by letting us vote on this! What have they got to hide? Who do the really represent? Not us!

        This is tyrannical and completely unacceptable.

        Miss Tina and Mr. Jack, not to toot your horns but you two are bigwigs in these parts. Isn’t there anything you can do?

  2. Pie Guevara says:

    If only would “Green” corruption self destruct. It is going to take more than that.

    Off Topic : From the “People With Entirely Too Much Time On Their Hands” department —


  3. Tina says:

    Pie that’s hilarious! What do you want to bet the feminist supporting lefty fat Nazi’s had something to do with this? Can’t have kids loving a fat TV personality…they might emulate her…yikes!

  4. bob says:

    And regarding these governors, let’s not forget it was Ahnode Schwartzengroper who signed AB32 and still travels all over the world in private jets to advance the global warming hysteria.

  5. Pie Guevara says:

    For you barbecue aficionados…

    Evidently the lean pork movement that started in the late 1970’s has fallen into disfavor. Supposedly fat = flavor.

    Au contraire, lean pork and beef can be as tasty as the fat loaded alternatives. It all depends on the method.

    This is not to say that fat is necessarily bad, but a good smoke is a good smoke. A good marinade is a good marinade. And a good rub is a good rub.

  6. Peggy says:

    Posted on FaceBook.

    #‎AwesomeReaderComment‬ ‪#‎Truth‬ This glacier (the one Obama used in his photo op) is just behind our family home in Seward.

    One of our family members/tour guides sums it up quite succinctly.
    “The glacier that Obama will use as his platform on climate change/global warming today is the glacier that I have been giving tours of this summer. As the plethora of fuel burning methods of transportation bring this hypocrite president to this smallest glacier of the Harding Ice field, I would like to tell you what I imagine will not be included in Mr. Obama’s tele-prompted speech. The most dramatic recession of this glacier was from 1894-1899. Global warming was not an issue. He may also forget to mention that there are glaciers that are actually growing! Go back where you came from Obama, wherever that may be.”
    It’s called weather.

    The country and the rest of the world is falling apart and he goes to Alaska.

  7. Steve says:

    There’s a lot of money to be made in the new Green boondoggle. Even at the local level there are all of these “experts” or consultants who have to be brought in (and paid well) whenever you want to build something. My hometown was rebuilding a bridge and a garter snake was found there one morning. The whole project had to be shut down while a garter snake expert was called in and paid to do a study. The workers found the snake on the actual paved road of the bridge. Ask yourself, is it possible the paid expert is the same person who put the snake there to create work for themselves? If you think yes, now thing of the entire global warming scam and all the experts with their hands out.
    We’re being taken to the cleaners.
    But strangely, everyone looks the other way when the EPA pollutes a river. Hmmm.

    • Tina says:

      Great accounting of our ridiculous bureaucratic mess, Steve.

      I was told by one of the old timers who owned a feed store in the Tracy area many years ago that a salesman asked if he needed any snail bait. The old timer tols him no, they didnt have a snail problem in Tracy but by golly, within a year or two his customers began to ask if he had anything to counter their snail problem.

      People are people. That’s why power should reside as close to home as possible!

    • Peggy says:

      Years ago friends of mine from San Jose bought 100 acres in the Placerville area to build their dream retirement home on. It also had a fork of the Consumes river running through it and a little 400 square foot fishing cabin. They submitted their permits and a week or so later saw two guys walking on the property who turned out to be from a gov’t agency. (Don’t remember which one.)

      A short time later they received a letter informing them their permit to build their home had been denied because a male red legged salamander had been sighted on their property.

      Instead they remodeled the cabin by adding a bedroom, bath and living area and enjoyed it for several years. Last month they bought a multi-million dollar home in Phoenix, AZ. They’re selling everything here and getting out, taking their money with them. They’ve had it with Calif.

      They also have a large manufacturing business in Santa Clara, which may or may not be closed down.

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